MIT Computer Has Confirmed The World Will End By 2040

MIT Supercomputer “confirmed end of world by 2040” - “at latest”…

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A computer program developed at MIT predicts that we will see the end of our civilization in 2040. We must expect the first catastrophes already in 2020.

MIT researchers originally developed the “World One” program in 1973 to simulate global sustainability — instead, it predicted the end of the world. In contrast to various other theories about the end of civilizations and ultimately the world, the predictions made by the computer in the 1970s have so far proved to be true to an alarming degree of accuracy and variety.

The End of the World Comes As a Global Collapse

World One” had been commissioned at that time by the “Club of Rome”. The association is made up of thinkers, former heads of government, scientists and UN bureaucrats and has set itself the goal of “promoting understanding of the global challenges facing humanity and proposing solutions through scientific analysis, communication and representation of interests.”

2020 Will Be the First Disaster Milestone

The programme produced the required model, but in a form that the scientists had not expected. It predicted that population and industry expansion would lead the world to global collapse by 2040. The first milestone set by the algorithm in 2020 was an abrupt drop in the standard of living.

According to the Australian spin-off of ABC News, “around 2020 […] the state of the planet will be very critical. If we do nothing to stop it, the quality of life will drop to zero. Pollution becomes so serious that it kills people, which in turn will weaken the population, lower than in the year 1900. In this phase, around 2040 to 2050, civilized life as we know it on this planet will end. “

A computer model from 1973 may not be the best way to predict the future, especially since many factors have changed in the meantime. But: If not in 2040, then perhaps in 2070 or in 2100. At least if it wasn’t a third world war that had already caused us to bomb back into the Stone Age. Nevertheless, the model should make you think a little and make you think about your share in the future development.

Do We Still Have A Chance of Being Rescued?

According to the experts of the Club of Rome, the collapse can only be prevented if nations like the USA and China stop devouring global resources. The time for action is limited: Nine out of ten people worldwide already breathe polluted air — according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO). Besides, the WHO attributes around seven million deaths a year to global environmental pollution.

“The sovereignty of nations is no longer absolute,” said Alexander King, the leader of the Club of Rome. “Gradually, sovereignty is gradually decreasing. This will also happen in the great nations.”

The End of the World Is Omnipresent

That people deal with their end is normal and omnipresent. Not only has the “Doomsday Clock” pointed with 2 to 12 to the end of the world. NASA is also working on plans to prevent the end of the world by repulsing deadly asteroids. We regularly experience that this will be necessary sometime. Just this month a massive object from space will head for Earth. However, until then it is time to keep calm. Because if the end of the world really is threatening us, there is still enough time to panic.

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