Shadowlands: Astrology Forecast July 16th – 23rd, 2023

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.

By: Lorna Bevan Hare In The Moon

It feels like a fated time on all levels as the New Moon at 25 Cancer on July 17th forms a Grand Cardinal Cross with Eliminator Pluto on the Master degree of Capricorn and the karmic eclipse points of the Nodes of Fate newly arrived in late Aries/Libra. Significantly, Pluto is also aligned with deep space points: Haumea/Eris.

Grand Crosses draw down very high dimensional forces – critical change is here….

The Nodes of Fate reveal how the past transforms current reality. For the next 18 months, expect to engage in a sort of psychological Akido – intense evolutionary personal growth (Aries) balanced out with sustainable, supportive, collaborative collective responses (Libra). As many more people discover their inner power and initiative, the dissonance in the outer world will be unbridgeable.

Then on July 22nd, Venus stations at 28 Leo to turn retrograde until September 3rd. In those 7 weeks, your inner archetype of magnetics, self-worth, intimacy, values and money will disappear out of consciousness and availability. Don’t underestimate this opportunity to discover and disable your self-sabotaging shadow patterns supported by Chiron’s retrograde on July 23rd.

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In these shadowlands, rely on your sensory acuity, your intuition, your Knowing. Insights are available to you at all times once you drop the need for them to arrive with bells, whistles and drama.

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Chandra Symbol New Moon CANCER 25

Chandra Symbol New Moon CANCER 25:
Chandra Symbol New Moon CANCER 25

Chandra Symbol New Moon CANCER 25: A flock of penguins on an icy beach.

“Inward purpose draws to itself an invisible community of those who are dedicated to the far places together. Your subtle support system recognises that you are bearing gifts of a high and free kind and attempting to bring these through in just the right way. A guiding stream accompanies your very life-pulse and steers you toward staying faithful and not pushing too hard, too fast. A timeless, future-infused sphere, vast and expansive and truly unlimited. Become the personification of this otherness by being inwardly there within it and outwardly silent and poised and cool. There shall be chances, opportunities, ritual occasions for bringing the greater worlds to bear upon the basic, shared life stream. And at all other times, preparation and ripening are in order, to be perfectly ready when called upon, clear, steady, and true.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: July 17-23, 2023

As the Node of Fate returns to your sign for 18 months, you will be nudged into a course correction-away from endless seeking new distractions, back towards your true purpose which is initiating what others only think about. Chiron in your sign turns backwards just as Venus retrogrades in Leo for 7 weeks. This is a time for solo inner work, for healing old wounds and deleting self-sabotaging patterns, so that your energy field is fully restored for what’s ahead.

Turning inwards.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: July 17-23, 2023

Always a deep thinker, you are now embarking on yet another inner quest as your own planet Venus turns retrograde until September 3rd at the roots of your chart, descending into the world beyond the worlds. With Guru Jupiter at your side in Taurus, let what comes come, let what goes go and see what remains. Be alert for symbols, signs, synchronicities and important dreams and capture them in a journal or in art form before they disappear into the harsh light of consciousness. The Node of Fate has just left your sign-not to return for another 18 years-and will travel through your deep 12th House of ancestral wisdom for the next 18 months.

Trust your ability to see in the dark, the better to illuminate others.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: July 17-23, 2023

As a sign ruled by quicksilver Mercury, gathering information for its own sake often becomes your protective armour-you believe that the more you “know”, the more you have to offer. As Venus turns retrograde for 7 weeks in your angle of connection, if you switch off your antennae, turn off the endless 24/7 feeds and mind chatter then turn inwards and switch on your sensory acuity, you will learn that that’s only one part of your purpose. As the Nodes of Fate change our collective destiny line, it becomes obvious that to have meaning and usefulness, data has to sieved with discernment so that it can be transformed into wisdom.

That’s your true mission.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: July 17-23, 2023

The annual New Moon in your own sign is usually a moment to take stock. This year, on July 17, a Grand Cardinal Cross to both Pluto and the Nodes of Fate suggests a turning point is imminent. The North Node is now on your Midheaven bringing 5 eclipses over the next 18 months, shaking up your career and direction. Venus is turning retrograde in your angle of self-worth and finances until September 3rd. Piecing this together, this is when you need to call upon your gifts of intuition, gut instinct and emotional intelligence to help you track your golden thread of purpose.

Now’s the time to channel some of your boundless empathy towards yourself.

Leo Weekly Forecast: July 17-23, 2023

In the coming weeks, you’re likely to find yourself turning inwards more than usual, reflecting on the past and its many turning points-now obvious in hindsight but hidden at the time. First, the New Moon on the 17th in sensitive Cancer and your 12th House of retreat and withdrawal is at odds with Great Eliminator Pluto and also the karmic Nodes of Fate; then from July 22 to September 3rd, Venus is retrograde in your own sign, so your usual magnetics of self-worth, intimacy, values and money will disappear out of consciousness and availability. Knowing this in advance, refuse to engage in interpersonal dramas or dramatic displays of passion or betrayal.

