Astonished Archaeologists: “Giants’ Tombs Found In Crimea” (Video)

Will this story get buried by the World Archealogy Council?

In a remarkable turn of events during archaeological excavations in Crimea, experts stumbled upon an extraordinary find—a necropolis belonging to the Byzantine Empire, housing the tomb of a giant. Amidst the ongoing reconstruction of the Mithridates Staircase in Kerch, simultaneous archaeological diggings unearthed up to 100 square meters of this historical site, revealing a plethora of intriguing artefacts and burial sites.

Dating back to a time when individuals visited the temple of John the Baptist, this necropolis boasts 27 discovered burials, including those of children and twin interments. Among the artefacts retrieved are bronze pendants, bracelets, and notably, remnants of felt clothing, crucial in dating the find.

Tomb of A Giant In The Necropolis

During archaeological excavations in the Crimea, experts made the discovery of a necropolis of the Byzantine Empire where the tombs were discovered.
During archaeological excavations in the Crimea, experts made the discovery of a necropolis of the Byzantine Empire where the tombs were discovered.

However, the most captivating discovery emerged when archaeologists uncovered a burial box exceeding 2.30 meters in length, containing what appeared to be the skeleton of a giant.

“Contrary to the stature of the local populace of the time, averaging 1.60 meters, the presence of a figure of such extraordinary dimensions raises perplexing questions regarding its origins and significance.”

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Complicated Excavation

The remains must be analysed to discover their origin.
The remains must be analysed to discover their origin.

Anthropological examination of the remains is underway, aiming to provide insights into the age and identity of the individual interred within.

Yet, the excavation process is fraught with challenges, navigating through complex terrain and stratified layers of historical debris, complicating the interpretation of findings.

The negotiation with the diocese of Kerch-Feodosia to extract and further analyse the unearthed remains underscores the gravity of this discovery.

“As experts delve deeper into unravelling the mystery surrounding the anomalous skeleton, questions abound regarding its cultural and historical implications.”

While the existence of giants remains a topic steeped in myth and folklore across various ancient cultures, the unearthing of such a find in Crimea challenges conventional archaeological narratives.

“This discovery serves as a poignant reminder of the enigmatic nature of history, prompting us to reconsider our understanding of the past and the extraordinary beings that may have once walked the earth.”

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