5 Habits To Have If You Want To Be Exceptionally Healthy

We all know someone who is always healthy. Even when there are epidemics and pandemics, they skirt around catching anything. What is going on here?

By Paul Lenda | Contributing Writer

We all know someone who is always healthy. Even when there are epidemics and pandemics, they skirt around catching anything. What is going on here? Are they superhuman? No, they’re usually just like everyone else. However, they have certain lifestyle habits that help them become some of the healthiest people alive. Here’s how they can keep their overall health at the pinnacle of what it can be.

They Get Enough Quality Sleep

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. If we normally get any less than 7 or 8 hours of quality sleep time, we don’t feel like we’re all there. We can feel more lethargic, reaching over for that cup of brown water we call coffee. Getting enough sleep is important. However, if you’re not getting quality sleep, you will be just as tired sleeping 10 hours as someone going through a few entire sleep cycles  uninterrupted who only slept 7 hours.

A complete sleep cycle lasts for 90 minutes, with each stage of sleep lasting anywhere from 5-15 minutes. When you sleep through those 90 minutes without waking up, you are going through the entire cycle and getting what you need to feel well-rested and in a positive mental state. Also, if you go to sleep by 10 PM, you’ll significantly boost your body’s production of human growth hormone, which has many benefits on its own.

They Eat Food Rich in Prana

Energy 101: Everything is energy. This includes food. The fresher the food and the more nutrients it has, the more energy it will have. This then translates into us having more energy, leading to increased vitality and a stronger energy field. When you eat food that is as local as possible, as soon as possible after being harvested, and grown in mineral-rich soil, you will have a very healthy system.

They Meditate

We can make ourselves sick by feeling certain “negative” emotions too strongly for too long. Anger, for example, if experienced for too long, has been shown to increase the risk of getting a heart attack. When we meditate, we calm our minds, as well as our bodies. Our DNA strands, which can tighten up when stressed, can unwind and be more at ease. A tranquil mind leads to a tranquil body, because it’s all connected.

They Move Their Bodies

Whether it’s through yoga, exercise, or even taking a walk in the park, moving your body is essential to being healthy and living longer. Leading a sedentary lifestyle has been found to shave off several years from our lives. Yes, it’s that serious! These bodies were not meant to sit around all day like they often do now. Keep on moving through life, so you can stay exceptionally healthy.

They Have a Positive Attitude

Emphasizing the mind-body connection once more, having a positive attitude will propel you into the “top 1%” of healthy people. There is a massive and extraordinary link between our thoughts and our well-being. The mental and emotional affect the physical. This is why the “placebo” and “nocebo” effects exist. It’s mind manifestation at work.

Now, this isn’t to say that you bypass uncomfortable emotions. Instead, you sit with them for a moment, or a few, and then alchemize your energy so that it won’t stick around beyond the time it can be helpful. You can also shift your perspective to see things from a higher perspective and default to seeing the opportunities in problems.

These are the five main habits you will see exceptionally healthy people have. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. You just need to start making one step, followed by another, and then another, to get to where you will be embodying all of these in your life. May you live a long and exceptional life!

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