This Is Not Fake: USS NAVY Omaha’s Captured Footage Shows Spherical UFO Flying Around Before Diving Into Sea

U.S. officials say Pentagon committed to understanding UFO origins!

In a video captured by the US Navy, an unidentified flying object is seen dancing across the screen before crashing into the ocean, capturing the imagination of UFO hunters everywhere.

There is currently little information about the object except that the Pentagon has confirmed the footage is authentic, and now the video has now been made available online by a UFO documentarian.

“The US Navy photographed and filmed “spherical” shaped UFOs and advanced transmedium vehicles; here is some of that footage.” states filmmaker Jeremy Corbell on his website, where he has shared the clip and details of the object.

According to Corbell, the video was captured 2 years ago, in 2019, but has since been made available to the public. It is thought to have originated from within the USS Omaha’s Combat Information Centre while sailing off the coast of San Diego, although this is unconfirmed.

Although the video is short, it appears the object is capable of traveling through both air and water, making it more advanced in transmedium travel than any known vehicles, military or otherwise.

The object itself is incredibly small, radar imaging shows a solid ball measuring just 2 meters (6 feet) in diameter. However, it appears fast, reaching speeds of up to 254 kilometres per hour (158 miles per hour) during its air flight.

A search was performed using a submarine shortly after it was spotted, but the object was long gone.

Currently, there is no known vehicle that can fly through the air for an extended period of time and then transition into water and continue traveling.

Throughout the 1900s, the concept of a flying submarine was explored, but significant challenges in air supply and fuel made the idea never quite take off. In 2008, the US prepared to issue contracts for a flying submersible vehicle, but after Lockheed Martin cancelled their plans for a submersible drone, it appears the contracts never materialized.

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