This Is What You Need To Do Before You Die

Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us.

By Michael Snyder | Guest Writer

Sometimes it takes a great tragedy to get us focused on what really matters. Over the past couple of years, millions upon millions of people have died all over the globe, and millions more will soon die. Most of us tend to think that we will live to a very advanced age, but the truth is that death has come for many a lot sooner than they expected. Personally, I have been absolutely shocked by the number of people that have been suddenly dropping dead in recent weeks. There are those that I knew personally that are now gone permanently. There are others that did work that I greatly admired that have passed away way too early. Death is seemingly everywhere, and I expect to see the death toll continue to rise in 2022.

Because of the work that I do, I am constantly monitoring major corporate news sources, and right now they are full of death talk. It seems as though everywhere I go on the Internet, there is buzz about the vast numbers of people that are dying. I share a list of 12 examples below, but I could have easily made it 120. I am not sharing these examples because I agree with the faulty conclusions that mainstream sources have come to regarding the “excess deaths” that are happening. Rather, my goal is to point out that “excess deaths” are happening on an absolutely massive scale, and this is something that is happening all over the globe…

Needless to say, the independent media is even more focused on all of the deaths that are happening than the corporate media is.

Every day I see more articles about people needlessly dying.

Fathers are dying, mothers are dying, young adults that had very promising futures ahead of them are dying, and children are dying.

What a great tragedy.

So many are already dead, and countless others are now in the process of dying.

And you may be dying too.

Of course most people expect to die eventually, but for a lot of you death is going to come a lot sooner than you ever imagined.

As you read this article, you might even feel it happening inside of you. You know that something has gone seriously wrong, and on some level you realize that your days are numbered.

I am not writing this article to make you even more depressed. Rather, it is a wakeup call that will give you hope.

So keep reading.

A lot of people call me a “doom and gloomer” because I write about how humanity will soon enter the greatest period of death and destruction in the entire history of our planet.

And that is definitely bad news.

But sticking our heads in the sand and hoping that everything will turn out just fine somehow is not going to help anyone.

There are way too many voices out there that are telling people that “everything will be okay” and that they don’t need to change.

Instead, what people really need is the cold water of the truth to be poured on their heads so that they will snap out of the state of stupor that they find themselves in and start rejecting the delusions and falsehoods which are currently enslaving them.

What do you really want out of life?

For most people, if you ask them that question they will start ticking off a list of things that the world system has trained them to want.

But if you spend your life chasing the things that the world system tells you to chase, in the end you will find yourself bitter, empty and full of regrets.

You weren’t created to be just another cog in the machine or another hamster on a wheel.

You were created to love and be loved.

In all of us, there is an innate desire to experience and give love on a very deep level. For many, that innate desire has been almost totally wiped out by years of pain, abuse, failure and frustration. But no matter what you have been through, God can take the broken pieces of your life and turn them into a beautiful thing.

I know that it is not politically correct to talk about God these days.

But I don’t care.

There is no hope without God. Anyone that is offering you “hope” without including God in the discussion is offering you nothing but false hope.

God created you to have a radical love relationship with Him and to have radical love relationships with others. Unfortunately, there is very little love in our world today, and that is because most of the world has deeply rejected God and doesn’t want anything to do with Him.

But even though so many have rejected God, He showed how much He loves us by sending His Son to Earth to die on the cross for our sins.

Maybe you don’t think that your life is worth very much, but Jesus considers your life to be so valuable that He was willing to be nailed to a wooden cross for you.

If you were the only person in the whole world, He would have done it just for you.

He wants to have a relationship with you, and so you have a choice to make.

You can choose to reject Him like most other people do, but that road only leads to emptiness, despair, depression and pain.

Alternatively, if you will renounce your sins and surrender your life to Jesus you will learn what it really means to be alive, and you will spend eternity with Him.

Many years ago, I shared this with a young man named Greg on the last day of summer camp.

He insisted that He didn’t need to think about any of this right now because he had so many years left ahead of him.

The next week, he suddenly dropped dead.

Sadly, many of you may not make it all the way through 2022.

In fact, there are some that may not even make it through the rest of 2021.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us.

For many of you, God is tugging on your hearts even as you read this article. If that is happening to you, don’t put this decision off for another day. Tell Jesus that you renounce your evil ways and that you want Him to be your Lord and Saviour.

And there are many of you there were once walking with God that desperately need to wake up and start walking closely with Him again.

You may have taken the long road home, but the key is to get there in the end.

God is reaching out to you, and I strongly encourage you to respond by running into His waiting arms.

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