Facing Forward: Astrology Forecast February 6th -13th, 2022

What to expect this week?

By Lorna Bevan | Guest Writer

Despite the date on the calendar reading February 6th, the New Year has only just begun. Not just the Chinese New Year but the emotional, psychological and planetary New Year. First Venus completed her 40 days retrograde then last Friday 3rd Mercury turned direct. It’s time to face forward.

The gathering of planets in Earth signs Capricorn -Mars/Venus/Pluto/Mercury- and Taurus-Sedna/Node of Fate /Uranus- means dealing with practical, real- world, bottom line matters such as your personal security, your finances, where you live, what you do and how you fit into the web of tribe and community.

Saturn at the midpoint of Aquarius square the Nodes of Fate across Taurus/Scorpio, is a timely reminder that even your most creative plans, hopes and dreams need viability and grounding.

On February 11th, Mercury conjuncts Pluto for the second time at 27 Capricorn. Pluto operates under the radar in a helmet of invisibility revealing old issues, outworn patterns or ways of thinking that have been holding you back. Take a long hard look at your most stuck, limiting and entrenched black and white beliefs and opinions, then update them based on where you are now in your life.

Awakener Uranus in Taurus aligned with Mars/Venus in Capricorn is shaking apart your old operating system. Close the door permanently behind you on what is not working, has never worked or isn’t worth the struggle.

Chandra Symbol Mercury/Pluto CAPRICORN 27

Facing Forward: Astrology Forecast February 6th -13th, 2022
Chandra Symbol Mercury/Pluto CAPRICORN 27

A long mirrored hallway lit with candles.

“Purpose gazes right down the middle and sees that the way is clear. The internal adversary lurks under, around, and through things and is supremely doubtful of everything you see and know. This only provokes the purposive one to become higher and mightier, more commanding and domineering–which in turn incites the adversary to more radical sabotage by denying your own worth in a savage fashion. Each side pushes the other over the edge. You are karmically at a crossroads, trying on for size strong selfhood and its inevitable shadow of pervasive doubts and negations. Learning and discovering arduously how to stay with yourself, even while going against oneself. And thereby outlasting the adversary, and proving that one can do the impossible, even when one is one’s own fiercest critic and hardest-to-impress audience.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: February 6-13, 2022

With so many planets at the pinnacle of your chart, it’s a busy time. Feel the energy shift into forward gear. This week, as Mercury encounters Pluto and Mars aligns with Uranus, information comes to light at work or in your career. This is what you’ve been waiting for to make some practical decisions. If you’ve recently said a Big No to one particular role or client, you can clear the decks for a different way of working and one much more in harmony with who you are now, not who you used to be once upon a time. On Friday the 11th, lay your cards on the table with those who matter.

Be at cause, not at effect.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: February 6-13, 2022

Last week’s New Moon at the pinnacle of your chart marked a definite ending. If you haven’t already, draw a permanent line in the sand where one role, one job, one authority figure or one tribe is concerned and walk away without looking back. With Saturn in your 10th House until March 2023 working with the karmic Nodes of Fate in your support, you are in control-no one else. On the 11th, when Mercury encounters Pluto, get your voice heard. The platform you choose to do this doesn’t matter. What does is the value, truth and congruence of your message

Make your mantra: ”No one is more of an expert on me than I am.”

Gemini Weekly Forecast: February 6-13, 2022

You have now got the green light to make some long awaited progress on plans and projects close to your heart. That’s due to your own planet Mercury moving forward and meeting the Great Transformer Pluto for the second time. Hopefully, you spent January identifying then sorting out any financial issues. If not, do it this week and put it behind you. Pluto is reminding you of what truly matters and it’s wise to take notice. This year is going to be a good year for you starting in mid -March, so take your personal security seriously and build strong support structures financially and physically. On February 11th, be alert for some new and intriguing information that shifts some outdate beliefs.

Getting unstuck.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: February 6-13, 2022

Just feel your spirits beginning to rise as both Venus and Mercury move forward in your opposite sign. With Mars and Pluto also at the gathering in Capricorn, relationships of all kinds are well starred. It’s an excellent time to rekindle old friendships or partnerships that have recently had to take a back seat to your other concerns. With Mercury meeting Pluto on the 11th, get things rolling by starting conversations, putting your cards on the table and allowing those close to see your vulnerability and real feelings. Knowing that the lovers Mars and Venus will be dancing a tango with Pluto on February 16th, do something special for yourself this week.

Remember that tagline:” Because I’m worth it”!

