The Record-Breaking Natural Disasters That We Are Witnessing In Texas & California Right Now Are Truly Historic

Much more is on the horizon, and most people in the general population have no idea…

By: Michael Snyder T.H.E.

If you think that what we are witnessing is “normal”, I honestly don’t know what to say. Over the past few years, the United States has been getting pummelled by one major natural disaster after another. The number of billion dollar natural disasters in 2023 established a new all-time record high for a single year, and 2024 is certainly off to a roaring start. It seems like each new week brings multiple new disasters, and right now we are watching a couple of whoppers. The blizzard that has started to hammer the state of California is so immense that it is difficult to believe that it is actually real, and the Stonehouse Creek Fire in the panhandle of Texas has officially become the largest fire in the entire history of that state

The Smokehouse Creek Fire is officially the largest and most devastating fire in Texas’ history – with the killer inferno burning through over 1.1 million acres of land.

As of Thursday, the record-breaking wildfire has scorched through 1,075,000 acres and is three percent contained, with thousands of people evacuating their homes.

Ghastly winds coupled with the raging flames have charred huge swathes of the Panhandle – and the wildfire is now the equivalent size of the whole of Rhode Island.

This fire has already burned more than a million acres, but it still only 3% contained.

How is that even possible?

According to CBS News, throughout the region “lampposts are now melted, power line posts are split in half and homes and properties have been reduced to charred remains”. It is already the second largest fire in the entire history of our country, and even if the fire was put out now the recovery would take many years because there has been so much devastation.

The Turkey Track Ranch is one of the oldest and most historic ranches in the state of Texas, and it has been almost completely obliterated

The fire also destroyed most of the historic $180 million Turkey Track Ranch, which was home to “one of the largest and bloodiest battles of the Great Plains” near the end of the Civil War, and the site of the Red River War that started in 1874. The property, one of the oldest ranches in the state that covers roughly 80,000 acres, has seen an estimated 80% of its pastures, plains and creek bottom burned in the fire, CBS affiliate KHOU-TV reports.

“The loss of livestock, crops and wildlife, as well as ranch fencing and other infrastructure throughout our property as well as other ranches and homes across the region is, we believe, unparalleled in our history,” the owners said in a statement. “… We are all completely devastated and personally heartbroken by the magnitude of this horrific event.”

I cannot even comprehend what the owners are going through right now.

Just try to imagine what it must be like to have your life’s work burned to the ground in a single day.

And this fire is going to have a huge impact on all the rest of us too.

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85% of the cattle in the state of Texas are in the panhandle. Video footage of cattle that have been burned to death is being shared all over social media, and Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is estimating that “tens of thousands” have already been killed…

Reuters spoke with state Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, who warned the wildfire has likely killed tens of thousands of livestock and destroyed grain in storage bins.

“It’s almost like gasoline when it goes up,” Miller said, adding, “We have now lost over a million acres.

Beef prices have already risen to absolutely insane levels all over the country.

So what is going to happen now?

Miller is also warning that for the cattle that survive there won’t be anything left to eat…

“Feed supplies are scarce for surviving cattle because the fire destroyed grazing lands and bins holding crops like wheat and corn,” he said.

Miller continued: “There’s absolutely zero vegetation. The cattle that do survive, they have absolutely nothing to eat.”

If you love beef, stock up now, because prices are about to go a lot higher.

Meanwhile, the state of California is being hit by yet another historic storm.

A “crippling blizzard” has already begun, and by the time the weekend is over some areas will literally be buried under 10 feet of snow…

A crippling blizzard is expected to pummel the mountains in California and Nevada late this week and into the weekend, dumping the biggest snow of the season so far. By the time it’s all over, the highest elevations could be buried under 10-plus feet of snow.

The worst of the storm will be felt across the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The event is now getting underway Thursday but will hit its peak starting Friday and last through the weekend. With a major winter storm like this, wind gusts over the Sierra ridges will easily exceed 100 mph, creating intense blizzard conditions that could last for days.

“It’s just all weekend,” FOX Weather Meteorologist Britta Merwin said. “That’s all you need to know. It is literally all weekend.”

It is being reported that a wind gust of 120 mph was recorded on Ward Mountain on Thursday, and extremely powerful winds will continue throughout the weekend as snow falls at a staggering pace.

If you can believe it, it is being projected that “snowfall rates of up to 5 inches an hour are possible”…

Extremely heavy snowfall rates of up to 5 inches an hour are possible, said Brittany Whitlam, a forecaster with the weather service’s Reno office. Snowfall accumulations across three days will generally range from 50 to 100 inches across the Sierra, with locally higher amounts at higher elevations, UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain said in a forecast discussion on YouTube on Thursday

“This will be another snowstorm probably for the record books in some places,” Swain said.

I can’t even imagine what a storm of that magnitude would be like, because I have never experienced anything like it.

Local residents are being told that some communities may be isolated for an extended period of time, and snowfall totals in the worst hit locations could actually reach “15 feet or 180 inches”…

AccuWeather is projecting that 6-10 feet of snow will fall at Donner Pass or up to 120 inches, spanning several days. Similar snowfall is likely at many of the ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada, with an AccuWeather Local StormMax™ snowfall of 15 feet or 180 inches. Drifts from the storm will reach as high as several stories.

Now that is a storm!

For years, I have been warning in my books that we would see natural disasters increase in frequency and intensity.

And actually what we are experiencing right now is just the beginning.

Much more is on the horizon, and most people in the general population have no idea…

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