A Great Turning Point: Astrology Forecast March 6th – 13th, 2022

What to expect this week?

By Lorna Bevan | Guest Writer

Astrology is a weather forecast, not a prediction of outcomes. We have free will to adapt and respond to the planetary weather. And to those who keep asking: ”When will all this change stop?”, it’s the new normal.

Last week, the entire globe experienced a huge reality check. The shocking events were catalysed by the Pluto/Mars/Venus conjunction in Capricorn aligned with Disruptor Eris and the karmic Node of Fate, magnified by Jupiter/Nessus/Neptune at the Pisces New Moon permanently dissolving old illusions of security.

Today March 6th, Mars and Venus move away from Pluto and enter air sign Aquarius. Mercury aligns with the Node of Fate and the Galactic Centre before entering Pisces on the 9th, so international communication back channels will be hyperactive. The US has already set up a direct line to Russia to try to avoid unintended nuclear outcomes. As the Sun conjuncts Neptune on March 13th, the denial and fake news will increase as the flood of Ukranian refugees becomes unstoppable along with an unprecedented international wave of compassion and practical support.

On Friday I posted a brief summary of the big picture astrology in the coming months on my Facebook page. For those who missed it, here it is again:

  • Great Eliminator Pluto in Capricorn is trine the karmic Node of Fate in Taurus until August.
  • From March to mid-May, the gas giants Jupiter/Neptune once in 166 years conjunction in Pisces dissolves old boundaries and blows everything out of the water, including good judgement and rationality.
  • Even more significantly, Lord of Time and Karma Saturn in Aquarius is squaring the Nodes of Fate in Taurus – exact on April 17th  – ahead of the Taurus solar eclipse conjunct volatile Uranus on April 30th.
  • After the eclipse at the end of April, the energy shifts as Jupiter enters Aries – hold on to your hats – followed by the Scorpio lunar eclipse in May. Then things really start to get interesting as the Uranus conjunction to the Node of Fate closes in.
  • Disruptor Eris is at the midpoint of Neptune in Pisces and the Node of Fate in Taurus.
  • The Saturn Uranus square – the struggle between democracy and authoritarianism – forms a T-Square with the Nodes and will be triggered all year by any planet moving through the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. But things will really kick off once Uranus and the Node are within orb of being conjunct from late April. The exact conjunction happens on 31 July and Mars joins them the next day.

This marks the turning point of the year – we won’t be able to avoid change from this point forwards.

Uranus transiting Taurus – the economy, food, harvests, trade and supply chains – is bringing shock and disruption to multiple areas of our lives. Globalism continues to collapse – both the ideology and the practical logistics of it – and the financial bubble it relies on may finally be about to burst.

The epicentre of that implosion will be the EU as its chart is in the firing line of the new Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle, especially its Scorpio 4th house-packed with Sun/Mercury/Mars and Pluto.

At the same time, the US is currently beginning its first karmic Pluto Return at 27 Capricorn since the founding Fathers.

Chandra Symbol Sun/Neptune PISCES 22

A Great Turning Point: Astrology Forecast March 6th – 13th, 2022
Chandra Symbol Sun/Neptune PISCES 22

A blacksmith creating an ornate garden gate.

“Hard substance is impossibly tough if you fall into letting it be that, but is the prefect basis if you are willing to make it so. All the resistances, crystallisations, dysfunction, and foundational dissonances are great excuses to stop or immense occasions to start. You get laid low if you do not know what to do with the stuff of this world. But if you have learned the subtle craft of world-making, you can come up against the hardest places and discover how to turn them completely around–the exceedingly demanding guild of those who dig into the depths and draw forth beauty and infinite power from the brutal and heavy realities which otherwise seem impenetrable.“ – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: March 6-13, 2022

Last week a career matter came to a head and now decisions need to be made. Something came to light that made a make -or- break decision inevitable. From Sunday, you need to stop being a pioneer and work much more collaboratively to get things done. Mars and Venus in your Aquarian 11th House gives you the green light to become an organiser, a rallying point for cooperative action. Get offline and start locally.

Do the next right thing.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: March 6-13, 2022

The gathering of planets in Pisces is strengthening your links with your tribes and communities, both on and offline. Between now and late May, share what you know, share what you have and give your time, love and energy freely. With Awakener Uranus plus the karmic Node of Fate in Taurus, you have the insights to help others understand how important is to gather, conserve, build and share resources in these times of huge change.

Mend the part of the world within your reach.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: March 6-13, 2022

The large gathering of planets in Pisces is on your Midheaven, the pinnacle of your chart. You could be on the receiving end of praise, a reward for work well done or simply feeling unstoppable. One caveat: under such slippery Neptunian influences, if you become too inflated, too convinced of your own view point, hubris – a fall from grace-is sure to follow. Focus on connecting with as many people as possible to listen to different perspectives and to learn new ways of expanding your inner map of the world.

