Fraught Festivities? Astrology Overview And Tarot Forecast December 20th – 26th, 2021

What to expect this week?

By Nikki Harper | Guest Writer

Heading into this most festive of weeks, the astrological energies are thin on cheer and big on grumpiness, if not outright tension. However, the tension eases just in time for December 25th, and lightens considerably thereafter – but don’t be surprised if your festive preparations are mired in angst, anger or apathy.

The week gets off to a fairly constructive start with the December solstice on Tuesday and the arrival of the Sun in Capricorn. This is business-like energy, good for planning ahead and for getting on with practical arrangements for the holidays.

However, the week overall is dominated by the tense and angry square between Saturn and Uranus occurring late on the 23rd or early on the 24th, depending on your time zone. This energy brings intense clashes, particularly between those who want to celebrate in a traditional way versus those who want to do something different. If this is the case within your own family, you may well struggle to find a happy middle ground.

December 24th is Christmas Eve for many of us – but with the Moon opposing Jupiter and squaring Mars, there’s no let-up in the angst. Try not to push yourself too hard or expect the impossible from yourself. At this point in the festive season, you are where you are. What’s not done is not done; probably nobody but you will notice, or care, so cut yourself some slack.

Fortunately, Christmas Day itself does bring some relief from the tension. Mars trines Chiron in a suitably healing and forgiving vibe, while a spectacular Venus-Pluto conjunction calms warring parties and bestows peace, if not exactly goodwill to all. Rows and family grudges will be parked; they may well resurface at a later date, but on this day in particular, the astrology supports a truce.

December 26th lifts the energy further still, with a beautiful Mercury-Neptune sextile sparking the imagination and allowing a dreaminess to prevail.

Overall then it’s a festive week which starts constructively, quickly descends into temper and tantrums, but resolves itself in style in the end – and reminds us, if a little belatedly, of why we’re celebrating this season at all.


Your tarot card this week is: Temperance

Stay calm and don’t allow your legendary temper to get the better of you. You are under intense astrological pressure at work, but you need to find a balance between this and your family life, this week of all weeks. Friends may be pulling you in different directions too, especially when Saturn squares Jupiter; your task is to discern what is useful in their advice and to disregard the rest. After the festivities, look to your sense of life purpose to figure out where you should head in the new year.


Your tarot card this week is: The Ace of Swords

The solstice energies this week are all about expanding your mind, and your tarot card highlights how much of a breakthrough this could be for you. If you are feeling forced to follow a particular path, or railroaded into making certain choices, rely on your careful logic to discover a method by which you can break free. You can sow the seeds of a powerful new beginning this festive season if you make a choice to do things differently. Set an example for what freedom of thought looks like, and refuse to be pigeonholed.


Your tarot card this week is: The Eight of Cups

Something is missing in your spiritual wellbeing, and you sense that very keenly this week. The Saturn-Uranus square creates inner turmoil precisely because you can’t seem to find your wholeness, spiritually speaking – you know that there is more to this incarnation than you are currently understanding, but you are frustrated and bitter about not having all the answers. The solution, as evidenced by your tarot card, is to consciously choose to turn away from materialism and to turn instead towards spirit. Make this festive week a time for meditation, mindfulness, manifestation – and yes, merriment.


Your tarot card this week is: The Sun

I draw these cards randomly for each zodiac sign, but it’s very apt that your card is the Sun – just as the real Sun moves into your opposite sign at the solstice. This is a very loving and positive week for you, and you’ll suffer less than some other signs when it comes to the tension in the air. Show your enthusiasm and your joy to all around you, because you truly can lift other people’s moods and energy. Be careful with finances on Christmas Eve – avoid the temptation for last minute spending. Once the festivities are over, you’ll have more time to be loving and soulful with your partner.


Your tarot card this week is: The Two of Pentacles

Balance, balance, balance and then balance some more. Both your tarot card and the astrological energies this week are about not too much and not too little of any one thing. You’re in a purposeful and organized frame of mind, and you generally love the festive season, so your mood is good. However, the Saturn-Uranus square impacts the conflict between your work and your home life, and when the Moon opposes Jupiter there’s a sense that you’re giving too much to one of these areas and not enough to the other. Look to the days following the festivities for hints on how to re-organize your life to avoid this problem.


Your tarot card this week is: The Ten of Pentacles

Blessings are abundant around you this week, but you will need to be willing to take some chances if you want to maximize your happiness. Step outside your comfort zone and say yes to something you would normally avoid. The Saturn-Uranus square challenges your ability to keep so many plates spinning at once, as you rush around amid festive chaos, but if you stay positive and keep smiling, you will succeed. Your tarot card speaks to the value of family and the safety, security and authenticity you feel when you are surrounded by those you most value.


Your tarot card this week is: The Four of Wands

Take a breath. This time of year is always focused around the home and family for you, and your tarot card reminds you that this is the source of your emotional strength. The Saturn-Uranus square stirs up heated emotions, particularly in love or if you are dating, but you do not have to indulge those emotions. You can choose to stay centred instead, or to walk away from a fight. Turn your home into your festive sanctuary and don’t allow negativity to spoil it. All is calm, all is bright – provided that’s what you choose. And it really is a choice.


Your tarot card this week is: The Hierophant

Your festive week energies are thoughtful and intellectual. You’re searching for the deeper meaning behind the festive fun, and whether or not you are traditionally religious, you will value the more sacred aspects of this holiday week – much more so than the more secular elements of it. This may cause some conflict with your extended family, particularly during the Saturn-Uranus clash, but it’s important that you stand up for what you believe. You would prefer a traditional, quiet holiday, without extraneous fuss, so think about scaling back if you normally go wild.


Your tarot card this week is: The Moon

Despite the angst in the air, you will find this week’s energies to be very positive for manifestation. The solstice energies impact your abundance zone, while the Saturn-Uranus square challenges you to blend the boundaries between what is real versus what is imagined. Your tarot card underlines how difficult it can be sometimes to tell fact from fantasy, but also encourages you to use this to your advantage by focusing on the power of intent. What you will, you can create. Don’t allow vague fears and worries to hold you back, because potentially your festive season looks very productive.


Your tarot card this week is: The Eight of Pentacles

Life is a work in progress, and never more so than this week. Newly empowered by the arrival of the Sun in your sign, you are struck by the potent energies of Saturn in Capricorn and its battle with Uranus. This sets your normally calm emotions on edge, particularly on issues of love and money. Your tarot card urges you to wait and see. Something is forming which will benefit you, but you can’t yet see what it is. It will become clearer when Venus conjuncts Pluto in your sign on December 26th – until then, your task is to be the voice of reason and moderation.


Your tarot card this week is: The Star

Centre and ground yourself well this week, because there are some very ethereal, mystical energies swirling around you. You are being challenged to get more in touch with your spiritual nature and particularly your karmic links with previous incarnations. The Saturn-Uranus square creates deep tension for you, but this could be resolved via past life meditation or regression. Look to your family and loved ones for emotional and spiritual support, particularly on the 24th and 25th. Someone close to you understands exactly what you’re going through.


Your tarot card this week is: The Seven of Wands 

Your views, your faith, your religion or your values – these things are under fire from all quarters this week, or at least it will feel that way. The tensions created by Saturn and Uranus may push you into a corner from where you feel you have to defend yourself; the good news is that when Venus conjuncts Pluto, you will find a way to defend your views confidently and with passion. Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self. If it causes awkward silences around the festive table, so be it. Their loss, not yours.

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Nikki Harper is a spiritualist writer, astrologer, and Wake Up World’s editor.

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