Alien Base In Antarctica Has Been CONFIRMED?!

Something very sketchy going on in Antarctica!

Dr. Steven M. Greer, a renowned figure in UFO/UAP research and founder of the Disclosure Project, unveiled groundbreaking revelations regarding covert black budget projects linked to UFO/UAP operations during his recent presentation at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Joined by six whistleblowers, including former Raytheon contractor Eric Hecker, Dr. Greer shed light on clandestine programs, notably a secret space initiative in Antarctica.

Hecker’s testimony revealed astonishing insights gained during his year-long tenure at the South Pole station. He highlighted the IceCube neutrino detector’s capabilities, suggesting it functions as a multi-faceted directed energy weapons platform and a communication hub for intergalactic travel. Hecker’s research aligns with Dr. Greer’s concepts of advanced communication devices for faster-than-light spacecraft.

The Interview

In an interview with Dr. Michale Salla, Hecker discussed the potential of the IceCube Neutrino Detector for quantum communication, supported by his gathered research and documentation. He aims to substantiate these claims through his website,, providing transparency and supporting concerns raised by others.

Hecker also detailed the South Pole station’s functions, asserting its role as an air traffic control centre for off-world craft and a vital component in faster-than-light communication networks. He referenced Gary McKinnon’s revelations about NASA’s off-world fleet, suggesting the station’s involvement in such communications.

Furthermore, Hecker disclosed disturbing aspects of the station, including its potential to generate earthquakes and the operational ELF system, raising concerns about its applications.

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Final Thoughts

He concluded by addressing the station’s power supply, proposing the presence of a hidden nuclear or exotic power system. Hecker’s testimony underscores the existence of a secret space program and urges further investigation into the activities at the South Pole station. For detailed information, Hecker directs interested parties to his website for comprehensive documentation and additional insights.

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