Astrology Forecast March 10th -17th 2024 – From Storms To Soulful Shifts

Here’s what’s happening in astrology this week.

By: Lorna Bevan Hare In The Moon

Catalysed by a Super New Moon in Pisces on March 10th, this is set to be a week of multiple 5D energy bridges, gateways and choice points. As well as a geo-physical footprint of enhanced tide, storm and seismic potential, expect a powerful bioelectric / hormonal surge from the New Moon’s conjunction with Saturn and Neptune.

On March 17th, the Sun merges with far-seeing Neptune squaring the Galactic Centre, while Jupiter aligns with the Great Attractor. Both these huge clusters of Black Holes are deep space conduits from the Noosphere, the self-reflective universe of creative evolution where a living library, a global brain and Akashic Records are stored in the cloud of unknowing. They act as energetic sorting filters and psychic transmitters.

Watch for sudden sideways elevators tilting your daily reality so that you suddenly slip and slide into radically new physical, emotional and soulful territory.

Notice linear creations – such as timed plans or time-tables and blueprints – appear briefly then disappear. Learn to respond to and not interpret your own and unique changes and shifts – sense where your awareness has changed along with your passion, your focus. Time feels very fluid as your emotional attachment to the past dissolves

Paradoxically, this level of awakening requires so much sleep, essential to allow the rewriting of form to occur. Acclimatise to your new energy flow by attuning to whatever your body needs – perhaps a few knock-out days followed by very physically active ones. Drink lots of water.

Pisces Compatibility In Love, Work & Friendship

Ask: What’s the intelligent unfolding coming through me?

  • Launch practical, workable, achievable (Saturn) new visions (Neptune), new models of business, and new collaborations with like-minded people on your wavelength (Galactic Centre).
  • Stabilise to become more resilient by recalibrating aspects of your life that are no longer fit for purpose. Close the door behind you on what is not working, has never worked or isn’t worth the struggle.
  • Pay attention to those creaking floorboards, weak links and shifting tectonic plates wherever they are in your life – it’s time to let them fall apart, break and shatter.
  • No cutting corners- anything fake, flaky or false will be obvious.

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