Chaos Erupts! We Are Witnessing Riots, Protests & Civil Unrest All Over The Western World In 2024

Our world is falling apart! Are you ready?

By: Michael Snyder T.H.E.

Order is breaking down all over the western world as governments lose control of their populations. Farmers have been holding angry protests throughout Europe, enormous groups of migrants have been rioting on a regular basis, looting has become a way of life in many communities in the United States, and now truckers are calling for a historic boycott of New York City. We are witnessing very alarming explosions of anger and frustration all over the western world right now, and there are no easy answers because most of us have lost faith in those that are governing us.

I would like to start by discussing the rioting that just took place in the Netherlands. A fight between two rival groups of Eritreans resulted in a massive riot which transformed the streets of The Hague into a war zone

A violent riot erupted on the streets of The Hague last night, as ‘migrants’ attacked cops with bricks and torched police cars.

Dozens of rioters were filmed surrounding the Opera conference hall along Fruitweg in the Netherlands, as multiple police vans drove to the scene.

Another clip also showed the aftermath. The building had several smashed windows and parked vehicles were on fire, with the street left looking like a warzone.

A fight broke out between two groups of Eritreans. ‘It got seriously out of hand,’ The Hague Municipality spokesman Robin Middel said last night.

“Seriously out of hand” is a major understatement.

It is going to take a very long time to repair the immense damage that was caused by the rioters.

Elsewhere in Europe, there were “angry clashes between police and demonstrators” when a couple hundred thousand pro-Palestinian protesters flooded into central London on Saturday

A video has shown angry clashes between police and demonstrators during a pro-Palestine march in central London today which is estimated to have attracted between 200,000 and 250,000 to the capital.

A total of eleven people have been arrested, including at least on suspicion of support for a proscribed organisation, with the demonstration scheduled to end near the Israeli embassy, with pictures showing police lined up in front of it, apparently to guard it.

Needless to say, such a sizable protest never would have happened 20 years ago.

But in recent times millions of migrants have been pouring into Europe, and the EU just passed a “migration pact” which will completely open the floodgates

On April 8th, The Great American Eclipse of 2024 Will Cross Over 7 U.S. Locations Named “Ninevah”

The EU has passed a migration pact dubbed “the suicide of Europe” which could lead to the continent being flooded with as many as 75 million new migrants.

The European Parliament’s LIBE committee passed the act on Wednesday, which formalizes the distribution of migrants to member states and punishes those that refuse to take them.

Because cultural enrichment and diversity is “our greatest strength,” countries that try to maintain their national identity without being subsumed by migrants will be hit with severe financial penalties.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of National Rally’s parliamentary wing, previously said the pact would lead to “the suicide of Europe,” adding that it was a deal with the devil and represents an “organized plan of submersion of Europe and the nations which compose it.”

Of course it isn’t just migrants that have been taking to the streets.

In recent weeks, vast numbers of farmers throughout Europe have been expressing their deep displeasure with those that are ruling over them…

Farmers are holding protests across Europe, clogging the streets with their tractors, blocking ports and pelting the European Parliament with eggs over a long list of complaints from environmental regulation to excessive red tape.

“We are no longer making a living from our profession,” one aggrieved farmer in Paris told CNN.

While some of the most dramatic protests have been in France, similar action has been taking place in a host of countries including Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland, Greece, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Normally farmers are not radical activists.

But they have been pushed way too far, and they have decided that enough is enough.

Here in the United States, truckers that are infuriated by the verdict that was just handed down in New York City are pledging to boycott the Big Apple from this point forward

Some Trump-supporting truckers are refusing to transport loads to and from New York City after the former president was fined $355 million and had his ability to run businesses in the state suspended in Friday’s civil fraud verdict.

A pro-Trump truck driver known as “Chicago Ray” posted a video to X following the verdict, sharing that he and several of his colleagues are declining NYC delivery jobs due to Manhattan Judge Arthur Engoron’s ruling.

“I’ve been on the radio talking to drivers for about the last… hour and 15 minutes… I’ve talked to at least ten drivers… they’re going to start refusing loads to New York City starting on Monday,” Ray said.

