Resourcing Yourself: Astrology Forecast September 10th – 17th, 2023

Here’s what’s happening in astrology this week

By: Lorna Bevan Hare In The Moon

With so many planets retrograde in a narrow section of the zodiac, how is your personal focus, re-evaluation, reckoning and self-auditing going?

This week, as Mercury turns forward in Virgo and Pluto squares Ceres, ask yourself:

  • In what and whom am I currently investing my skills, money, possessions, time and love?
  • Is all this effort congruent with my values and priorities?
  • Do I need a rethink about how I use my precious resources?

Change is written all over September 14th’s New Moon at 22° Virgo. It forms a Kite pattern with Pluto, Neptune and Uranus while Mercury – ruler of Virgo – is stationing ready to turn direct on September 15th.

All New Moons are an opportunity for a new beginning, but this New Moon in Virgo is an especially helpful time to start new habits or to stop harmful ones.

Aquarius Compatibility in Love, Friendship & Work

The New Moon’s trine to Uranus in fellow Earth sign Taurus means becoming even more flexible, responsive and innovative in the face of unexpected change. The Sky God operates by delivering unpredictable shocks, reversals or insights that electrify you out of your comfort zone, teaching you to collaborate with the inevitable.

It’s also a time to become much more innovative in your work, your craft, your service and your routines, experimenting with new methods and modalities that take you out of your comfort zone.

This will mean shedding and moving on from outdated New Age modalities and techniques that attempt to change others from the outside in – so many of the old ways of working, processes and procedures that you have relied on, which always got results in the past, are no longer working….

For much more on new ways of working, get:” The Next Big Leap for Wayfinders, Mavericks, Sensitives and Creatives” in the Shop: Hare in the Moon.

New Moon VIRGO 22

Chandra Symbol New Moon VIRGO 22
Chandra Symbol New Moon VIRGO 22

Chandra Symbol New Moon VIRGO 22: A woman writing with the tip of her fingernail.

“Sharply attuned. Self-consistent. Always telling the same story in variations–autobiography. So much to say, such a lineage to articulate and reveal. Intent upon staying on course and witnessing how it is done, why it is done. Selected by destiny to be the one to exemplify the way it should be done. Willing and able to do this forever and do nothing else. So straight and narrow that it becomes idiosyncratic and self-referential. The name of the game is to call the shots, to stay on top of the situation and to tap every level of intelligence to make your way purely and precisely where you were intended to be, in the master plan being followed.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: Sept 10-17, 2023

Channel the cleansing energy of the New Moon on September 14/15th to wipe the slate clean of all those self-sabotaging habits. With Mercury slowing to turn forward also in Virgo, health, work and service are all highlighted. It’s time to sort out your office, your communications platforms and your self-care. Your income stream also needs attention since both Jupiter and Uranus recently turned retrograde in this angle of your chart.

Getting the basics right.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: Sept 10-17, 2023

Both the New Moon and Mercury turning forward this week are in Virgo, a fellow Earth sign highly compatible with yours. Anything to do with your creativity is well starred, so get writing, podcasting, blogging or whatever lifts your boat from the 15th onwards. There is also something that needs completing, so tie up loose ends first. September 7th is a lovely day courtesy of your own planet Venus connecting with gift bringer Jupiter in Taurus.

Get out and about on solo artist dates to boost your imagination.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: Sept 10-17, 2023

Your ruler Mercury turns direct just after the New Moon-both are in your Virgoan 4th house at the base of your chart. It’s time for a complete re-think and re-frame of ongoing issues, problems or challenges connected with your home, family and tribe. Make your mantra:” If I keep on doing what I’ve always done, I’ll get what I always got!”

Open all the doors and windows as well as your mind to let in fresh energy.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: Sept 10-17, 2023

As both the New Moon on the 14th and Mercury turning direct on the 15th are in Virgo, watch as some sort of clarity returns. Expect an upturn in messages from friends, alliances and groups and if someone from the past gets in touch, they may have some interesting or even beneficial news for you. Declutter your online presence, delete unanswered emails and make sure all your communication platforms are working well.

Heading into a new season.

Leo Weekly Forecast: Sept 10-17, 2023

This week is all about money, as both the New Moon and Mercury changing direction are in Virgo, your angle of income. It’s time for a financial audit, checking the bottom line, paying off debt or calling it in. You may have noticed that the recent 7 weeks Venus retrograde in your own sign has permanently changed many of your priorities-time to catch up with yourself.

Make a plan that aligns your financial goals with your new values.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: Sept 10-17, 2023

This is a special time for you, as the New Moon in Virgo marks your personal New Year. It’s enhanced even more by your own planet Mercury turning forward, also in your sign. Time to shut last year’s memory book and open a new journal. Change agents Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are all aligning beautifully with your Sun in Virgo, inspiring you with out of the blue ideas and a boundless imagination.

The magic lies outside your comfort zone.

Libra Weekly Forecast: Sept 10-17, 2023

It’s that time of year when the Sun is in the sign behind yours and your solar batteries are running low. Take heart, the Libra Equinox on September 23rd is on the horizon, so focus on how you’re going to mark your personal New Year. This week, the engine room of your chart-home of your outworn dreams, defences and desires hidden in your unconscious-experiences both a New Moon and Mercury turning forward.

On the 15th, pay attention to intuitive messages, symbols and totems.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: Sept 10-17, 2023

If you find yourself thinking more than usual about the people who make up your life, that’s courtesy of September 14th’s New Moon with Mercury turning forward in your 11th House. It seems it’s time for a changing of the guard. Some people will have drifted away, while other friendships or alliances may have outlived their natural lifespan. Rather than cutting them off abruptly, let them go gracefully.

Strengthen the ties that bind.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: Sept 10-17, 2023

This week’s bright New Moon plus Mercury turning forward is shining its light at the pinnacle of your chart. Expect some welcome forward momentum connected with your career, role or reputation, along with some surprising information that puts an entirely new perspective on your direction. Since there are still several planets retrograde, sit with this for a while before changing tack.

Consult with those you trust but follow your instincts.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: Sept 10-17, 2023

Until September 23rd, make the very most of all the practical earth energy from Virgo and Taurus making a lucky triangle with your own sign. On the 14th, the New Moon and Mercury moving direct in Virgo give you a green light to draw a line under a project, possibly connected with study or research. It’s time to move to the next level, broadening your horizons and your mind through travel or taking on a challenging qualification.

Building strong foundations.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: Sept 10-17, 2023

The recent 7 weeks Venus retrograde through your partnership House was both draining emotionally and surprisingly revealing. You are probably still processing what you learnt both about your beloved and yourself. This week with a bright New Moon and Mercury moving forward shining a light on your most personal thoughts, habits and defences, turn the learning into new behaviour.

Buddhists call this a realisation and once you see that all your words and actions have consequences, you’ll create better and happier results.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: Sept 10-17, 2023

On September 14th a New Moon is swiftly followed by Mercury turning forward, both in your opposite sign of Virgo. Frame it as the start of a new chapter, whether with intimate partners or professional contracts. With Uranus aligned with the New Moon, anything could happen. You might hear a shocking piece of news or have a lightbulb moment that transforms your work and marketing. Your partner might suddenly change their minds about the way forward.

Engage your superpower of Akido and go with the flow.

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