Opening your mind to alternatives.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: March 6-13, 2022

One -to- one relationships may have been a little sticky around that slippery Piscean New Moon last week. Thankfully, on Sunday 6th, Mars and Venus move away from Pluto and his demands into Aquarius, turning your attention emphasis is to your shared resources. This could play out as a client finally settling an account or a partner paying their fair share of expenses. If you’ve been weighing up whether to pool your assets, now’s the time.

Establishing a win/win scenario.

Leo Weekly Forecast: March 6-13, 2022

If everything in your life feels high stakes at the moment, it’s down to first Jupiter conjuncting the Sun on Saturday 5th then the Sun conjuncting Neptune on March 13th. Be careful not to go overboard with splashing the cash. On the 6th, Mars and Venus move into your relationship zone delivering a whoosh of love, romance and passion. Now’s the time to mend fences, rekindle the embers and invest your love, energy and time in showing those who matter how much you care.

Dreaming large.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: March 6-13, 2022

The Pisces Full Moon in your opposite sign put aspects of your closest relationships under a magnifying glass and there were probably some revelations. Expect more on the 13th when the Sun merges with Neptune. Under such slippery astrology, take off your rose-tinted glasses and instead of listening to what someone close tells you, look at how they act. From Sunday the 6th, Venus and Mars move into your angle of work, service and routines, joining Task Master Saturn who has been here since December 2020, keeping your nose to the grindstone. Channel this supportive energy into delegating more, getting extra help or walking away from duties that were never yours in the first place.

Libra Weekly Forecast: March 6-13, 2022

After their tango with Pluto last week in your 4th House of home, tribe and belonging, on Sunday 6th Mars and Venus move on into Aquarius, an Air sign compatible with Libra. You’ll feel the shift as you put all the hassles at home behind you and start to dream up some new creative projects. When Mercury moves into your 6th House on March 10th, take a look at your exercise and fitness habits and get more physically active. This will shake you out of any ruts you’ve been stuck in and give you a fresh perspective.

Letting off steam.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: March 6-13, 2022

After a confrontation with Pluto at last week’s New Moon, the lovers Venus and Mars move into Aquarius on Sunday 6th to shed their light and warmth into your home life. They will stay here until April, so start making plans. It could be as simple as painting a wall or as exciting as a complete renovation or big house move. On a different level, a family relationship may need repairing. Helpfully, the gathering of planets-including expansive Jupiter- in Pisces is stimulating your creativity. Ask those closest for their bright ideas and turn it into a project.

An influx of colour and energy.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: March 6-13, 2022

Last week’s doozy of a New Moon in Pisces in your angle of home along with the tango of Pluto, Mars and Venus in your money zone probably brought some surprises. If you had to pay out a big sum of money, frame it as an investment in your future. On March 6th, Mars and Venus move into your 3rd House and you’ll find the tempo of everyday life will increase. Expect more chats with the neighbours or being roped into a community activity or project that will change how you feel about where you live.

Using your skills in a wider setting.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: March 6-13, 2022

Last week’s tango of Pluto, Mars and Venus in your own sign may have brought some sort of ending or reckoning. You might be thinking deeply about a change of direction, looking for new avenues into which to channel your ideas, resources and finances. You are realigning your core values so that you build your life around them, rather than just paying them lip service. As Venus and Mars move on into Aquarius, start thinking about some more experimental ways to put your money to good use. This will be a week of insights-keep track of them before they disappear.

Expanding your horizons.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: March 6-13, 2022

After the emotional hit of the recent Pisces New Moon, you’ll notice your energy shift and lighten on March 6th when Mars and Venus return to Aquarius together. This is a lucky and harmonious transit lasting into April, increasing your attractor quotient and lending you the momentum to push forward with plans. These could involve financial decisions as the gathering of planets-especially Jupiter-in Pisces is lighting up your angle of income. Start sharing your ideas on a bigger platform and see what happens around March 13th.

Planting a money seed.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: March 6-13, 2022

Last week’s New Moon in your sign gave you a hint of what the upcoming Jupiter/Neptune conjunction on April 12th could mean for you. Although as a mutable Piscean you’re skilled at going with the flow, using your intuition to guide you to make good decisions, in this planetary hall of mirrors, you might be feeling that your boundaries are dissolving, that you are extra -sensitive or even psychic. Your creativity is welling up from a deep source. Channel it in any way that feels instinctively right for you-painting, sculpting, photography, dancing…

Step up your online cyber security.

Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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