When Life Throws You Curveballs: Astrology Forecast July 2nd – 9th, 2023

Here’s what’s happening in astrology this week

By: Lorna Bevan Hare In The Moon

As July opens, many of us are feeling tired and wired due to the volatile and unpredictable conjunction of Venus, Mars and Black Moon Lilith in Leo at odds with Uranus in Taurus – the current tinderbox riots in France are just one manifestation.

Venus is going to be in this harsh aspect to Uranus all summer as she retrogrades for 7 weeks in Leo. Expect more wildfires as well as relationship and financial curveballs. Then factor in the karmic Nodes of Fate-eclipse bringers-exiting the Taurus/Scorpio axis on July 18 and activating the Aries/Libra axis for the next 18 months at odds with Pluto just as Venus disappears into the underworld. We are edge walking towards a very shadowy collective tipping point.

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At Monday’s Full Moon in cardinal Earth sign Capricorn ground yourself in your body and breath and build a safe container or sanctuary for your emotions. Without a grounded secure inner base camp, life becomes increasingly fragile.

Esoterically, hidden within the Cancer-Capricorn polarity is one of the deepest mysteries of all: the mystery of the great cycle of death and re-birth. There are two Great Gateways in the Zodiac: one is in Cancer, the other is in Capricorn.

Cancer is known as the “Gate Inand Capricorn is known as the “Gate Out”. Cancer is the gateway into human form, which is why this sign is associated with birth. Capricorn is the gateway into Spirit, which is why this sign is associated with discipleship. Honour your deepest, most irrational and intimate feelings.

This Full Moon forms a Grand Earth Trine to Jupiter in Taurus and Orcus in Virgo. Orcus is the guardian of the soul’s vows and promises. It forms a Kite pattern to the Sun in sensitive Water sign Cancer, diluting the unemotional bottom-line energy of the Capricorn Moon.

All the emphasis on practical Earth is a celestial nudge to:

  • Take care of the basics, the essentials and the structures underpinning your life.
  • Clear your personal ecology-your energy signature, the magnetic field that surrounds you, that you live from, draw on and co-create: your breath, your physicality, your food, your creativity, your health, your heart, your frequency.
  • Get away from your screens, out into nature, into greenery or water and boost your immune system.

For life to flow, for you to thrive, to become truly anti-fragile, you need to clear your filters.

Chandra Symbol Full Moon CAPRICORN 11

Chandra Symbol Full Moon CAPRICORN 11
Chandra Symbol Full Moon CAPRICORN 11

Chandra Symbol Full Moon CAPRICORN 11: A young boy joyously kisses a fat old lady.

“Polarities go against each other in order to find each other again. When they are still busy going against each other, they pull you apart. And this experience is so definitive, so intensive, and so traumatic that you learn to bring the polarities back together any way you can. The journey to make this possible is an extensive one, because along the way you must mediate between discrimination and release. You are walking a collective karmic edge between the old and the new, in which both of them must be honoured in just the right ways. Yet the work it takes to bring polarities together in fresh ways is monumental. And that work is utterly redemptive, of infinite meaning and scope, in opening doors and letting totality in by conviction, by affinity, and by surrender to the great inevitable.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Rudolf Steiner Describes The Hostile Spiritual Beings Who Feed Off Your Fear And Anxiety

Aries Weekly Forecast: 2-9 July, 2023

With both retrograde Pluto and Monday’s Full Moon in Capricorn right on the pinnacle of your chart, there is something connected with your career or reputation that needs attention…what might it be? Are you overly pushy or ambitious or just the opposite, underplaying your skills and gifts? Are the dynamics between what you do and how you live in balance? Look at how you earn and spend your money-does it flow in then straight out or are you creating a reserve?

Lots to think about.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: 2-9 July, 2023

It may not feel like it but, with both Jupiter and Awakener Uranus in Taurus, you are in one of the most auspicious periods of your life. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, your sign is the great manifestor of the zodiac, but you first need to know what or who is worth attracting. Monday’s Capricorn Full Moon shines a spotlight on both your most powerful and your most limiting beliefs around what is possible for you. Take time to clear your personal ecology-your energy, your breath, your physical surroundings-so that you are operating from your core.

Ask:” If I were to put my own highest interests first, what would I do differently, starting now?”

Gemini Weekly Forecast: 2-9 July, 2023

Both retrograde Pluto and Monday’s Full Moon in Capricorn are in your 8th House of finances, intimacy and hidden motivations. The Moon aligns with Jupiter in your 12th house excavating dreams and desires long past their sell by date. Allow yourself to mirror these Yin energies and spend a few days in the sanctuary of your own company. There is nothing to do, be, practise or ritualise-just allow your busy mind to settle from its constant 24/7 narrative. It’s time to care for yourself in a new way, to see behind the veil, to cleanse your perception, and with compassion, to provide a home, a sanctuary for your emotional and somatic world to unfold and be held.

