Grace, Transformation, And Healing. Astrology Forecast February 18th – 25th 2024

Here’s what’s happening in astrology this week.

By: Lorna Bevan Hare In The Moon

“I do not understand the mystery of grace — only that it meets us where we are and does not leave us where it found us.” – Anne Lamott

Current astrology is turning into a wonderful elemental dance of Air, Water and Fire across Aquarius, Pisces and Aries-and will build through March, April and May as a great wave of initiatory energy from Aries to Taurus to Gemini (cardinal, fixed, mutable), rippling out into all the other signs.

This week, there are 3(!) potent planetary clusters or Attractors in quantum terms: Pluto / Mars / Venus in Aquarius + Mercury / Sun / Saturn in Pisces + Node of Fate / Chiron / Eris in Aries. Frame these as high frequency clearers of toxic, low level collective debris.

Between February 19 and the powerful April 8 Aries solar eclipse, the karmic Node of Fate in Aries aligns with Chiron. Deep healing is both possible and accessible now. Chiron is the wounded healer and functions as a holographic influence, promoting wholeness, balance and integration in an era of fragmentation and radical imbalance. The North Node conjunct Chiron means there is major potential for this wherever 14°- 18° Aries is in your chart.

On February 24th, the Full Moon at 5 Virgo opposes a potent Mercury / Sun / Saturn conjunction in Pisces, quincunxes Pluto / Mars / Venus in Aquarius and trines Jupiter in Taurus:

  • Combine this hardworking, productive energy (Virgo) with creative imagination (Pisces).
  • Avoid the Virgo trap of paralysis through analysis as well as the Piscean trap of procrastination and what ifs.
  • Tie up all those loose ends which really should have been completed some time ago.
  • Fold regular short digital detoxes into your schedule just as you do downtime.

Anticipate moments of true grace and healing- magic shows up when it shows up, and trying to create it or capture it or force it just doesn’t work.

If you are a 5D Report subscriber-put your attention on the Glimmers not your Triggers………add them to your Morning Pages.

Chandra Symbol Full Moon

Chandra Symbol Full Moon VIRGO 6
Chandra Symbol Full Moon VIRGO 6

Chandra Symbol Full Moon VIRGO 6: A banyan tree that creates an entire forest.

“Containing within yourself a vast creative force that can fill the world with its multiplex awareness. You have a graphic ability to evoke, to capture, to epitomise a realm, a world, to draw it forth, to highlight it. Experiencing for yourself the wisdom of the ages, proving it out afresh by experimentation and open discovery. Saying in so many different ways “Here it is, here it is again. I have found it over here”–the living proof that nature is totally alive, that creative power is everywhere, and that all of it yearns to be given voice, to be celebrated, to be acknowledged by one who can reach the depths and penetrate to the details and make macrocosm and microcosm one.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: Feb 18-25 2024

This year, your Aries birthday month in March and April arrives with two wild card eclipses when both your inner and outer scenery will be shifted like so many stage props. Knowing this in advance, don’t push the river and let events unfold at their own pace. With a rare conjunction this week between the karmic Node of Fate and Chiron in Aries, some deep healing is available. It’s time to permanently release those old wounds around identity or self-esteem that you’ve outgrown.

Take off your scar coat.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: Feb 18-25 2024

On February 17, Venus crossed the pinnacle of your chart to join Mars and Pluto in Aquarius, setting the stage for a whole new phase in your career or direction. No more procrastinating-2024 is your year to turn idle daydreams into reality. No more waiting until you are ready-there is never going to be a moment when everything is perfectly aligned.

Take the first step in faith at the Virgo Full Moon on the 24th.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: Feb 18-25 2024

This week the Sun crosses the top of your solar chart nudging you to operate on a bigger stage. That could mean taking your service or career to another level or literally being seen and recognised by more people. The key is to know what’s yours to do and to commit to it-no more flitting from interest to interest then moving on when the real work begins.

