A Hurricane-Force Wind Warning Is Issued As A Monster Storm Begins To Dump 8 Trillion Gallons of Rain On California

This is just like an apocalyptic start-style natural disaster!

By: Michael Snyder T.H.E.

Okay, this is starting to get really weird. First, we had a “thousand year storm” which caused catastrophic flooding in San Diego. Subsequently, a “Pineapple Express” storm absolutely soaked the entire state on Wednesday and Thursday. Now, a “bomb cyclone” is in the process of dumping 8 trillion gallons of rain on California over the course of approximately 48 hours. We are being told that there will be “life threatening flooding” all over the state, and in the mountains there will be massive amounts of snow in some areas. Do you remember when the state of California was hit by a series of devastating atmospheric rivers in December 2022 and January 2023? Well, now it is happening again, and the storm that we are witnessing at this moment is being called a “monster”. In fact, it is so large that 94% of the population of the state is at risk of experiencing life-threatening flooding…

A fierce winter storm fuelled by a raging atmospheric river was thrashing Californians on Sunday with intense downpours, threatening treacherous flooding and hurricane-force winds − even in major urban areas.

Up to 37 million people, about 94% of the state’s population, were at risk for life-threatening floods from the storm, Accuweather meteorologists warned. The atmospheric river − like a river in the sky − is the second to pound the state in recent days, but forecasters said this storm would be the season’s most potent, particularly in Southern California.

In addition to staggering amounts of rain, this storm is also lashing the state with immensely powerful winds.

It is being reported that the National Weather Service has actually issued “a rare hurricane-force wind warning for the Central Coast”

The National Weather Service issued a rare hurricane-force wind warning for the Central Coast: Wind gusts up to 92 mph were possible from the Monterey Peninsula to the northern section of San Luis Obispo County.

Apparently this is the first time that such a warning has ever been issued for that particular area…

The NWS office in the Bay Area issued its first-ever Hurricane-Force Wind Warning for the waters off parts of the Central California coast, where mariners could encounter wind gusts over hurricane force (74-plus mph).

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That is interesting.

That is very interesting.

It isn’t too often that the words “hurricane” and “California” are used together in the same sentence.

According to weather researcher Ryan Maue, this storm is also being classified as a “bomb cyclone”…

Weather researcher Ryan Maue said the ‘bomb cyclone’ – a term denoting a storm that rapidly intensifies over 24 hours – could dump more than 8 trillion gallons of precipitation on the state.

He likened the amount to the volume of Lake Mead – 8.5 trillion gallons.

Just think about that for a moment.

The equivalent of Lake Mead is being dropped on California in just a 48 hour period.

That is going to cause a lot of damage.

A number of counties have already issued either an evacuation order or an evacuation warning…

Evacuation warnings and orders were in effect for Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Ventura and Monterey counties. Classes were cancelled Monday for schools across Santa Barbara County.

“This storm is predicted to be one of the largest and most significant in our county’s history and our goal is to get through it without any fatalities or any serious injuries,” Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said.

We are being told that some parts of Los Angeles could see more rain during this storm than they usually do in an entire year.

In the mountains, the big problem will be snow.

Apparently some areas could literally get more than four feet of snow, and it is being reported that very rapid snowfall plus extremely strong winds “will lead to whiteout conditions”

Heavy snow will be the headline event for higher elevations, including the Sierra Nevada and Northern California mountain ranges, specifically at elevations above 5,000 to 6,000 feet.

“Snow totals of several feet are forecast for the Sierra through Tuesday morning,” the NWS said. “Heavy snow rates of 2-3″/hour along with strong winds will lead to whiteout conditions and dangerous, near impossible travel conditions.”

When is the last time we saw “whiteout conditions” in California during the month of February?

I honestly don’t know.  That is why I am asking.

What makes all of this even weirder is that this storm has hit California on the exact day that the Grammy Awards are happening.

Do you think that there is any possible way that this is just a coincidence?

The royalty of the music industry has gathered in one location for one night, and it just happens to be exactly where a storm of absolutely epic proportions is being unleashed.

Taylor Swift is there, and the media has been speculating about whether or not she will bring home the evening’s big prize

Swift could become the artist with the most-ever wins in the Album of the Year category, considered the night’s most prestigious honour, breaking a tie she holds with Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon and Frank Sinatra and adding a victory for “Midnights” to her three wins for “Fearless,” “1989” and “Folklore.”

Sadly, even though Taylor Swift and the other artists that have gathered at the Grammys are very gifted musically, they are also leading millions of young Americans in the exact opposite direction that they should be going.

Once this storm finally passes, the crisis still won’t be over.

Another storm will hit the state late in the week, but that one is not supposed to be as large…

A smaller, trailing storm could spread another dose of low-elevation rain and mountain snow from north to south across the state from Thursday to Friday. While this storm will be moving along at a swift pace and will not pack the moisture of the blockbuster storm, it can add insult to injury by not only hampering storm clean-up but also triggering new incidents of flash flooding, slippery roads in the mountains and slow travel.

All of this rain is going to cause some terrible mudslides.

And the damage caused by the flooding will probably be in the billions of dollars.

In 2023, there were more “billion dollar disasters” than ever before, but I fully expect 2024 to be even worse.

Our world is being shaken in countless ways, and I believe we are in a time when we will get hit by one historic natural disaster after another.

So I hope that you have been getting prepared for what is coming, because what we have experienced so far is just the beginning…

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