Year of Darkness: Why 536 AD Was A Terrible Time To Be Alive! (Video)

What caused the planetary horror of 536 AD?

By: Joanna GillanHistoric Mysteries

In 536 AD, something extraordinary happened. Whatever it was, it shrouded the world in darkness for 18 months. For many, it was one of the worst years in history. Chroniclers from Constantinople at the time reported that the sun appeared dimmed and obscured, leading to widespread crop failures, famine, and social turmoil across the planet.

Contemporary research posits that an enormous volcanic eruption or a series of concurrent eruptions may have been responsible for this devastating event. These eruptions would have triggered a volcanic winter, drastically altering Earth’s climate. The consequences of this event ranged from the disintegration of empires to the notorious Plague of Justinian. However, the exact origin of the eruption remains a mystery, compelling scientists to continue investigating one of the most consequential environmental episodes in human history.

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