Venus Star Rising: Astrology Forecast October 16th – 23rd

What to expect this week?

By Lorna Bevan | Guest Writer

On October 22nd, Venus aligns with the Sun, creating the first rare and stunning Venus Star Point in Libra since the 1770s, making this the first time that any of us have experienced this influx of High Heart energy.

Every eight years, Venus creates a perfect five-pointed star or five-petaled rose as it orbits around the Sun. Known as the Rose of Venus or the Star of Venus, this perfect geometrical shape is a reminder of both the beauty and order that can be found in the Universe. To create the petals, Venus shifts between being a Morning Star and an Evening Star.

Amplifying this High Heart re-balancing, Venus is conjunct the dwarf planet Haumea, named after the Hawaiian Goddess of Birth. At the same time, Saturn is stationing direct and the shock window for the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on October 25th is creating sudden sideways escalators. This is a lot of intense and transformational energy to work with, especially when it comes to relationships, matters of the heart and the expression of the feminine. Channel this energy to:

  • trust whatever you are moving through
  • remind yourself that everything blooms in its own time
  • create new life from dark places

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As Saturn the Lord of Time and Karma slows to turn Direct on October 23rd, it’s an opportunity to re-do any missed steps. This move forwards is especially significant as Saturn will continue direct before leaving Aquarius for Pisces on March 8 2023 for the first time in 29 years.

On October 23, Saturn is in an exact square to Uranus in Taurus and the Nodes of Fate across Taurus/Scorpio. The global clashes causing food and financial crises will intensify. Now is the time to safeguard your resources and future-proof your support structures.

To track Saturn’s patterns in your own life, look back to December 2020 when the Dweller on the Threshold entered Aquarius in a remarkable conjunction with Jupiter. This began a major re-set of your intentions, goals, purpose and direction.

As Saturn moves forward, ideas, projects, dreams and visions you left by the wayside will remind you of their existence. New connections, synchronicities and opportunities will appear seemingly out of nowhere that in reality you’ve been creating from the deep structure causative level since December 2020. It has been true medial and alchemical work to absorb, integrate and synthesise the growth, resilience and resourcefulness you’re bringing to your life now. Frame it as re-purposing old dreams into new life.

Chandra Symbol Saturn Direct 19 Aquarius

Chandra Symbol Saturn Direct 19 Aquarius
Chandra Symbol Saturn Direct 19 Aquarius

Loud crushing noises as a glacier moves.

“You are being driven to observe and witness objectively all the decisive and epochal shifts and pressures in the collective mix. Eyes wide open in the dark. Attention riveted to trends and turning points, and yielded up to a long-ago-agreed-to code of recording and evaluating all the relevant data so that the cosmic forces can determine what is happening way down here and can fine-tune how to evolve the situation optimally; so that all concerned can synchronize with the greater ways and be released from anything and everything that runs counter to the bright promise of Earth evolution.” – Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

Astrology Forecast October 16th – 23rd / 2022

Aries Weekly Forecast: October 16-23, 2022

With the Sun, Venus and Mercury in your opposite sign, relationships of every kind-personal and professional-are going to be centre stage. Find ways to strengthen the ties that bind, re-balancing the dynamics so that each encounter or transaction becomes win/win. It’s important now to listen more than you speak. As Venus and the Sun align on October 22nd, wear your heart on your sleeve and show someone close how much you care. On the 23rd, Saturn turns forward just as the Sun/Venus enter Scorpio-finances such as debt or taxes will need sorting.

Love and money – what a combination.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: October 16-23, 2022

Your personal planet Venus makes once in 155 years conjunction-a Venus Star Point-with the Sun in Libra on October 22nd, before moving into your opposite sign of Scorpio the next day. This is exactly where the 2 Scorpio Solar Eclipse on October 25th will fall, ending one relationship cycle and starting another. This eclipse will be smoother than its disruptive partner, a lunar eclipse on November 8th in Taurus. If there are any issues or problems in partnerships-personal or professional-make an effort to build bridges this week. Diplomacy will succeed where confrontation won’t.

Check all your contracts and transactions.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: October 16-23, 2022

For you as an Air sign, this is a lovely week for reminding yourself that life is meant to be enjoyed. A harmonious link between Mars in Gemini, Saturn in Aquarius and the Sun/Venus Star Point in Libra is all about pleasure and self-expression. Squeeze the juice out of it before Mars slows to turn retrograde and the Sun and Venus move into Scorpio on October 23rd, activating the approaching October 25th Scorpio solar eclipse degree which is a big nudge to start a new cycle at work and upgrade your daily routines. Clear the decks by letting go of some of your self-sabotaging habits before changing circumstances around the eclipse do it for you.

Carpe diem.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: October 16-23, 2022

At this October midpoint, your family and tribe seem to be taking up a lot of your thoughts, not to mention time. It seems as if you’re having to juggle responsibilities at work with those at home. Collaboration is key-if you work side by side with relatives or siblings, you can come up with some creative solutions to longstanding problems. October 22nd, when Venus and the Sun merge is a really helpful day to call a meeting of the clan. Keep in mind that the October 25th Solar eclipse in Scorpio is already shaking up situations and circumstances around you and be prepared to change plan A to B or even C at a moment’s notice.