Ask yourself: what in me is wanting to be met now? To be known?

Cancer Weekly Forecast: 2-9 July, 2023

The practical, grounded Earth element emphasis this week-courtesy of retrograde Pluto and the Full Moon in Capricorn aligned with Jupiter in Taurus-is a nudge for you to find your greatest social capital and influence by working with groups of likeminded fellow travellers. You could be collaborating on a social justice cause or learning new paradigms of physical healing. No matter how it plays out, keep in mind the big picture so you can easily strategise each step in the present.

Redefining your purpose.

Leo Weekly Forecast: 2-9 July, 2023

With Venus and Mars together in Leo, your energy and motivation return. The trick is to channel your enthusiasm and creativity into ideas that others can use, to add value rather than bask in the spotlight. Monday’s earthy Capricorn Full Moon reveals there’s useful work to be done on strengthening the foundation and structures of your life and your projects. Better to do this now rather than launching something half-baked into the world. Do a financial cost/benefit analysis of any idea you’re thinking of spearheading, remembering that Goddess of wealth Venus will fade into the dark in Leo from July 22nd to September 3rd.

No cutting corners.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: 2-9 July, 2023

You need time away from the daily grind and your usual routines and places. Monday’s Full Moon in your Capricorn 5th House and Jupiter in your Taurean 9th House are in compatible earth signs, encouraging you to throw a spanner in the well-oiled machinery of your life and enjoy some adventures. If travel is impossible right now, expand your mental horizons by studying something entirely new, meeting people with very different beliefs to yours or learning a practical new skill.

Itchy feet.

Libra Weekly Forecast: 2-9 July, 2023

Both retrograde Pluto and Monday’s Full Moon in Capricorn are in your 4th House, so once again family dynamics are in the frame. With Jupiter in Taurus, issues to do with finances and shared resources are up for discussion and negotiation. Tread gently to avoid arguments and make sure that everyone involved takes their share of responsibility and has an input. Knowing that your own money planet Venus will turn retrograde for 7 weeks from July 23, start by agreeing what is absolutely essential then drop everything else.

Finding a shared purpose.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: 2-9 July, 2023

It may feel as if life is challenging you to make changes both personally and professionally. As a solar Scorpio, you prefer to choose your own timing and are resistant to being pushed. Sometimes events overtake you. This week, with a practical Capricorn Full Moon in your angle of communication, seek support and guidance from those closest to you, involving them in a discussion of priorities. This will clarify your own thinking and form a solid basis for making those big decisions when the time comes.

Feedback is essential.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: 2-9 July, 2023

If you’re feeling restless, impatient or frustrated, ask yourself why. Perhaps the roadmap you‘ve been following needs updating to match current reality? Certainly, it’s time for new ideas, inspirations and direction at work. It’s more and more obvious that the same old, same old isn’t cutting it anymore. Pay attention to that quiet yet insistent inner voice telling you that it’s time to move on to pastures new. In the meantime, work out your excess energy through physical exercise.

Get ready to roll between July 10-August 27th when for the first time in 2 years action planet Mars boosts your career.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: 2-9 July, 2023

Partnership is going to be a theme for you with the Sun in Cancer until July 23rd making supportive links to Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. Put enjoyment at the top of your agenda and spend as much time as you can with those closest to you. Monday’s Full Moon is in your own sign-make sure you enjoy the day on your own terms, doing what makes you happy. Rebalancing your wellbeing is crucial now that Pluto is back at the end of your sign until January 2024 completing unfinished business. At mid-month the Nodes of Fate change signs into Aries/Libra until 2025 activating critical angles of your chart.

Your priorities are about to change again.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: 2-9 July, 2023

The unpredictable standoff between Venus, Mars and Black Moon Lilith with Uranus is making close partnerships quite volatile. You or someone close could receive some jolting news. Fortunately, on July 10th, Mars moves on and then the 7 weeks’ Venus retrograde between July 22 to September 3rd  in your opposite sign will help to restore harmony and intimacy. Monday’s Capricorn Full Moon is a day to retreat a little, to mull things over in private and tend to your physical and emotional wellbeing.

If you’re feeling tired and wired, go out into nature or spend time near flowing water.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: 2-9 July, 2023

As a sensitive Water sign, all this intense Fixed energy is uncomfortable for you. To re-balance emotionally and physically, channel the Sun’s plasma energy in compatible Cancer until July 23rd by immersing yourself in water as much as possible, preferably where the ions are high. Monday’s Full Moon in Capricorn is about re-evaluating your priorities and intentions. Look at the circles, groups and networks you connect with and identify those who always sponsor and support you. The more you share your thinking with them, the more useful the feedback and the bigger the ideas for innovation.

Stepping down the drama.

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