Why Won’t ‘Leaking’ DOJ Drop The Jeffrey Epstein Client List? Musk Demands Truth For The Public

Elon Musk wants answers…

By Tesla Telegraph | Guest Post

Elon must have the same sleep schedule as former President Trump (that is, just a few hours a night).

That’s because he, despite being the CEO of Tesla, Space X, and the Boring Company, working to buy Twitter, dealing with the issues posed by Tesla’s factories in China, and working to build a massive battery production facility and solar panel company, Musk still finds time to fire off completely unrelated tweets.

Such was the case this weekend, when he dropped this beauty of a meme about the Epstein-Maxwell, “little black book”, or a client list of those who Epstein and Maxwell set up with their child prostitutes:

Only thing more remarkable than DOJ not leaking the list is that no one in the media cares. Doesn’t that seem odd?

Joking about his sharing of the meme, one likely to raise the ire of many in the government and regime media, Elon then said “Sometimes I think my list of enemies is too short, so …

From there things heated up. One Twitter user found this image of Maxwell and Elon together at a party and shared it, saying “I found one“, referring to Ghislaine and Epstein’s clients.

Elon quickly fired off a response that noted the context of the photo and who was really to blame for her being in the same room as him, saying:

Ah yes, Maxwell photobombing me at a @VanityFair Oscars party – you should them why they invited her.

The same people who push this photo say nothing about prominent people who actually went to his island a dozen times. Also very strange …

This isn’t the first time that Elon brought up the Maxwell-Epstein client list. He did so back in the beginning of May too, saying “Where is their “client” list? Shouldn’t at least one of them go down!?” in response to a post noting that the ridiculous Will Smith story got more press than the “little black book”.

He then joked about that tweet and Epstein’s untimely death, saying “Hey, why are they already writing my suicide story!?

The Independent, a British paper, reported at the end of 2021 that the little black book would not be released after Ghislaine’s attorneys came to a deal with the judge, saying:

Ghislaine Maxwell’s “little black book” containing the names and addresses of nearly 2,000 world leaders, celebrities and alleged victims will remain secret.

Ms Maxwell’s defence attorneys came to an agreement with prosecutors over the weekend not to release the 97-page directory to the public.

The same article also noted that the judge kept the book under wraps to avoid “needless namedropping”, saying:

Judge Alison Nathan had previously said she wanted to avoid “needless” namedropping during the trial.

The book was filled with contact details of Ms Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s famous friends, including Prince Andrew, and former US presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, and had been mentioned sporadically during her sex-trafficking trial.

Prince Andrew, Mr Clinton and others mentioned in the directory have denied all accusations they were involved in any alleged sexual abuse.

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