Taking care of what matters.

Leo Weekly Forecast: October 16-23, 2022

It’s all about connection this week. On October 22, the Sun and Venus merge in your 3rd House of communication, so expect lots of positive messages, discussions and constructive conversations. On the 23rd, Saturn turns forward and you will start to feel much more sociable than in the last few months. That said, when the Sun and Venus cross into Scorpio at the base of your chart, activating the degree of the approaching solar eclipse, life at home is in the firing line, so be prepared to change plans at the last minute. The surprises keep on coming until the 2nd eclipse on November 9th, which looks likely to bring big changes to your career and reputation.

Taking the path of least resistance.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: October 16-23, 2022

With the Sun, Venus and Mercury boosting your income, this should be a profitable time for you. Make the very most of it before the Sun and Venus move on into Scorpio on the 23rd, activating the degree of the Scorpio solar eclipse on the 25th. It’s an excellent time to raise your fees if self-employed or make a case for a pay rise. Both the solar eclipse on the 25th and its partner lunar eclipse on November 9th are about your connections. Look at your support networks, your friendships and your alliances to see if any bridge-building is needed before changing situations shift things around you.

Finish off creative projects before October 30th when Mars turn backwards.

Libra Weekly Forecast: October 16-23, 2022

Something very auspicious is happening in your sign on October 22nd – a once in 150 year’s merger of Venus and Libra in a stunning Venus Star Point. This is not a fleeting transit but will influence your whole year ahead for the better. Do something special for yourself, no matter how small, something that reminds you that you deserve love and happiness. On the 23rd, Saturn turns forward again, giving you a green light to take a close relationship to the next level. It all looks very positive. As the Sun and Venus move on into Scorpio on the degree of October 25th’s solar eclipse, your money is in the frame. One source of income could end or another appear out of nowhere.

Let the eclipse dust settle before making any big decisions.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: October 16-23, 2022

Being a sensitive, intuitive sign, you are probably already feeling the ripples of change from the approaching New Moon eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th. It will be followed by a powerful total lunar eclipse on November 9th. Look back to late April and mid-May when eclipses activated this same part of your chart. How did your closest relationships change? Which part of your life have you been reinventing, whether you realised or not? This week is excellent for quiet time to reflect on what or who needs to be released to make way for something more in tune with who you are now. As Saturn turns forward at the roots of your chart, it could be connected to where you live.

Let it all unfold in its own timing.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: October 16-23, 2022

On October 22nd, the rare Sun/Venus Star Point boosts your social life for the coming year. Expect more invitations to come your way and don’t be surprised if you find yourself joining a group or association and meeting some like-minded fellow travellers. The next day, they enter Scorpio your deep 12th House ahead of the New Moon eclipse there on October 25th. This is a private part of your psyche and could help you release some baggage from the past that has kept you stuck. On the same day, Saturn moves forward again in Aquarius, unblocking communication issues and resolving ongoing stalemates.

Moving forward.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: October 16-23, 2022

On the 22nd, the rare and stunning Venus/Star Point in Libra lights up the pinnacle of your chart, making this a very fortunate day in your career. Don’t waste it-make a case for a bonus or for raising your fees, if you’re self-employed. The Sun and Venus move quickly on into Scorpio where the New Moon Eclipse on the 25th brings sudden changes connected with friends and associates. Someone may move out of your life, freeing up more possibilities for you. This coincides with your own planet Saturn turning forward after months of go-slow and delivering some sort of financial reward.

You’re in the spotlight, so make sure you don’t cut corners.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: October 16-23, 2022

October 23rd is an important day for you as an Aquarian when Saturn turns forward after months of putting obstacles, delays and glitches in your way. In the days and weeks to come, you will slowly but surely start to see light at the end of what has been a long dark tunnel since December 2020. On the same day, the Sun and Venus merge in a rare and lucky Venus Star Point before activating the degree of the approaching Solar Eclipse on October 25th at the top of your chart. Expect a career situation to change yet again and know that it’s far better to let someone or something go when it’s time than to try to cling on.

Notice your helpers, not your unbelievers.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: October 16-23, 2022

This is a week when vague ideas and pipe dreams start to come into the realms of possibility, thanks to practical Saturn turning forward again on October 23rd, after what has felt like months of walking through treacle. On the same day, the rare and lucky Venus Star Point in your 8th House lights up your 8th House of money and partnerships before moving on into compatible fellow Water sign Scorpio ready for a New Moon eclipse there on October 25th. Opportunities for getting your ideas out there will emerge in unexpected ways but wait until after the eclipse dust settles to discover what has changed then be prepared to take advantage of it.

Nothing is lost-everything is transformed.

Originally published at Hare in the Moon Astrology and reproduced here with permission.

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