A Great Realignment: Astrology Forecast September 18th – 25th, 2022

What to expect this week?

By Lorna Bevan | Guest Writer

In recent days, so much has fallen away and so much has been revealed. So many of our old linear constructs have been swept away by a sense of being held outside time itself. For those of us who are empaths or sensitives, the shift into the High Heart has been palpable.

All of it has been leading up to this week when a great realignment takes place in the days between September 23-25 surrounding the Libra Equinox and New Moon. Anticipate a rebalancing of psyche and soma collectively and individually, along with another big jump in the time-lines as the windows of perception are cleansed.

As the Great Wheel turns at the Libra Equinox and the shift in seasons begins on September 22/23rd, Mercury retrograde conjuncts the Sun at 0 Libra square the Galactic Centre opposite Jupiter/Neptune. Mercury is the Psychopomp, guiding the soul between realms. The Equinox ushers in the Eclipse season in late October and early November and the third point of light in the Sacred Year, the Taurus Gate and the 11/11 which will be very powerful this year.

As the frequencies change, everything will feel wildly amplified. In this bright light, what is True and what is false or distorted will become increasingly obvious.

Trust your own knowing, your own intuition.

Above all, be very discerning in what and who you spend time with and the information/agendas/narratives you absorb.

Strengthen your etheric boundaries.

New! Be prepared……October is going to be a huge…a wild card eclipse month as both Saturn and Pluto turn forward starting the Big Ride to the historic entry of Pluto into Aquarius and Saturn into Pisces in March 2023.

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Chandra Symbol New Moon Libra 2

Chandra Symbol New Moon Libra 2
Chandra Symbol New Moon Libra 2

An apprentice medicine man allowing himself to be bitten by a snake.

“Existence itself initiates those who are given over to its lessons, but being so exposed to the evolutionary edge is exceedingly challenging. Transformation is a constant at all levels. Everything is becoming something else, metamorphosing before your eyes, propelled into the most extreme states imaginable. You feel the greatest anguish and loss, amid bursts of freedom. Finger on the pulse of collective cycles, right on the cutting edge, you are committed to planetary changes personally and pervasively. You absolutely feel the impact of what is going on and what needs to go on. Virtually spun out to infinity by what it all means. Drawn toward the basic and the simple for breath. Destiny obsessed. You come out the other side either lost and confused or ready for anything, courageous, visionary, and an incredible generator of possibilities unlimited.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale.

Aries Weekly Forecast: September 18-25, 2022

The Libra Equinox is always important for you as the Sun moves into your opposite sign of relating. This year, the Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury waking up Jupiter in Aries. This is a time to reconnect with old friends who may have drifted away, to rekindle the flames of a committed partnership. Be kind, forgiving and generous with your time, love and appreciation. It will be obvious who is on your wavelength and who is now part of the past.

Heart overhead.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: September 18-25, 2022

As the Wheel of the year turns at the Libra Equinox on September 23rd, the Sun and Mercury retrograde make your health and wellbeing the focus of your attention. This year they align with Jupiter, nudging you to trust your own instincts and treat your body as the temple it is. It’s time to clear the river of your own ecology-your environment, your breath, your nutrition, your sleep, your exercise. Treat yourself gently, no harsh regimes or goals and trust your instincts about if or when to seek support.

Your dreams may reveal what is asking for healing.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: September 18-25, 2022

You will feel a shift later this week at the Libra Equinox when your personal planet Mercury makes a conjunction to the Sun as he retrogrades back into Virgo. Expect your senses to be heightened and a need to go deeper in conversations and dig below the surface. Something or someone at home needs your attention. Do a spring clean to shift the energy as the Sun nudges you to inject more playfulness and fun into your life. On the 25th, the New Moon in Libra aligned with expansive Jupiter is all about meeting and mixing with new people more on your wavelength.

Letting in some light.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: September 18-25, 2022

Feel the Great Wheel turn this week at the Libra Equinox, re-balancing day and night. This year is especially important for you as the Sun crosses the base of your chart in a conjunction with retrograde Mercury opposite Jupiter at the pinnacle of your chart. Which aspects of your home and career need adjusting? Is one taking too much of your time and attention to the detriment of the other? At the Libra New Moon on September 25th, make your home base a supportive sanctuary for your path in life to flourish. Remove anything that holds outworn energy or bad memories and clear the physical space.

Release what was and cherish what is.

