The Lord of Misrule: Astrology Overview December 24th – 31st

Here’s what’s happening in astrology this week

By: Lorna Bevan Hare In The Moon

Many of us will be with or in contact with our families and tribes of choice at this time. On December 27th, the Full Moon at 4 Cancer aligned with Jupiter/Saturn is a nudge to use your emotional intelligence – your EQ – to make peace with old issues / dynamics and act as a mediator. Empathy and compassion help to create rapport and build bridges.

On New Year’s Eve, we are graced by Jupiter turning forward at 5° Taurus having been retrograde since September 4th. Our planetary gift bringer is heading towards a rare and magical conjunction with Awakener Uranus in April 2024 at 22° Taurus.

Jupiter is often described as bringing luck but luck is created when you’re willing to take risks, follow your hunches and take every opportunity to expand your world. Start by deliberately attracting new people, new ideas and new encounters into your life by sensing and seizing emerging flickers of possibility. Balance living between Structure – supportive routines – and Surprise – the spontaneous and unplanned.

This is the last Full Moon of 2023-a Gateway for spiritual renewal. The magnetics which held your old realities in place are dissolving. Pay attention to what arises for you now as clues to 2024. Let your choices reflect the person you want to become, not just the person you think you are.

7 Reasons To Abandon Your Comfort Zone & Why You’ll Never Regret It

Review audit / spin all your most persistent inklings / brainwaves / ideas since Jupiter entered Taurus in May 2023.

Which have the juice and potential to develop into something beautiful in the months to come?

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