Will this boycott be widespread enough to make a huge difference?

I don’t know.

But if enough truck drivers joined the boycott, it could certainly cause a lot of pain.

As Zero Hedge has pointed out, truck driver’s move “between 70% to 73% of all freight in the United States”…

Truck drivers transport between 70% to 73% of all freight in the United States. Therefore, when truckers begin discussing plans on social media to boycott loads to progressive hellhole New York City, it’s important to pay attention.

Following the verdict, many business owners in New York City were concerned that they could receive the same treatment that Trump just received.

In response, New York Governor Kathy Hochul explained that business owners have nothing to fear as long as they are “law-abiding and rule-following”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul attempted to reassure business owners in New York that they have nothing to fear after the state’s Attorney General fleeced $355 million from President Trump for running a business in the state.

Hochul told John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM where she was asked if other New York businesspeople should be worried that if “they can do that to the former president, they can do that to anybody.”

According to Hochul: “I think that this is really an extraordinary unusual circumstance that the law-abiding and rule-following New Yorkers who are business people have nothing to worry about because they’re very different than Donald Trump and his behaviour.”

Do you think that such a statement will make anyone feel better?

Of course not.

There is so much anger over what just happened. At this point, Wayne Allyn Root is calling for a nationwide boycott of the entire city…

All 100 million of us must boycott New York City. No more vacations there. No business trips. No more attending conventions. No Christmas trips to see the Rockettes and the tree at Rockefeller Centre. No more clothes shopping on Fifth Avenue. No Broadway shows. No more spending at hotels or fancy restaurants. Just say, “NO!”

Ask every store or online site you buy from, “Are you based in New York City?” If they are, find someone else to buy from.

All of the examples that I have shared in this article share a common theme.

The elite are losing their grip and are having a very difficult time maintaining order.

This is happening despite a very sophisticated campaign to censor the Internet and control what we think.

It just isn’t working.

They are trying to pull our strings, but most of us are no longer obeying.

And in many of our communities, social order is totally breaking down. As I mentioned earlier, there are some parts of the country where looting has become a way of life

By now it’s a familiar scene: a group of seven men walked into a clothing retailer Thursday wearing face coverings and robbed the place blind in broad daylight, walking out with armloads of merchandise while the store was still open. But this wasn’t San Francisco or Los Angeles, it was in Memphis last week, and the retailer says this was one of more than 60 similar incidents to happen in the last year in their Memphis area stores alone.

According to WREG-TV, police released surveillance video of the alleged shoplifting gang who walked out of a local City Gear store carrying armloads of pilfered merchandise. Police say, after reviewing the footage, which at least seven individuals participated in the organized theft. Neither police, nor City Gear’s parent corporation Hibbett have released an exact dollar amount of the merchandise that was stolen, but it was described as a “large amount.”

At this point, things have gotten so crazy that it really takes a lot to shock me.

But I was shocked by one story that I read earlier today.

One man that had just been released from prison decided to hijack a car hauler truck that was transporting 10 Chevrolet C8 Corvettes

Fox 10 Phoenix reports that a 23-year-old man, freshly out of jail, hijacked a tractor-trailer loaded with exotic sports cars, telling law enforcement after he was caught, he simply needed a ride.

According to the Cochise County Sheriff’s Department in Phoenix, Arizona, the suspect, Isaiah Walker, “assaulted and robbed” a truck driver at a Willcox Loves Truck Stop.

“Walker grabbed the victim and threw him from the cab,” the sheriff’s department wrote on Facebook.

The suspect then “entered the vehicle, locked the door, stole the vehicle, and drove it from the parking lot,” the sheriff’s department continued, adding the truck was hauling ten Chevrolet C8 Corvettes with an estimated value above $1.25 million.

Sadly, this is just the beginning.

2024 is less than two months old, and I believe that by the end of this year we are going to see far more chaos than we are witnessing now.

So watch your back and keep your head on a swivel, because we are entering a time when danger will potentially be lurking around every corner.

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