Total Eclipse of The Heart: Astrology Forecast July 23rd – 30th, 2023

July horoscope 2023: What’s in store for the 12 Zodiac Signs ...

By: Lorna Bevan Hare In The Moon

This month, we’ve already experienced our collective destiny shifting us towards the future as the Nodes of Fate changed signs on a Plutonic New Moon – now we now cross the border into the shadowlands.

As the Sun enters Leo on July 23rd, Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith stations retrograde at 28 Leo turning direct on September 3rd and Chiron stations retrograde at 19 Aries until December 27th.

With Pluto, Neptune, Saturn and Eris already retrograde, this is a season to turn inwards, to become an intronaut, deep diving behind surface appearances to defrag, to review your process and habitual patterns, so you can emerge renewed in September with updated inner/outer maps.

At the heart of this Venus retrograde in Leo conjunct Black Moon Lilith is a question of self-worth. This is not sugary sweet Barbie Venus but raw, unfiltered Kali/Lilith intensity demanding to be expressed and not repressed.

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Over the next 7 weeks, concentrate on inner work, not on polishing your outsides. There’s no point in pimping the vehicle if the engine doesn’t work.

If your relationship, money and self-esteem patterns undermine you, if you confuse drama and passion with love, if you are overly influenced by trends and distractions, this is an opportunity to rewrite your old scripts. If you are constantly craving shiny new things, learn the difference between wants and needs.

Clean up your social media, rethink the image you’re projecting and be authentic or silent.

It is not the time to launch anything important, change your appearance, begin new relationships, get married, change financial plans or invest large sums of money.

Be prepared! In AUGUST, Venus reaches her Black Out Point between 2(!) Super Full Moons. For master coaching on working with Venus as Kali and the difference between Triggers and Glimmers – sign up to my subscriber-only AUGUST 5D Report: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” in the shop at: Hare In The Moon.

Chandra Symbol Venus Retrograde LEO 29

Chandra Symbol Venus Retrograde LEO 29
Chandra Symbol Venus Retrograde LEO 29

Chandra Symbol Venus Retrograde LEO 29: A broken sword.

“Consecration to a higher power. Coming to the end of your own path and it is just the beginning of the greater way. The heart must open. The infinite must be born inside. So much karmic backlog. So many ways to be right and to be wrong. The realisation in the very midst that there is nobody listening to the old stories and everybody is awaiting somebody else to come through. A profound and utter doorway into a great unknown. What has been is finished. What shall be is so very different. And what is now is a question and a prayer and a destiny that must find its redemption.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: July 23-30, 2023

This week, both Venus in Leo and Chiron in Aries turn retrograde, Venus until early September and Chiron until late December. Factor in that the karmic Node of Fate recently returned to your sign for the next 18 months and this is a clear planetary message to turn inwards to re-evaluate your self-worth along with your relationship and financial patterns. Circumstances changing all around you will nudge you to take this seriously.

Time to slow down.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: July 23-30, 2023

Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, so whenever she changes direction, you resonate with her wavelength. This week, the Goddess turns backwards in Leo in your 4th House of home and belonging until early September. As she does, she aspects Awakener Uranus in Taurus activating your innate visionary powers. In the coming weeks, fine tune what is really important to you, strengthen bonds with partners and family and think about how to share your hidden gifts more widely.

Remember that Taurus is the sign of the World 3rd Eye whose esoteric mantra is: ”I see and when the eye is opened, all is light.”

Gemini Weekly Forecast: July 23-30, 2023

Venus turns retrograde in your 3rd House for the next 7 weeks. Expect situations changing around you to prompt you to take a long hard look at who you mix with or follow on social media. Are they really on your wavelength or just a distraction and comfort blanket? Do you really need to “know” lots of people to make you feel more emotionally secure? Now that both Mars and Mercury are in Virgo-your 4th House of belonging-start pattern spotting old imprints from childhood that are still operating unconsciously today.

Clearing your thought field.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: July 23-30, 2023

The Nodes of Fate have recently moved on to your parental axis suggesting that, over the next few months, changing circumstances will mean that you’ll be letting go of outdated inherited patterns that have been holding you back. This week the Sun leaves your sign for Leo where Venus is slowing to turn backwards until early September. During the next 7 weeks, issues around your money, talents and resources will arise for re-evaluation. Are you hiding your light? Underselling yourself?

What might happen if you claimed your gifts and shared them more widely with others?

