The Next Major War Is Reportedly About To Begin, And “D-Day” Has Already Been Chosen

Historians will look back with confusion as to how idiotic the leaders of this time were

By: Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse

Not another one. As I have repeatedly warned my readers, leaders all over the globe seem to have come down with a really bad case of war fever. Instead of sitting down and attempting to find solutions through diplomacy, many of our leaders seem quite eager to use military force to settle matters these days. There is no peaceful end to the war in Ukraine on the horizon, China is making preparations to invade Taiwan, and the “shadow war” in the Middle East could easily erupt into a full-blown regional conflict. But in this article I am going to focus on the next war that is reportedly about to begin. A group of nations in western Africa known as ECOWAS is preparing to invade Niger with the approval of the EU and the Biden administration, and CNN is reporting that “D-Day” has already been chosen…

The West African regional bloc ECOWAS says it has chosen an undisclosed “D-Day” for a possible military intervention to restore Niger’s democratically elected president following last month’s coup.

Abdel-Fatau Musah, the Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace & Security of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) bloc, said that military forces are “ready to go anytime the order is given” for military intervention in Niger.

“The D-day is also decided, which we are not going to disclose,” Musah told journalists after the two-day meeting of West African defence chiefs in the Ghanaian capital of Accra.

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Musah went on to ominously declare that his alliance will not put up with any more coups in Niger and that they are “putting a stop to it at this time”

The commissioner said the bloc had decided that the “coup in Niger is one coup too many,” for the region, adding that there will be no further meetings of ECOWAS defence chiefs on the issue.

“We are putting a stop to it at this time,” Musah said in his concluding remarks.

But what most people in the western world don’t realize is that there is a lot more to this story than we are being told.

For decades, puppet politicians have allowed wealthy western nations to greatly exploit Niger. It has vast quantities of gold and uranium, but the vast majority of the population of Niger continues to live in complete and utter poverty.

This is why the coup is so popular in Niger. The population is sick and tired of being raped by France, and now the French are deeply concerned that they may no longer be able to exploit their former colony

A powerful undercurrent of the military coup in Niger is anti-French sentiment emerging from a sense that Niger has been exploited by its former colonial master France. Supporters of the coup have protested at the French embassy and otherwise attacked French interests in Niger.

One particularly prominent complaint has to do with French use of Niger’s rich resources, especially gold and uranium, while Niger remains one of the poorest nations in the world. France’s President Emmanuel Macron, who is fresh off the heels of riots and an uprising in Paris largely perpetrated by immigrants from France’s former colonies, has warned Niger against any attack on France’s interests.

Of course you won’t hear any of this on the corporate news networks.

They will just tell you that the coup leaders are bad and the upcoming invasion is good.

And so that is what most people will believe.

By the way, did you know that the U.S. currently has more than 1,000 troops in Niger?

The United States has 1,100 troops in Niger, where it has spent hundreds of millions of dollars training security forces to battle terrorist organizations. Niger is a critical part of America’s overall counter-terrorism strategy, especially given the rise of Islamist extremist groups in Africa.

Why did we need to have so many troops there?

Sadly, it seems like we have troops almost everywhere.

Ultimately, the U.S. military is used to keep “order” all over the world, and that often means protecting western economic interests.

Meanwhile, we have just learned that the Netherlands and Denmark have agreed to provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets

The Netherlands and Denmark will provide Ukraine with much sought-after F-16 aircraft in an agreement hailed by President Volodymyr Zelensky as “historic.”

Kyiv has urgently been calling on its Western allies to provide F-16 jets, as its slow-moving counteroffensive is hampered by Russian air superiority.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Zelensky at Eindhoven airport, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said his country would “commit to delivering F-16 aircraft to Ukraine” once “the conditions for such a transfer have been met.”

Zelensky has wanted F-16s for a long time.

Now he is going to get them.

Both sides just continue to escalate the conflict in Ukraine, and this is going to be such a huge story in the months ahead.

On the other side of the world, it appears that the Chinese military has been systematically practicing for an invasion of Taiwan

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Eastern Theatre Command has released a provocative video showing troops practicing a coastal invasion of Taiwan. The video first appeared on the social media site WeChat Thursday, and features waves of PLA soldiers storming beaches, including armoured vehicles and tanks driving into attack positions.

The clip didn’t specifically name Taiwan, but given the Eastern Theatre Command oversees the Taiwan Strait area, it’s being widely interpreted as a warning and threat aimed at the self-ruled island which is backed by the West.

The moment that China launches such an invasion, the U.S. and China will be at war.

We are living at a time of wars and rumours of wars, but most people in the western world don’t understand any of the things that I just shared with you.

In fact, most of our young people would have a really difficult time even finding Niger, Ukraine or Taiwan on a blank map of the world.

But eventually conflict will arrive on our doorstep too, and then everyone will be paying attention…

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