Antediluvian Period: What Was The World Like Before The Flood

This is exactly what the world looked like before the flood! (NO MORE LIES!)

Antediluvian Period

A mysterious world, a somewhat unknown way of life, creatures no longer in existence, people living for centuries, supposed giants roaming the Earth, and an era that captures the fascination of many.

Of course, we’re talking about the antediluvian period. The Bible addresses the antediluvian era in the opening chapters of the Book of Genesis.

According to the biblical account, human civilization before the flood achieved great accomplishments but also fostered a culture of disobedience toward the Lord. The antediluvian period began with the family of Adam and Eve and their subsequent lives following their disobedience in the Garden of Eden. Cain, the firstborn son of this inaugural couple, took disobedience to new heights.

“After harming his brother Abel, Cain fathered a lineage that had little regard for the things of God.”

The Bible

The Bible also mentions the presence of Nephilim during the Antediluvian Era!

Special Forces ATTACKED by Unidentified Creature | The Kandahar Giant

Some people speculate that these antediluvian beings were giants, born from the unions between fallen angels and human women.

However, the more likely interpretation is that the Nephilim were simply mighty men of renown during that time. These men came to dominate the world following the amalgamation of Cain’s wicked lineage and the pious lineage of Seth.

Wickedness among humans escalated during the antediluvian period until God chose a man named Noah. God commanded Noah to build a massive ark capable of housing various animal species because the Earth would be inundated by a flood.

“In this way, the antediluvian world was submerged, and only Noah’s family survived.”

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