Meanwhile, family issues need resolving at the Full Moon.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: Feb 18-25 2024

A meeting of Mars, Pluto and now Venus in your deep 8th House is nudging you to address money, intimacy, inheritance, ancestral secrets and taxes – big personal and emotional issues that are easy to sweep under the carpet. On a basic level, be extra vigilant against fraud, as Pluto operates stealthily under the radar.

The Full Moon on February 24th is a day to have a difficult conversation

Leo Weekly Forecast: Feb 18-25 2024

With Mars, Pluto and Venus clustered in your opposite sign, it’s all about the art of contracts, transactions, deals and agreements, personally or professionally. Since Pluto operates under a cloak of invisibility, take nothing and no one at face value. Ask yourself what their motives might be and what they stand to gain.

Set up any important meetings on February 22nd.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: Feb 18-25 2024

Whether you’re employed or self-employed, it’s time to step up to the plate and take on more responsibilities. The pressure of Mars, Pluto and Venus in your 6th House of daily work, service and routines is pushing you to streamline your time, sort your priorities and fully commit to them. The rewards will come.

The Virgo Full Moon is your half year marker-time to pause and take stock

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Libra Weekly Forecast: Feb 18-25 2024

A merger of Mars, Pluto and Venus in your 5th House along with Chiron and the Node of Fate in your 7th, point to heightened emotions, romantic scenarios or jealous arguments, depending on your situation. The ashes of an old flame can be rekindled under this astrology, but question your own motives if you are tempted. All this may simply play out as joie de vivre-a love of life for its own sake.

At the Full Moon on the 24th, take some downtime and make a commitment to build regular space for yourself into your agenda.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: Feb 18-25 2024

Life as you’ve known it is changing and you’re probably already picking up hints of this from the ethers. Feel the ground rumble under your feet as Pluto, Mars and Venus merge at the roots of your solar chart. Expect your concept of home and belonging to undergo transformation in ways you never anticipated, due to circumstances changing around you.

The February 24th Virgo Full Moon is a good time to gather a network of professional support-such as estate agents, solicitors, financial advisers.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: Feb 18-25 2024

You’re overflowing with ideas and inspirations and are determined to make some radical changes. Pluto, Mars and Venus in your 3rd House is making you straight down the line in discussions, speaking the unvarnished truth, as you see it. Just be careful to avoid hoof-in-mouth syndrome and be careful of other’s sensitivities. Some of the changes are happening at home-whether it’s renovation, relocation, re-purposing or up-cycling.

The Virgo Full Moon delivers a boost your professional reputation

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: Feb 18-25 2024

Pluto recently entered your 2nd House meaning this week-with both Mars and Venus there as well-it’s all about money. Specifically-what you earn and attract. Some solar Capricornians may start to make more than ever before while others could suffer the loss of a revenue stream, as circumstances change around you. On February 22nd, be extra vigilant if you’re committing to a big purchase. Pluto operates under the radar and his shadow side is fraud.

The beautiful Full Moon on the 24th in fellow Earth sign Virgo is perfect for investing in something that brings you joy.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: Feb 18-25 2024

You may be feeling things quite intensely, as not only Transformer Pluto but also Mars and Venus are together in Aquarius. So much that you previously took for granted or never questioned is up for grabs. It’s very early days and you’re still acclimatising to the personal power available to you. Take it gently. With the Sun and Saturn in Pisces, money is on your mind and you’d be wise to plan for unexpected eventualities-good or bad.

Be extra vigilant about cyber fraud as Pluto is Lord of wealth but operates under the radar.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: Feb 18-25 2024

As the Sun returns to Pisces, it’s your personal New Year. Time for a big leap as Mercury, Sun, Saturn and Neptune form a support team in your sign. Think in terms of demonstrating mastery, commitment, discipline and practicality. At the Virgo Full Moon on February 24th, make sure you avoid the Virgo trap of paralysis through analysis as well as the Piscean trap of procrastination and what ifs.

Remember to involve those close to you in your plans.

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