How To Quantum Manifest Authentically With The Universal Flow

I maintain there is a way of coming into alignment with the natural flow of the universe and harnessing its power to create abundantly in your life.

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Reams of blogs, articles and videos have been produced about intentional or quantum manifesting to gain a desired outcome. But are they really successful? And what does “success” really look like? I maintain there is a way of coming into alignment with the natural flow of the universe and harnessing its power to create abundantly in your life. But it’s crucial to understand exactly what the universe is working to create through you and how not to get derailed down illusionary side alleyways. Let’s explore…

Quantum Manifesting: The Big Picture

Looking at it from the big picture, everything that we see, touch and feel manifests from the quantum field:  it’s a “soup” of space-time-continuum that we might call “Separation Consciousness” that is crystallised into manifestation by the organising force of the universe. Quantum science calls this force “neg-entropy”. It’s an ordering, harmonising pull that draws the separation consciousness to ever higher states of harmonic creation.

When you’re in the soul, it too is flowing as this quantum energy that is tuned into a co-creative movement, flow, and constant crystallisation of form. This is the alchemical creative power that is inherent within you.

The question is, how do you most effectively tap into this and harness maximum creative power into your life? Also, what are the crucial pitfalls to avoid?

It’s essential to begin by exploring what exactly is the universe trying to create through you? If we understand this, then we can align with that divine purpose for maximum beneficial effect. For me, I believe the answer is reflected all around us in the myriad of creative forms actualised by the One. The One is constantly creating, but clearly without effort or intention. It’s simply happening. Just as the entirety of the Universe has progressively sprung into being from the singularity. Now, that creative impulse has naturally taken the shape of the Torus, which exists in and through all sentient life forms. It is the flower of life.

Crucially there was no intention to do this. Or else you’d need to ask, “Where did the intention come from?”

If you postulate an original intention, then you must presuppose some “Creator God”, whereupon you’re always left with the question where did that God come from and how was it created? However, when you come into the presence of The One yourself, inside yourself, then it’s like all the light bulbs in the Universe come on at once – you realise life naturally creates from this singularity within you. It is constantly doing so, without effort or intention. The flow simply arises from the infinite potential and continues to do so. Relativity between the outward flow of Separation Consciousness and the inward flow of Unity Consciousness then causes the quantum soup to crystallise into form.

The problem is the ego.

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Overcoming the Problem of Ego

The ego wants and desires the quantum soup to manifest in a particular way: a new place to live, a new car or that perfect relationship. Actually, these are forms of poverty consciousness because the ego is unable to accept what it is already creating – the ego is creating limitation to reflect its own shortcomings – what are you being invited to let go of? The same goes where we’re intentionally manifesting. It’s still based on subtle levels of poverty consciousness where you’re not able to embrace what you’re already creating and why.

If you’re unhappy with what you’re creating, the most empowering thing you can do is ask, “Why am I creating it?”

The answer to this will always be some form of tightness inside, some contraction, fear or anxiety which causes the quantum flow to crystallise down in a disharmonious way. So the first thing we must do is get into this tightness, express it and realise the attachment that you’re expressing – not being able to let go of a relationship for example for fear of being alone or without resources; staying in a job because you’re afraid to step out and create from the divine flow. The One in you is not afraid of these situations. So get into the fear, express it and explode the myth that it is, so you can let it go. You’ll stop creating the derailing situations and allow more creativity into your life.

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The Abode of the One: Opening to the Flow

To the extent that you can open out through the fear, anxiety or contraction of tightness in this way, will progressively bring you into the abode of The One within you. Now you’re on the precipice of authentic quantum manifestation.

First, you make yourself open to the downloads. This can be done through expansive breathing for example, deep consciousness bodywork, chakra attunement and relaxation in nature. Now the flow will start to speak to you first through the higher chakras.

Sample this chakra attunement meditation for opening to the higher flow

The crucial thing to understand is what is the purpose of this divine creativity?

I put it to you it is not trying to create a specific thing – because it’s effortlessly creating everything! What it appears to be doing, all around us, is effortlessly expressing itself as The One, and in so doing, the quantum soup bends around these expressions and crystallises into form. What we’re getting are manifest expressions of The One – of authentic beingness.

This is, in effect, what we might call “The Law of Attraction”. Reality attracts and draws to you what you are being within. Crucially though, this does not mean there’s any need or actual benefit by deciding what you want to draw and then intentioning that to yourself. There’s always the question who is wanting? It can only be the ego.

Instead, open up to the flow in the way I’ve described. Then let it come through the higher chakras.

As the downward flowing energy comes into the 3rd eye, you’re being invited to look around you with active attention, see the reflections you’re drawing and then ask, “How am I being invited to be now?” You’ll see reflections in nature or signs and synchronicity. Alternatively, you’ll feel a welling up sense of beingness that you recognise as you.

Allow this authentic beingness to activate and express through you. This is the most alchemical and powerfully creative thing you can do.

Downloads from the Universe and Infusions of Energy

From that place, the downloads of energy will come into Higher Mind through the throat chakra. They will start to shape the quantum field around you, which is reflected back to you through signs and synchronicity, symbology and sacred geometry. It doesn’t matter too much whether you can interpret these or not. The crucial thing is that you’ll start to feel a movement to flow and create in a particular way.

For example, you might get a sense that you’re moving location. You start seeing removal trucks for example that your active attention (not intention) is spiked to. You might get a flash of inspiration to explore a particular part of the country, which is then reflected in synchronicity through a chance meeting or conversation. Now you know you’re being invited to explore and step in that direction.

You might be concerned you don’t have the resources to take the step. The crucial thing is to keep the mind and emotions open to possibility. Also not to fixate on the first thing that necessarily presents. If the possibility doesn’t seem to want to land, keep exploring, keep testing and keep inquiring. Maybe the vision will now shift and change to some degree – the first vision was merely a step in the right direction. When you think about it, this is how the universe creates. It’s a rolling process of creation and recreation. That’s what we must come into alignment with. Remembering that all the while, it’s not about what you end up creating, but how you are being in what you create.

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Abundant Living by Co-creating with the Divine

You will create wonderful things, situations and circumstances. And when you adopt this approach to co-creating with the divine, you will be filled with abundant living, in that you feel abundantly supported by the co-creative flow. But life becomes more about you as the creative expression, and then enjoying the creations you manifest. Even where there are challenges, in relationships for example, each is an opportunity to stretch yourself and grow more, so that you create ever more harmoniously.

When you have a problem, in that you don’t understand why you’re creating as you are, or what you create doesn’t feel harmonious, if you believe you can create more aligned circumstances around you, then go into meditation and offer the inquiry up to the Universe. Ask, “show me” and then watch for the reflections you get back. They’ll always be offering some way in which YOU can change in the circumstances so YOU can grow and become more authentically YOU. In which case you’ll bend the quantum soup around your now embodied expression to create more aligned, rewarding and fulfilling situations in your life.

I offer this inquiry about authentic quantum manifestation as a way of improving your life situations and circumstances – a way of becoming more fulfilled and adventurous in your life and feeling the joy of co-creating with the divine. Nothing can be more rewarding and fulfilling. Even when you’re challenged, you start to see the advantage of it. It does take a good degree of mastery to accomplish. If you’d like deeper reflective support, then connect with the work of Openhand – authentic quantum manifestation is fundamental to our philosophy and approach…


Bright blessings, Open.

Originally published at Openhand and republished here with permission.

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