Rupture of The Old Ways: Astrology Forecast January 9th – 16th, 2022

What to expect this week?

By Lorna Bevan | Guest Writer

In 2022, there will be 4 Mercury retrograde periods, rather than the usual three. The first begins this week as Mercury slows to station on Friday January 14th, turning retrograde at 10 Aquarius until February 3rd. This means that both Venus and the Messenger of the Gods will be re-tracing old ground for the rest of the month.

Last Saturday 8th, retrograde Venus was literally blacked out, occulted by the Sun, morphing into the Morning Star aka Lucifer, the light bearer. At this Capricornian Venus Star Point, something may have to die in order to be reborn. It is all about seeing what really matters when all your usual props and distractions have been taken away and working with the energies to permanently clear away the dross, the superficial and the unnecessary.

January 2022 is definitely NOT the time to:

  • impose New Year’s “Resolutions” on yourself – an act of self-brutality that puts pressure on your already exhausted body and soul that should be deep in winter repose, resting in the heart of the long, creative dark
  • spend money you don’t have
  • undergo cosmetic surgery
  • move house
  • launch a new business or big project
  • make a big leap just for the sake of doing something, anything
  • ignore those creaking floorboards, weak links and shifting tectonic plates wherever they are in your life – let them fall apart, break and shatter

This collective Rupture to our old way of life is shining a harsh spotlight into the dark corners of 21st century culture that worships consumerism and the cult of individualism and separation. We are all disconnected and cut off from community, from nature, from our roots as humans, from the dream time, increasingly experiencing life through a small screen. We are hungry and starving for heart-based connection – to be truly seen and heard, to be truly known.

Instead, it is the time to befriend and support yourself by balancing and strengthening the 4 Connections: to Your Self/to Others/to the Sacred/to the Earth.

The Chandra Symbol Mercury Retrograde Aquarius 10

Rupture of The Old Ways: Astrology Forecast January 9th – 16th, 2022
The Chandra Symbol Mercury Retrograde Aquarius 10

A black raven with a bright red head.

“The bringer of dark tidings. If this proves to be inconvenient and messy, so much the better. She senses her function to be pure shadow all the way. If she can draw attention to the worst, she believes we will all have a chance. When she comes calling, everything stands still. We are all at rapt attention. She keeps us spellbound by her articulation of the shadows, the forbidden, the strange. We ask her to do her worst. She makes sure we cannot get away with our fantasies and our dreams. What motivates her is the chance to deprive fools of their masks and their self-righteousness. For she has been around and she has learned that what seems bright and high-blown contains within itself seeds of a very great downfall. She would prefer to hasten the inevitable, so we can get on with cleaning up afterwards.” – Inside degrees Elias Lonsdale.

Aries Weekly Forecast: January 9-16, 2022

Both your career and those you work alongside are up for review now. Venus retrogrades across your Midheaven until January 29th while Mercury turns backwards on January 14th in your 11th House. This is at time to step right back and look again at your presumed direction of travel. Drop old certainties about linear goals or schedules and stay flexible. Between now and February 3rd, previous promises made about roles or pay rises will either not materialise or arrive in a very different form

Time to get real.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: January 9-16, 2022

You must have noticed how many of your previous distractions, alliances and passions have just dropped away. Of course, when you stop reading or following certain people, when you lose interest in ideas you felt strongly about and when you end friendships that were draining rather than uplifting, you can feel somewhat lost and aimless. This is not boredom but a necessary re-orientation courtesy of retrograde Venus in your 9th House. You are moulting an old outworn version of yourself. Make a list or mind map of what and who no longer attracts your time, energy of interest and keep adding to it in the next two weeks of the on-going Venus retrograde.

Your energy signature is changing.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: January 9-16, 2022

Drop all your expectations about what should happen and become flexible and responsive to what does happen. As Venus retrogrades through your 8th House of finances, taxes and shared assets until January 29th, you’re having a crash course in what money means to you. On January 14th, your own planet Mercury turns retrograde in your 9th House of beliefs before travelling back through your money angle with Venus until February 3rd. Behind that is the deeper question of what and who you value most in life and how congruent your actions are in living it on a daily basis. You might find that you are only paying lip service to certain people or principles.

Updating your preferences.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: January 9-16, 2022

Mercury turns backwards on January 14th in your 8th House of money, intimacy and shared assets before joining Venus retrograding through your partnership zone until January 29th. The key takeaway is to allow what or who needs to disappear from your life to depart without resistance. It’s time. Something needs to die for something new to be born. Secrets may come out of the woodwork or skeletons fall out of the cupboard. Take off your rose- tinted glasses and look at it head on. It’s all part of a necessary reality check.

No more being on automatic pilot about what or who matters to you.

Leo Weekly Forecast: January 9-16, 2022

Hopefully, you are not busy starting new projects or attempting to break new ground but slowing down to mirror Venus and Mercury who are dancing backwards through January in high heels. Venus is retrograde in your angle of work until January 29th while Mercury turns retrograde on January 4th to February 3rd in your partnership angle. Knowing that situations will change several times before next month, be patient and also flexible. Someone you work with might leave or a contract terminate. Support systems might crash. No matter how it plays out, deal with it one step at a time. This is an opportunity to update yourself, getting rid of outgrown practices that have been holding you back and finding more innovative ways of working.

