The Midnight Hour: Astrology Overview December 18th – 24th, 2023

Here’s what’s happening in astrology this week

By: Lorna Bevan Hare In The Moon

“When darkness falls, nature demands we retreat. Sometimes we are better served by candles illuminating what is right in front of us, than glaring overhead lights revealing the clutter of the world all around.” – Beth Kempson

This week marks the Midnight Hour of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

At the Solstice on December 21, after reaching the lowest point in the heavens, the Sun finally returns to its path of ascent. Capricorn brings Winter, the struggle to draw the breath of life underneath the weight of death.

The Winter Solstice symbolises the dark before dawn, a liminal time of mystery and transformation.

Ruled by iron Saturn, gravity pushes down hard yet the indomitable spirit of Capricorn – symbolised by the Sea Goat – Climbs Mountains no matter how much resistance there may be.

Capricorn is where cold hard reality and the way of the world meet. All the beauty and corruption of civilisation: the powers that be, the story of the past, the institutions that rule you. The relationship between spirit and matter.

This year, as the Sun crosses into Capricorn on the Black Hole of the Galactic Centre, he meets Mercury retrograde. Just notice the incompletions, open psychic loops and unfinished business-all markers of the past withdrawing from you and the timelines shifting. Let go of the rags and tatters of an old identity, knowing there is nothing to do, be practise or ritualise.

Conscious Wintering is an art and a skill. It is a time to take yourself and your wellbeing seriously (Saturnian word), to stop constantly pushing your own needs way down your list of priorities.

In the end, you have only your own heart to answer to. Honour this time-out-of-time midnight hour by asking yourself:

“If I were to put my own highest interests first, what would I do differently, starting now?”

Ask it, then let that quiet voice of your interior angel answer.

The Chandra Symbol for the Solstice at 0 Capricorn says it clearly …

Sagittarius Compatibility In Love, Friendship & Work

“Standing on the inside of life. Protected and guarded, guided and led. Held fast. The observer or witness empowered to see, to realise, to comprehend the mysteries. Clairvoyance. Keenly sensing and viewing meaning and value, purpose and spirit backbone. So very strongly and steadily directed from within that there is no outer, there is nothing to do. Instead, you centre yourself and align with who you truly are and remain in the place of authority and power and inward truth as your statement and the only thing you know.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Note: I will be marking my own Midwinter Pause by reclaiming 8 precious hours not researching/ writing free sign forecasts today and December 24th. They will resume on December 31st.

My regular Facebook and Instagram posts will continue as usual and my January 2024 5D Report with coaching on Completion and Renewal will be emailed to subscribers on December 27th.

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