Igigi – The Ancient Astronauts Who Rebelled Against The Anunnaki

Before humans were created, the Igigi were used by the ancient Anunnaki as their main labour force.

By: Byavis Lee | MRU

The Ancient Anunnaki are said to have created the human race by genetically modifying early humans in order to use them as a labour force. But before humans were created, the Igigi were used by the ancient Anunnaki as their main labour force. It is said that the Igigi–they who turn and see -were the Ancient Astronaut Gods of the younger generation, the servants to the mighty Anunnaki, They were half human half animals – who came to Earth to mine gold.

The terminology used to describe the gods is extremely complicated and still needs many studies. Researchers believe the term Igigi is of Semitic origin and indicates the group of gods in the Mesopotamian pantheon.

It is still unclear which ancient gods belonged to the Igigi, but many scholars suggest Marduk – the patron god of the city of Babylon- was one of the Igigi.

Marduk–the patron god of Babylon

Mainstream scholars use the term Igigi to reference the mythological Sumerian deities. According to mainstream scholars, the Igigi were the younger servants of the Anunnaki, who initiated a rebellion against their masters and dictatorship of Enlil. Eventually, the Anunnaki replaced the Igigi with humans.

In the myth of Atrahasis – the Babylonian story of the Flood and a precursor to the flood story in the Gilgameš Ep – the Sumerian paradise is described as a garden where lower gods (the Igigi) were put to work digging a watercourse by their masters, the Anunnaki:

On this plaque the one on the right and the one on the left are seen supporting their back-packs hanging on the wall. They were the surveyors, tasked with surveying the many Gold Mines in Ancient Africa.

“When the gods like men bore the work and suffered the toil, the toil of the gods was great, the work was heavy; the distress was much.”

“The Seven great Anunnaki were making the Igigi suffer the work.”

“When the gods, man-like, Bore the labour, carried the load, The gods’ load was great, The toil grievous, the trouble excessive. The great Anunnaku, the Seven, Were making the Igigi undertake the toil.”

Ancient Astronaut hypothesis suggests that the Igigi were similar to the Anunnaki, remaining in constant orbit around our planet. They were basically considered as intermediaries between our planet and Nibiru – home of the Anunnaki.

Many believe that the Igigi remained in constant orbit around our planet in giant platforms which processed ore delivered from Earth. After processing the minerals, the material was transferred to other ships and eventually transported to the home planet of the Anunnaki.

The Igigi were apparently never encountered by mankind. It is said that several texts make reference to them, suggesting “the Igigi were too high up for Mankind, and consequently were not concerned with people.” After years of tenuous and hard work for the Anunnaki, the Igigi rebelled against their masters. It is said that “they set fire to their tools and surrounded Enlil’s great house by night forcing the ancient Anunnaki to find another source of labour.”

Before humans were created, the Igigi were used by the ancient Anunnaki as their main labour force
Painting in the Tabamyama Rock Shelter in the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa graphically illustrates the “Igigi Rebellion”. The three Beings with their backs to us are the “Igigi” — the Anunnaki, second from the left can be identified by the “Hand Bag” on his right arm. This painting appears to suggest a “Conflict Situation” © Jim Davidson

This is why the ancient Anunnaki replaced the Igigi, after genetically engineering ancient humans creating a greater workforce. Many authors suggest that the human ‘slave race’ was created after the ancient Anunnaki genetically modified their genes and that of early humans nearly 500,000 years ago.

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