Leo Weekly Forecast: July 23-30, 2023

On July 23, your birthday month and personal New Year begin. However, at the same time both Venus and Chiron slow down and turn retrograde in your 1st House of persona and public mask. Events may conspire to reveal the difference between what you project and the real you. Make the next seven weeks a time for gentle self-care and self-valuing, taking a rest from striving to look as if you’re always strong and resilient. Questions about old relationship patterns will arise. Do you always need to have someone in your life to boost your image? Or to feel loved and needed?

Others can’t provide a security blanket -only you can do that.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: July 23-30, 2023

As your own planet Mercury joins Mars in Virgo, they oppose Saturn in Pisces. Be ready for a period of push me/pull you as your super analytical side clashes with oceanic, chaotic energy. At the same time, Venus stations in your deep 12th House to disappear into the wilderness until early September. This is the hidden engine room of your psyche where your secret dreams, imagination, ancestral inheritance and childhood defence mechanism are stored. In the next few weeks, start spotting outgrown leftover habits, beliefs and behaviour patterns. Once you bring them into the light of awareness, they will transform.

Switch off your constant inner critic, stop self-spectating and let what comes come.

Libra Weekly Forecast: July 23-30, 2023

As a sign ruled by Lady Venus, whenever she changes speed or direction, you feel it emotionally. On July 23rd, the Evening Star slows to turn retrograde until early September, withdrawing into the realms of the hidden and the unconscious. Mirror this energy by cutting back your agenda-don’t keep on keeping on. This will be a sensitive time for you with much to be revealed, as long as you pay attention. Since the karmic South Node of Fate recently entered late Libra, expect a period of relationship re-evaluation, as your own outlook evolves.

It’s a time of releasing whoever and whatever is no longer on your wavelength.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: July 23-30, 2023

As a sensitive Water sign, you will definitely feel the energy shift this week as both Venus and Chiron slow down and turn retrograde on July 23rd. Venus is on your Mid Heaven, you angle of public reputation or life direction, dimming both her light and your light until early September. Frame the next seven weeks as a welcome chance to retire your inner controller and to take a break from constantly challenging yourself and others. After the last 18 months of wild card eclipses across Scorpio, you need some rest and retreat. So much is changing around you that your old maps have become outdated.

In the quiet, new meaning and insights will arise of their own accord, but don’t expect them to arrive with bells and whistles.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: July 23-30, 2023

You may soon start feeling confusing mixed messages. Action planet Mars in Virgo is crossing the pinnacle of your chart for the first time in two years, giving you extra momentum and motivation to push for career success. At the same time, Venus slows to turn backwards from July 23-September 3rd, focusing your attention on your current beliefs and habits around love, money and self-worth. It’s time to bring your outdated inner maps up to date and that means an ongoing process of pattern spotting and pattern breaking.

Take your time and follow your instincts.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: July 23-30, 2023

As a Capricorn, you are good at getting right to the roots of a situation so you can plan a strategy. This ability will stand you in good stead now as Venus slows to turn retrograde in Leo between July 23rd and September 3rd. This puts your shared finances, assets and resources under the magnifying glass. Take your time-you have seven weeks after all-but re-evaluate your debt, your savings, your legacy and also the quality of real intimacy in your one-to-one partnership. Look at what is truly meaningful to you, then base your future financial plans around that.

There have been emotional losses in the last few years which might need processing so you can move on.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: July 23-30, 2023

The focus for the next seven weeks will be on your closest partnerships, courtesy of Venus turning retrograde in your opposite sign of Leo between July 23-September 3rd. With Awakener Uranus in your 4th House of home and belonging, you may have some surprises around your ancestry or family members. Taken together, this is a golden opportunity to re-balance relationship dynamics that are out of kilter, to re-build bridges and find ways to establish harmony. To do this, you may need to dismantle outgrown childhood patterns of retreat and withholding that ruin real intimacy.

A summer of love.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: July 23-30, 2023

There are two important influences in your solar chart. The first is Mars in your opposite sign of Virgo for the first time in two years, boosting partnerships, contracts and collaborations. If you need a new business partner or financial adviser or psychotherapist, ask for recommendations. The second influence is Venus turning retrograde in Leo from July 23-September 3rd. This is your 6th House of health, work and service. Mars organises, Venus harmonises and the Sun in Leo gives you flair. So far, so good, but it’s also time to slow down, to stop pushing yourself, to improve your wellbeing on all levels and also to ask yourself: ”What am I really doing X or Y for?”.

De-clutter your workspace, channel Mars into physical exercise and find creative ways to put harmony at the centre of your daily life.

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