Leo Weekly Forecast: September 18-25, 2022

This is a week when the energy shift will be tangible. At the Equinox on the 23rd, the Sun enters air sign Libra and conjuncts Mercury travelling back into earthy Virgo. As a solar Leo, this means both your finances and your communications need re-balancing or recalibrating. Start with your cash flow and think up some ways you can add an extra income stream without giving up the day job. Revisit contracts and renegotiate better terms. The New Moon on the 25th gives you itchy feet and the urge to broaden your horizons. Find a way to study, to teach, coach or mentor or to plan a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

Feeling the wind beneath your wings.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: September 18-25, 2022

The end of September looks lucky for you as Venus in Virgo aspects Uranus, Neptune then your own planet Mercury. Friendship, support and helpers are all available so make the very most of them. As the Great Wheel turns on September 23rd at the Libra Equinox, the Sun makes an exact conjunction with Mercury retrograde. Your money will become a focus for the next month, so start by looking at the bottom line and knowing where you stand. You may be surprised to find an easy additional way to boost your income by repurposing old material or reworking one project into a digital podcast or download. Look for passive income streams that don’t mean extra work.

Valuing your own resources.

Libra Weekly Forecast: September 18-25, 2022

Welcome to your Personal New Year. The Sun returns to Libra at the Equinox on September 23rd conjunct Mercury retrograding back into Virgo and opposite expansive Jupiter. After struggling through the last 3 weeks on an empty solar battery, you will start to feel renewed and reborn. The Equinox-itself a cosmic rebalancing of dark and light-is swiftly followed by a New Moon in your sign. Make quiet time for reflection and rest as the old and outworn is released. Just allow what needs to happen as your energy field shifts and flickers on to a new timeline.

When your own planet Venus returns to Libra on the 29th, your new path will emerge step by step.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: September 18-25, 2022

As an intuitive Water sign, you will feel the elemental shift at the turning of the Great Wheel when the Sun enters Libra at the Equinox on September 23rd. The Light is hidden in your occluded 12th House for the next month, so your solar batteries will start to run low. Make sure you rest, retreat and restore yourself between the 23rd and 26th in the dark of the New Moon in your 12th House. It’s a time for memories, dreams and reflections when your unconscious is seeding ideas for the next 12 months.

Music or meditation will sooth your spirit.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: September 18-25, 2022

Mark the days between September 23-26 when the Libra Equinox and New Moon arrive in your 11th House, signalling a much more social month for you. Central to making progress are your networks, groups, alliances and work colleagues. Look at your people landscape and reconnect with those who matter. Given that Mercury is retrograding across the career angle of your chart, your work situation looks changeable. You will need to go back over previous discussions to iron out misunderstandings and get everyone on board. Gather as much data as you can until October 2nd and be flexible enough to change your mind, if necessary.

Collaboration and teamwork are key.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: September 18-25, 2022

As a cardinal sign, Solstices and Equinoxes mark the year’s turning points for you. On September 23, the Sun and Mercury meet at the top of your solar chart in your career zone. Mercury is retrograde until October 2nd, so anticipate having to make a course correction by going back over the original plans. What new information has recently come to light that might change your perspective? Don’t forge ahead without consulting those who have your best interests at heart and can spot your blindsides.

Take a step backwards to move forward.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: September 18-25, 2022

You will be back in your element from September 23rd when the Sun returns to fellow Air sign Libra at the Equinox followed by a New Moon on the 25th. This is always the time of year when you are motivated to start studying something fascinating or planning a trip to somewhere intriguing. Far horizons-mental and physical-are calling. It’s all about stretching yourself to break out of your comfort zone and test your wings. How about making a podcast or online program to pass on your knowledge and life experience? Or volunteering to work with a charity close to your heart?

Throw a spanner in your habitual routines.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: September 18-25, 2022

It’s a time of change as the Wheel of the year turns at the Equinox on September 3 and the Sun returns to Libra. A New Moon on the 25th in this part of your chart is an invitation to dive more deeply into your true motivations and behaviours around money and close partnerships. Are you sharing enough or acting as a lone ranger? Just after the dark of the Moon, as Mercury travels back into Virgo, start discussing practical ideas for future proofing your resources and income. This might centre around your home since Mars is in residence there until next Spring.

Removing your blinkers.

Originally published at Hare in the Moon Astrology and reproduced here with permission.

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