CDC: Zero Omicron Deaths In U.S., Only One Person Needed Hospitalization

Infections “appear to be mild.”

By Paul Joseph Watson | Summit

The CDC confirmed today that the Omicron variant of COVID-19 has killed precisely zero people in the U.S., with only one case requiring hospital treatment.

As BBN News reports, the Centres For Disease Control has revealed “there were no deaths associated with the Omicron coronavirus variant in the country so far.”

In addition, only one of the 43 cases detected “with initial follow-up” needed hospital care.

The health body also revealed that “many of the first reported cases of Omicron variant infection appear to be mild,” a conclusion which is very much in line with evidence gathered globally.

Out of the 43 cases, eight people had not been vaccinated while 14 had been double vaccinated, meaning the total of people who had received either a single or double dose and caught the variant was 35 out of 43.

The CDC’s announcement once again underscores how global panic over the new variant is completely inconsistent with its mild severity.

As we reported earlier, experts in South Africa continue to share the “positive” news that the Omicron variant of COVID-19 isn’t causing a spike in deaths.

“Hospital data show that Covid-19 admissions are now rising sharply in more than half of South Africa’s nine provinces, but deaths are not rising as dramatically and indicators such as the median length of hospital stay are reassuring,” reported the Telegraph.

As we highlight below, the UK is set to impose even more draconian measures to deal with the variant as the country moves towards yet another disastrous lockdown.

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