Time Traveller From 2858′ Issues Warning About ‘How The World Will End

A self-professed 'time traveller from the year 2858' has claimed the world will end in 2038 during a war with an alien species that has apparently already invaded Earth

By: Kirsty Card | Daily Star

A mysterious social media user, who claims to be a “time traveller from the year 2858”, has claimed to know how the world is going to end.

The user, who posts under the username @darknesstimetravel, has gained more than 12,000 followers by posting outlandish claims about future events – with everything from wormholes to humans using Mars as a ‘back-up planet.’

But in their most recent video, the user revealed that war with an alien species would spark the end of the world – less than two decades away.

The supposed warning claims that aliens have come to Earth this month to take over the planet but the war apparently won’t start until 2024.

The alleged 'time traveller from 2858' claims to know how the world will end (Image: Dark Nesstime Traveller / Tiktok)
The alleged ‘time traveller from 2858’ claims to know how the world will end (Image: @darknesstimetraveler/TikTok)

In the video, which has gained more than 1,900 likes, the TikTok user claimed: “The First War will begin in early 2024 and will end in 2038 – with the Earth being destroyed.”

Captioning the clip, they added: “Another species of alien saves us, but not the planet.”

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However, viewers remained sceptical as the clip started with two warnings that have yet to come to fruition.

The aliens were said to invade this month (stock) (Image: Getty Images/Collection Mix: Subjects RM)
The aliens were said to invade this month (stock) (Image: Getty Images/Collection Mix: Subjects RM)

The first being that everyone would dream of an alien invasion by a species called the “Za’ouls” on February 28 – before the actual invasion which was supposedly meant to take place on March 2.

People took to the comments to debate whether the alleged warnings could come true or not.

One user wrote: “What a load of bobbins, they are already here and protecting us from evil forces on Earth! If it’s destroyed it’s our own doing! Good buzz nothing more!”

Previous events they warned of are yet to come true (Image: @darknesstimetraveler/TikTok)
Previous events they warned of are yet to come true (Image: @darknesstimetraveler/TikTok)

Another argued: “Bruh if the Earth is destroyed in 2038 how u from 2858?”

To which, the TikTok user explained: “Another species saves about 400,000,000 people by bringing them to another planet.”

A third quipped: “Thanks for telling me. I will tell my grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand son about this.”

A fourth added: “If this doesn’t happen, promise you will show your face and delete your page.”

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