Take heart! You are not failing, falling or dying -it’s a rare opportunity to bring your inner map up to date with your current reality- a kind of emotional restructuring.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: July 17-23, 2023

Now that both Saturn and Neptune are in your opposite sign of oceanic Pisces, the Node of Fate has moved into your 8th House of hidden issues and Venus is about to take a 40 days and nights deep dive in your 12th House of retreat, it’s time to switch off your constant monitoring and hyper-vigilance and turn inwards. This is a wonderful and rare opportunity to discover and disable your self-sabotaging shadow pattern of perfectionism and control. Underneath this defence mechanism lies your purpose -to bring your vision of the ideal into reality to share with others.

Isn’t that worth digging down to discover?

Libra Weekly Forecast: July 17-23, 2023

A few days ago, something significant occurred-the Nodes of Fate-eclipse bringers-returned to Aries/Libra for the next 18 months for the first time since December 27 2004-June 20 2006. The karmic South Node will travel backwards through Libra, nudging you to notice then delete self-sabotaging habits or beliefs. This theme is underscored by the New Moon in Cancer on July 17th at odds with both Great Eliminator Pluto and the Nodes and again by your own planet Venus retrograding for 7 weeks in your Leo 11th House.

Your great gift is extending yourself to others motivated by love-it’s now time to extend it towards yourself.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: July 17-23, 2023

In this shadowy season of karmic astrology with momentous changes occurring under the radar, unseen by most people, as a solar Scorpio your powers of instinct, vigilance and shape shifting will prove their worth. The karmic South Node of Fate will bring 5 wild card eclipses in the next 18 months, revealing outlived self-sabotaging patterns in your 12th House of the unconscious. Venus on the pinnacle of your chart in Leo starts to retrograde for 7 weeks between July 22-September 3rd, promising a period of shadow work.

Frame it as a grace period, clearing away karmic debris that has darkened your energy field.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: July 17-23, 2023

For the next few weeks, we’ll all be taking a walk through the planetary shadowlands, something that on the surface, holds little appeal for you as Sagittarian who needs to constantly move towards new horizons. On July 17, expect the Cancerian New Moon in your 8th House of life’s big issues to be highly emotional, complicated by undercurrents from Pluto and the Nodes of Fate. Then on July 22, Venus turns backwards in Leo for 7 weeks, when your self-worth, your money patterns, your relationships all come up for re-assessment.

Take heart-this is actually a grace period that gives you space to know the difference between who and what is good for you and what or who undermines you.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: July 17-23, 2023

Monday’s New Moon is in your opposite sign of Cancer, this year opposed by Pluto and at odds with the karmic Nodes of Fate. Knowing this in advance, be ready to smother the flames of any emotional drama and to look more closely at what’s behind it. Whatever it is has long roots in the past. Then Venus turns retrograde on July 22nd for 7 weeks in your 8th House of life’s big issues-intimacy, money and inheritance. It all points to the need to drop your focus on externals and track your inner world, noticing which behaviour reflexes and patterns have been sabotaging you and finding better ways to replace them.

Make your mantra: I am already and always enough.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: July 17-23, 2023

If you are someone walking the higher Aquarian path attuned to both Saturn and Uranus, the shadowlands of the next few weeks will be familiar rather than frightening. First, the Cancerian New Moon on July 17th in a Grand Cardinal Cross with Pluto and the karmic Nodes of Fate gives notice that this is a critical turning point. Then Venus in your opposite sign of Leo slips into the underworld on July 22nd for 7 weeks. Your usual comfort blanket of patterns of self-worth, intimacy, values and money will disappear out of consciousness and availability, revealing which need discarding and which need updating.

See it as a grace period to clear your energy field so you can fulfil your dharmic purpose of path paving the future for the rest of us.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: July 17-23, 2023

In shadowy times, as a Piscean your instinctive reaction is to dive deep below the surface and stay there until the light returns. This will prove to be the best approach in the next few weeks. As a highly sensitive sign, Monday’s Cancerian New Moon at odds with relentless Pluto and the karmic Nodes of Fate may bring buried or repressed emotions to the surface for release. Then on July 22, Venus turns backwards for 7 weeks in Leo, your 6th House of work, service and health. Although during this time you may feel as if support is being withdrawn, that you’re on your own, you are not failing or falling but bringing your inner map up to date with your current reality-a kind of emotional restructuring.

Now’s the time to channel some of your boundless empathy towards yourself.

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