3 Extremely Alarming Developments Which Could Have Enormous Global Implications

We really have entered a period of tremendous worldwide chaos, and I fully expect things to get even wilder during the months ahead.

By: Michael Snyder T.H.E.

Global events are moving very rapidly now, and rumours are flying all over the place. I am going to share some very alarming developments with you in this article, but it is important for me to note that each of these stories is still developing. So as we get more information these stories may move in different directions. We have already seen so much happen during the initial days of 2024, and I am entirely convinced that things will get even more chaotic as this year rolls along.

Just within the past 24 hours, several more bombshell stories have appeared in the news cycle. The following are 3 extremely alarming developments which could have enormous global implications…

#1 Hospitals In Northern Israel Are Being Ordered To Prepare For “Thousands of Casualties”

We have seen a series of escalations on the northern front in recent days, and that includes the assassination of the brother-in-law of the leader of Hezbollah. Now, Israeli media is telling us that hospitals in the north are being ordered to get ready to receive large numbers of war casualties

Israeli media reports IDF ordered preparation for the expansion of the fighting in the north (Lebanon).

Israeli Ministry of Health ordered the hospitals to be prepared to receive “thousands of casualties” in a short time.

Why would such an alert get issued now?

Is something major about to happen?

According to a prominent Israeli news source, one hospital has actually been instructed to prepare for a “desert island” situation…

The Israeli Health Ministry ordered hospitals in the north to be ready to receive thousands of wounded, under extraneous conditions, as fighting intensifies on Israel’s border with Lebanon, according to a report by Kan.

The Ziv Hospital in Safed and the Galilee Medical Centre in Nahariya started preparing for what has been described as a “desert island” situation, meaning days without equipment, medicines or food in the event of a massive Hezbollah attack.

The hospitals in Safed and Nahariya have also been instructed to prepare for the transfer of patients to other medical centres. Furthermore, the Health Ministry advised an increased vigilance and preparedness in all hospital systems and health insurance funds across the country.

To me, it certainly sounds like Israeli authorities are anticipating that a full-blown regional war could soon break out, and that would have massive global ramifications.

#2 A Deadly New Variant That Is 100% Fatal In Mice “Due To Infection of The Brain”

I don’t even know what to make of this story.

Apparently, a team of scientists has been messing around with a coronavirus variant that has killed all of the mice that have been exposed to it…

The research group of former PLA scientist Yigang Tong has published a new paper showing a “pangolin” coronavirus (GX_P2V) variant is 100% fatal to hACE2 mice likely due to infection of the brain.

You can see the research paper for yourself right here. Needless to say, any variant that can cause “100% mortality” in human ACE2-transgenic mice should deeply concern all of us…

SARS-CoV-2-related pangolin coronavirus GX_P2V (short_3UTR) can cause 100% mortality in human ACE2-transgenic mice, potentially attributable to late-stage brain infection. This underscores a spill-over risk of GX_P2V into humans and provides a unique model for understanding the pathogenic mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2-related viruses.

Hopefully someone doesn’t make a “mistake” that results in this new variant getting “accidentally” released.

Meanwhile, it is being reported that Dr. Peter Daszak has discovered “a never-before-seen virus with ‘almost’ as much potential to infect humans as COVID-19”…

A zoologist whose organisation funded controversial experiments in Wuhan which some fear started the pandemic has presented the discovery of a never-before-seen virus with ‘almost’ as much potential to infect humans as COVID-19.

Dr Peter Daszak, head of the New York based non-profit EcoHealth Alliance, detailed his finding in bats at an event held by the World Health Organization (WHO) on future pandemic research preparedness.

EcoHealth had its funding pulled and projects to find viruses in China cancelled due to concerns about its ties to the COVID-19 lab leak theory — but it has continued to operate in Thailand and other parts of Asia with millions of dollars in US government grants.

As I have repeatedly warned my readers, we live in an era when great pestilences will erupt quite frequently all over the globe.

It is just a matter of time before the next global pandemic arrives, and so I hope that you have been getting ready.

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#3 Civil War In Ecuador

Have you heard about what is happening in Ecuador?

We are being told that a “civil war” has erupted, and at this point the entire nation has descended into a state of complete and utter chaos…

Ecuador is descending into civil war after a bunch of masked thugs stormed a television station in the port city of Guayaquil yesterday while taking prison guards hostage and murdering civilians.

Viewers watched in horror last night as the men threatened presenters and workers with automatic weapons and explosives on live television, with the sound of gunshots and terrified hostages begging for mercy audible in the background.

Of course the incident at that television station was only a small part of the widespread violence that we witnessed on Tuesday…

The terrorist actions committed by Ecuador’s criminal gangs on Tuesday — which included kidnappings, prison riots, and the use of explosive devices against civilian and police vehicles — left at least ten dead, including two policemen. On early Wednesday morning, police authorities found a burned vehicle with three burned people inside in a Guayaquil neighbourhood.

The internal conflict decree designates over 20 of Ecuador’s most dangerous criminal gangs as military targets, allowing the nation’s armed forces to conduct operations to “neutralize” them. The decree goes hand in hand with a 60-day state of emergency declaration and curfew President Daniel Noboa approved this week.

Over the past few years, we have seen a series of pro-western governments fall around the globe.

Will Ecuador be the next domino to tumble?

Let us hope not, but at this point the tight grip that the U.S. and the EU once had on so much of the planet is starting to falter.

We really have entered a period of tremendous worldwide chaos, and I fully expect things to get even wilder during the months ahead.

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