Getting clearer on what you really enjoy doing.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: January 9-16, 2022

This week on January 14th, your own planet Mercury slows to turn retrograde until February 3rd in Aquarius. This means that aspects of your work, service or wellbeing could do with a review and probably an update. Use this time to look again at your usual schedule and make some tweaks. From January 26th, Mercury returns to Capricorn to dance slowly backwards with Venus until the end of the month. You can heal relationship wounds and find new avenues of creativity, as long as you take off the blinkers that keep you repeating the same old habits day in, day out. The question to think long and hard about in the next 3 weeks is: ”How can I make a living from what I love?”.

Putting what and who really matters forefront and centre stage.

Libra Weekly Forecast: January 9-16, 2022

By now you’ll have noticed that your own planet Venus is travelling slowly backwards at the base of your chart and will continue to do so until January 29th. Hopefully, you’re being patient and reflective, looking at the bigger picture to decide how to resolve any issues that arise at home, in your family and tribe. On January 14th, Mercury also turns retrograde, in your 5th House of children, fun and self-expression until the 26th when the Messenger dances backwards alongside Venus in your angle of home and belonging. You might find yourself revisiting an old passion that you left by the wayside in the last 2 years. You never know, there may be a spark left in the ashes that is worth rekindling.

Do-overs of all kinds -from decluttering to reworking old material-are well starred.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: January 9-16, 2022

Despite your own feisty planet Mars burning a hole in your pocket and urging you to splash the cash, this is definitely not the time to make any big purchases. Instead, find ways to channel this energy into saving or by increasing your fees or rates. Venus is retrograde in your 3rd House of connection until January 29th so you may be revisiting old friendships to see if there’s enough common ground to build on or re-working projects, such as script writing or a book blurb. This week, on January 14th Mercury also turns backwards at the base of your chart. Expect snafus or crossed wires where family communications are concerned and double check messages. You might have to make then re-make arrangements several times, but stay calm and go with the flow.

Discovering new aspects of those you thought you knew well.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: January 9-16, 2022

Unlike many of the other signs, you might be feeling full of motivation and firing on all cylinders, courtesy of feisty Mars in Sagittarius until January 24th. This, combined with expansive Jupiter back in your angle of home and family, is lifting your spirits at a time when the world outside is cold and dreary. However, there’s no avoiding Venus retrograding slowly through your money House until January 29th and on January 14th, Mercury will also turn backwards. Together this is big nudge to straighten out your finances, to put them on a much more solid footing as well as adding some new income streams to make you less dependent on one particular source. Channel Mercury in your 3rd House by going back to an old idea, project or blueprint and taking a fresh look at it.

Update your communication platforms-website, social media etc – to reflect who you are now.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: January 9-16, 2022

Hopefully, in this your birthday month and personal New Year, you are making yourself your top priority. With Pluto and Venus in your own sign until March being joined by Mars (24th) and Mercury (26th), the key is to update and polish your usual Capricornian modus operandi to emerge more streamlined, more focused and more resilient. Since both Venus and Mercury are retrograde, frame January as a do-over. On January 14th, the Sun makes his annual conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. This is akin to a power surge-how are you going to use it? Start by getting rid of anything that doesn’t reflect who you are now- such as clothes, hairstyle, website-and updating your outsides to match your insides. After all, you’ve just been through some of the most transformative years of your life, so reflect these shifts by becoming congruent.

Do everything on your own terms.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: January 9-16, 2022

Until January 20th, when your birthday month re-energises you, your batteries are rather flat. This happens every year at this time as part of the solar cycle, so instead of attempting to keep on keeping on, make rest and restoration your watchwords. Pluto and Venus in your deep 12th House are evoking the past, filling you with nostalgia for times gone by. The Goddess is retrograde until January 29th having morphed into the Morning Star on January 8th, shining a light on those you need to forgive and those who love you here and now in the present. On January 14th, Mercury slows to turn backwards in Aquarius. Take extra care with anything you say, post, email or write to avoid misunderstandings.

Make the most of this quiet-once Uranus turns forward on the 18th, life will speed up again.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: January 9-16, 2022

Your esoteric ruler Jupiter is travelling very quickly through early Pisces this month, going from 1 degree on December 29th to 7 degrees by the end of January. This could make you feel motivated, optimistic and ready to expand your world by seeking new challenges. Mars is crossing the peak of your chart until the 24th, energising your career and reputation. So far, so fast, but keep in mind that Venus is retrograding slowly through your 11th House of alliances and groups until January 29th and Mercury turns backwards on January 14th in your 12th House. Out of all the signs, you understand the art of going with the flow, so do just that, cut others plenty of slack and let all those bright ideas simmer on the back burner a while longer.

Everything will come together beautifully in February.

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