Special Forces ATTACKED by Unidentified Creature | The Kandahar Giant

Army Special Forces go looking for a missing infantry unit in Afghanistan and discover a cave in the mountains. They thought it was empty... it wasn't.

The narrator, a former Navy SEAL, recounts a mysterious incident in Kandahar in 2002 involving an Army Green Berets unit.

The Story! (Short Version)

The unit vanished during a patrol, and the narrator, known as Mr. K, shares a detailed account of their search mission.

The team discovered broken military equipment, scattered bones, and encountered a giant creature, described as 12 to 15 feet tall, with six fingers and toes.

The creature attacked the team, resulting in the death of a teammate named Dan.

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The Latest

Years later, in 2016, Mr. K defied the imposed secrecy, courageously stepping into the limelight to share his harrowing experience.

“His revelation reignited fervent speculation, prompting scrutiny and debate over the authenticity of the account.”

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The saga of the Kandahar Giant persists as a testament to the enduring mysteries that lurk within the folds of history. While skeptics may cast doubt, the lingering questions beckon intrepid souls to delve deeper into the shadows, seeking elusive truths that defy explanation.

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