Chris Sky Enters Big Chain Stores Without Mask & Films It: His Version of Non-Compliance

Is non-compliance a solution?

By Arjun Walia | Collective Evolution

Of course it is, what other way can a citizenry function against what are perceived to be tyrannical authoritarian measures that are imposed on them? What’s so difficult about noncompliance today when it comes to COVID-19 is that we have a population that’s completely separated on what’s happening.

On one hand, you have a large group of people who believe that COVID is extremely dangerous, this includes a number of people, doctors scientists and journalists. On the other hand you also have a large group of people, doctors, scientists who believe that the measures being used to combat COVID are not warranted given the fact that it has a 99.95% recovery rate, and strong protection from antibodies.

Of course, death is not always the key concern, overloading hospitals and ICUs is a key detail, however, places who have not introduced lockdowns don’t seem to be having a problem with overloaded hospitals, why? Perhaps we don’t know the answer, but it’s something to consider. After all, we are repeating waves of lockdowns over and over and yet the ‘problem’ is not going away, why?

Part of what separates the two camps seems to be the amount of censorship that journalists, doctors and scientists are receiving for presenting peer-reviewed science, information, data and opinions that, in many ways, completely contradicts what we are being told by our governments and mainstream media.

There are countless examples of censorship. For example, A letter to the editor published in the New England Journal of Medicine titled “Open Schools, Covid-19, and Child and Teacher Morbidity in Sweden” has found that:

“Despite Sweden’s having kept schools and preschools open, we found a low incidence of severe Covid-19 among schoolchildren and children of preschool age during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic…No child with Covid-19 died…Among the 1,951,905 children who were 1 to 16 years of age, 15 children had Covid-19, MIS-C, or both conditions and were admitted to an ICU, which is equal to 1 child in 130,000.”

It was published by Jonas F Ludvigsson, a paediatrician at Örebro University Hospital and professor of clinical epidemiology at the Karolinska Institute. He received so much backlash and hatred for his discovery that he has now quit his work on COVID.

Even the (at the time) executive editor of the British Medical Journal published a piece explaining how:

“science is being suppressed for political and financial gain. Covid-19 has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale, and it is harmful to public health. There are many examples, especially when it comes to “alternative treatments.”

Why is it that a government scientist, or a scientist who ‘agrees with the narrative’ gets all of the attention and virality they want, but when some of the world’s leading experts in the field share data and science contradicting this information they are censored? Mainstream media is a major source of information for people. It’s one reason why so many people, including healthcare professionals, are completely unaware of important information pertaining to the pandemic when it comes to al’ things covid such as the vaccine, as well as the effectiveness of masks and more.

Lockdowns are another great example, despite a wealth of science and data showing that lockdowns do nothing to stop the spread of covid and may actually kill more people than covid, not many people are aware of this perspective. When the mainstream does address, it, they simply label it as a “conspiracy” and as a result, mainstream media watchers repeat this rhetoric, especially when you try and have a conversation with them. At the end of the day things aren’t as black and white as they’re being made out to be, which strongly suggests, in my opinion, that people should be able to free to choose what they would like to do and that governments should be making recommendations, not mandates.

What Happened

Below is a video of Chris Sky, in conjunction with BlockTalkTO, entering into various stores showing how he chooses noncompliance when it comes to mask wearing. To be clear, Chris Sky is demonstrating an example of how some might choose to not comply with these COVID measures, we say this because many have criticized him for his approach and tone with store workers. That said, it would certainly be difficult to remain calm and cool in tense situations like this.

Chris makes it quite clear to workers that he is not breaking any laws and is choosing to push back against the loss of his rights. As you will see below, not everyone in the store will agree with his approach and the nature by which he handles his encounters. Which brings up the question, how else could this situation be approached? Can it even be approached without tensions running high?

You can check out his Instagram account to see his multiple encounters at the Toronto airport showing and explaining that one doesn’t have to comply and that one supposedly can’t get in trouble for not complying.

Why This Is Important

As tensions rise due to such a deep level of division and confusion, many notice the mental health effects of this reality. Since it’s not customary in our mainstream culture to have tools of physiological regulation, we tend to lack the capacity to do much more than simply survive day to day. We might avoid looking at information that might challenge narratives that are effortless to receive –  like that of mainstream media.

As a society, we are failing to have appropriate conversations about ‘controversial’ topics. Even information that is backed by a tremendous amount of evidence, if it conflicts with what one believes, it doesn’t really register. This happens to all of us on both “sides.”

For example, The COVID pandemic is bringing a stark reality into question that suggests governments may be withholding clinically proven effective treatments for COVID, contributing to the needless deaths, all while favouring the rollout of a highly profitable vaccine. Many people can see this and begin asking questions about intentions of leaders. While at the same time, many could not fathom the possibility that governments would do such a thing, and so it’s labelled a conspiracy and the topic is avoided entirely – regardless of looking at the evidence. Can you see the division this could create?

The Takeaway

So, what are we to do when we are forced into measures that may not be in our best interests? In my opinion, given the fact that so many agree with them, and so many don’t, it seems freedom of choice is the best answer. The challenge is, when governments claim that the solutions require very large numbers of the population to be involved for them to work, say 80% – 100%, do we really have a choice? Is it our duty to comply for the safety of all? Perhaps in a highly dangerous situation, but the point being made by many professionals is that COVID is not that dangerous situation, and most don’t recognize this possibility due to unfair coverage by mass media.

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are melded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. (Propaganda)

This is why noncompliance, in a peaceful manner, is such a revolutionary act and always will be. Which is why we must couple noncompliance with sound reasoning. To this point, it’s hard to say that COVID is as dangerous as it’s being made out to be, and many places around the world have no locked down and their hospitals are fine. Why is this the case?

Society must have controversial conversations in a meaningful way. Chris Sky is inviting us to have controversial conversations in his own way. We are not getting anywhere by taking authoritarian actions that harm the wellbeing of general society and our ability to stay connected as communities. Mainstream culture is expecting everyone to side with the idea that fringe ‘conspiracy theories’ are undermining truth in society, yet mainstream culture does not want to take responsibility for its role in this phenomenon via censorship and corporate favouritism.

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