Leo Weekly Forecast: February 6-13, 2022

With the Sun as far away as possible from your sign as it’s possible to be, this time of the year can be dispiriting for you. Your solar batteries are low, so do all you can to recharge. Perhaps by wearing your favourite bright colours, changing up your appearance or getting yourself moving with some physical activity. Last week’s Saturnian New Moon in your angle of contracts and Mercury moving forward with Pluto are both clear unambiguous messages to walk away from anyone who does not have your back 100%. This could be an agent, a financial adviser, a business partner-you know who it is.

Clear the decks ready for a glorious Leo Full Moon on the 16th.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: February 6-13, 2022

This is one of those rare periods for you when you can cut yourself some slack and enjoy your life rather than seeing it as an ever ending To Do list. With Mars, Venus, Pluto and Mercury all gathered in your creative 5th House, listen to your heart, not your head. Both Venus and Mercury are moving forward and so should you. Anything connected with artist pursuits is very well starred. Don’t let the inspiration slip by without capturing it in some way. Last week’s New Moon in Aquarius was a big Saturnian reminder to permanently delete an old toxic habit or pattern. The best way to break old habit is to start by doing something completely different, which then instals a new neural pathway.

Making space for green shoots to emerge.

Libra Weekly Forecast: February 6-13, 2022

In recent months, you have been engaged or embroiled in never ending family issues. Now, with both Venus and Mercury direct in this part of your chart, you can finally move forward with all those plans and ideas that have been simmering on the back burner. Use the first few days of this week to get rid of the last of the clutter and clear out a viable work space. You may even discover something you’d lost or given up on around February 11th when Mercury meets Pluto. If children are involved, make sure you engage them in your conversations and plans and get them onside before changes take place.

Looking ahead.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: February 6-13, 2022

Last week’s New Moon in Aquarius was a Saturnian nudge to do some house cleaning. Not necessarily literally, although that always shifts the energy, but metaphorically as well. You might be considering a big life change such as selling up and moving away or switching to a much smaller or larger place. It could be an empty nest or a choice to live with your adult children. No matter how it plays out for you, it is definitely time to draw a line under the current situation. When Mercury meets your own planet Pluto on Thursday 11th , clear the air and have a that full and frank conversation.

“It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over.” – Paulo Coelho

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: February 6-13, 2022

The planetary gathering of Mars, Venus, Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn is shining a light on your finances. With under the radar detective Pluto in the mix, new information and a different perspective on what you earn, what you spend, what you own is definitely on the cards. There could be money coming in or money going out. Now that Mercury is direct, any on-going negotiations -whether over pay or a house sale- should come to completion. February 11th is the day to call in debts, ask for a pay rise or have a difficult conversation to clear the air. Your personal planet Jupiter is crossing the base of your chart until May, so home is where your heart and your luck is for the next few months

Don’t underestimate your earning potential.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: February 6-13, 2022

Don’t waste a moment of this super supportive astrology. You are hosting Mars, Venus, Pluto and Mercury in your own sign and what a powerhouse that has the potential to be. Of course, you can’t just sit back and expect golden apples to fall from the tree, you have to engage with the possibilities. The recent New Moon was a Saturnian nudge to update your finances and now that Mercury is moving forward you can start to make plans. Pluto is, of course, the God of wealth, so when he meets Mercury on the 11th then Venus and Mars on the 16th, it gives you the edge in any negotiations, contracts or deals.

Know what you really want and go for it.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: February 6-13, 2022

Last week’s New Moon marked the start of the Aquarian New Year and with planet of potential Saturn at the midpoint of your sign aligned with Awakener Uranus in Taurus, it promises to be a year of solid gains and also some surprises. With Mars, Venus, Pluto and Mercury all gathered in the deepest part of your chart, change is happening behind the scenes, just out of your conscious awareness. Something old is dying and something new is flickering into being. On the 11th when Mercury meets Pluto, be prepared for some profound insights.

Be patient until the revelations of the Full Moon in Leo on the 16th.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: February 6-13, 2022

Until February 19th, the Sun is hidden in your deep 12th House and your solar batteries are running low. This happens each year at the same time, so by now you know not to keep on keeping on but to take a step back and cut yourself some slack. Get more rest and much more sleep. This advice may seem hard to put into practice as there is so much activity in your social life. With Mars, Venus, Pluto and Mercury clustered in Capricorn, you will be in demand. Instead of throwing yourself into the thick of it, keep connected via various platforms and reduce the contact time so that your energy levels can cope. One caveat: stay right out of any office/work politics around the 11th.


Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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