The Christ Consciousness Frequency

In 2020 humanity began to experience an acceleration in the awakening process through the increased drama and suffering taking place within the collective.

By: Jiulio Consiglio | Guest Writer

People have lost their jobs, there is increased anxiety, depression and great uncertainty on different levels. It seems darkness has blanketed the world and we are experiencing what appears to be an inverted reality. The focus of this article won’t be on the incalculable human suffering taking place in the world right now but what each individual can do, can become through self-realization to assist in manifesting a new reality, heaven on earth.

Within each human being is the potential to ascend to a state of being thought impossible-the realization of Christ within. Let’s begin by discussing how this enlightened state of awareness has simply and only been blanketed by thoughts and emotions through ego identification. In this reality we are born into ego consciousness, a lower vibrational frequency relative to our spiritual nature. This conditional and learned state of consciousness is based on the mental constructs of past and future. The past offers emotions such as sadness, regret and guilt. The future is experienced as anxiety, fear and worry. Be mindful that there is nothing wrong with this level of awareness because in order to know and experience who you truly are, you must first experience what you’re not. Let’s continue: the egoic mind or the thinking mind is rooted in the idea of separation and it accomplishes this through projection, by labelling the outside world. What keeps the egoic consciousness perpetuating is our reaction to it; thought is energized to become emotion-energy in motion.

The ego has managed to prevent the majority of humanity from ever realizing their true potential for countless generations by convincing the masses on a subconscious level that the thinking mind is all there is. But nothing could be farther from the truth. From a spiritual vantage point, the ego is in fact viewed as a catalyst for a quantum leap in consciousness. In other words, suffering does in fact serve a purpose, a soul purpose. The darkness of the ego serves you by offering contrast to your light; it creates the desire in you to seek, to become.

I really feel the following is important to mention because it offers a glimpse into potential and the yet-to-be manifested: although one has yet to experience something, let’s say a higher dimension of consciousness, does not for one instant negate its reality. In other words, unrealized potential is all there is within the quantum field. Christ consciousness and all the clarity, wisdom, power and understanding that expresses through it is brought to life through your awareness, by realizing it and then experiencing it directly. It’s your attention, your focus and awareness that creates its possibility for expression.

Let’s start by looking at the power and force of this frequency which is a reflection of the All That Is. This wholly frequency is unconditional love, pure awareness. When you are consciously aligned with it, the thinking mind is silenced and can be silenced at will. What remains is inner stillness, a quiet mind. In this light-filled state of awareness negative thoughts are still experienced from time to time but they have lost their power over you through the realization of the now and the truth found in inner stillness which is a reflection of Christ consciousness. Reaction is replaced with conscious response which in this case is observation of the thinking mind. One identifies now with their inner being, the silent witness, the christed self. Your inner being is anointed in that no darkness can stick to it; as if it were covered in oil, negativity cannot long survive in its presence. In fact, because it is unconditional love in essence, fear finds it indigestible and is cast out. The power found within the Christ frequency consumes fear as it arises, it’s that overwhelming to fear.

The Christ frequency is not a personality but the unmovable, unchanging essence of your very own being. Nothing has to be added to you but rather your human conditioning, the ego, needs to be realized for what it is and laid aside in order for your spiritual self to rise to the surface of your consciousness. In other words, enlightenment is a destructive process where long-held limiting beliefs and fears are brought to the surface to be faced, transmuted and transcended so that you can heal the separation between you and Source and become who you were meant to be in order to create your world consciously through the power given to you.

Now that we have glimpsed into the transformative and freeing nature of the Christ frequency, let’s look at how you can move closer to realizing it. When I was searching for another way after having endured years of intense anxiety which included many other wake-up calls that included a cancer diagnosis back in 2004, I had no idea that a higher dimension of consciousness was even possible. But what I did have was a white-hot desire to change and a willingness to understand, to know. When I did experience that instant moment of clarity, that third eye activation, I knew something profound was taking place because this newly activated force was now shutting down every negative energetic attack automatically.

Let’s look at some things to be mindful of and practices that can assist you in creating an atmosphere of allowing shifting into this empowering and light-filled vibrational frequency:

  • Awareness leads to potential and is everything when it comes to possibility. Know that there is a consciousness, a frequency that transcends the thinking mind. It is already within you, waiting to be realized and directly experienced.
  • Communicate your desire to know and understand to Source Energy. If you’re ready for a shift in consciousness, speak it, be decisive in mind, body and spirit to welcome the realization of the Self.
  • Let go of when or how. Once you’ve made the request, release wanting it to happen and allow. Practice the art of surrender. This level of awakening is an act of grace, when you are ready the inner teacher will present itself.
  • Read books on self-help, spirituality. It could be a paragraph, a sentence even that could potentially spark an awakening. There is great potential in the written word.
  • Become acquainted with meditation. Don’t let it be daunting; meditation is simply focus. If you’ve never tried it before, just try a few minutes of being still and silent, in other words, focus on nothing but being there in the moment. You could even just spend a few minutes focusing on the coming and going of your breaths, keep it simple.
  • Recognize the now, the present moment as your center of power. The past and future often offer confusion and suffering. The here and now offers potential and clarity because it is the doorway to the Christ frequency.

The time has come for humanity to stop looking for an outside saviour because the return of Christ is not an external event but an inner one. It is the realization of God within you. A direct and moment by moment experience of oneness, it will be the most profound and life-altering event of your life. And what the world needs, what it’s ready for is the awakening of humanity through each individual. You are the light you’ve been searching for; go within. A thousand blessings as you allow the unfolding of consciousness within you!

About the Author

Jiulio’s writings and teachings focus on the transformative power of inner stillness, the mind-body-spirit connection and psychic abilities development. He is the author of Challenge Your Thoughts: Healing Mind, Spirit and Body with TruthThe Healing Frequency: Transform Your Life through the WisdomPower and Clarity of Inner Stillness and the soon to be released, Open Your Third Eye: Activate Your Sixth Chakra & Develop Your Psychic Abilities.

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