Surprising Obsessions: Astrology Forecast November 1st – 7th, 2021

What to expect this week?

By Nikki Harper | Guest Writer

Hearts and minds are both on the move this week, during which cosmic energies could direct many of us in a surprising direction, perhaps against our better judgement.

Monday and Tuesday are firmly rational days, dominated by the activities of Mercury in diplomatic mode. A mercurial trine to Jupiter on Monday makes it seem like anything is possible, if only you ask nicely – but Tuesday’s square between Mercury and Pluto soon knocks that idea on the head. Turns out that anything IS possible, but only if you’re willing to make some dodgy deals to facilitate it. Appeasing or pleasing the powers that be will get you everywhere early this week, but many of us will wonder whether everywhere is actually all it’s cracked up to be.

No time to ponder the rights and wrongs of the first half of the week, however, as soon enough Thursday’s New Moon in Scorpio presents us with another dilemma. This is extremely intriguing energy, encouraging obsessions and fascinations of all kinds – but with a tense opposition to Uranus in the mix, these obsessions may take a surprising turn.

If you suddenly develop an all-consuming interest in newt keeping, Egypt’s third dynasty or the Aronszajn-Smith theorem, don’t worry. You’re not (that) crazy, you’re just being led in some weird and wonderful directions, for a time, in order to explore what’s possible in the world.

On a trickier note, the New Moon energies can bring shocks and surprises, particularly if you have been engaged in anything secret, illicit or underhand. It may seem all too easy to start something secret now too, but be aware that all things come out in the wash, astrologically speaking; even if you get away with it during this lunar cycle, it will only be a matter of time before truth will out.

Friday brings a subtle shift in planetary energy, with two sign changes. Venus leaves freedom-loving Sagittarius and arrives in sensible, sober Capricorn, urging us to take love (and money) more seriously; Mercury meanwhile leaves airy, egalitarian Libra and moves into deep-thinking Scorpio. Indeed, Scorpio season is well underway at this point, with all of the seasonal passion-but-subterfuge this typically embodies.

In other words: it’s an interesting week. But honesty matters, and so do motives.

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The New Moon’s push-pull influence raises angst over what you have versus what you’re willing to share. Money concerns are an obvious manifestation of this, with debt looming and difficulties in paying back what you owe, but this energy can also apply to love, time or anything else which matters a great deal to you. Holding on to what is “yours” will be a preoccupation, but ask yourself whether anything is truly yours or not. In the end, isn’t all of it just borrowed? And if so, why not be more generous with it?


Your closest relationship is in the spotlight, particularly during the New Moon. Beware of becoming obsessed with a new partner, if you’re dating. Take a step back and allow things to grow naturally rather than trying to force the pace. Away from love, this is a good week to shape your personal identity in a more radical fashion. This could be done literally, with a show-stopping style or image change, or you could adopt a more subtle approach, speaking up more often and more firmly for the ideals and views which matter to you.


Feeling frayed? You’ve been under a lot of stress recently and it’s simply not possible to be all things to all people, even with your mercurial skills. The New Moon encourages you to create time and space for yourself and yes, that will involve telling other people ‘no’. Probably often. And probably loudly. Getting better organized will help – you’re wasting a lot of time on this and that, but a firmer schedule and more self-discipline would free up time to relax. It may take an unexpected crisis to help you realize how much you can get done in a very short space of time, when you have to.


You’re in a playful mood this week. Unfortunately, life isn’t. During the New Moon period, you can expect responsibilities to catch up with you, and you will probably be expected to put your own interests on hold for a short while. Your response may be to obsessively throw yourself into your duties, but that isn’t healthy – do what you need to do, of course, but try to find a middle way between doing it all versus doing nothing. Venus’ arrival in your love zone will help you ask for support from your partner, but ultimately it’s up to you to strike a better balance between duty and play.


Your relentless focus on a home or family project recently gets good results around the time of the New Moon. Well done. But these energies are also telling you that enough is now enough. It’s time to shift your focus elsewhere. You’ve poured a lot of your identity into creating a beautiful home or an image of the ideal family, but reality doesn’t always live up to your expectations. Spend time now on loving the real home you have, and the real family around you – complete with their faults, the basement’s mold and the clutter of day to day life.


This week’s energies are quite abstract in your chart, so it’s easier for you than other signs to take a philosophical approach to any shocks and dramas around the New Moon’s opposition to Uranus. Feeling largely calm and centred, you can use this week to get ahead with your to-do list or to undertake a new study project. Be careful with travel, however, as details are likely to be fuzzy. Double or treble check arrangements if you don’t want to risk spending a lot of time going nowhere. In your love life, look to Venus’ change of signs on Friday for an uptick in your playfulness.

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You hide it well under your affable nature, but you do have a strong jealous streak, and that’s likely to come to the surface during this week’s energies, particularly around the New Moon. This could be envy, if you feel that someone else has more than you do or is doing better than you, or it could be possessive, obsessive jealousy in your love life. Understand that actually, you have no real cause for concern. It’s your own jealous behaviour which could provoke issues, rather than any underlying problems. Recognise your obsessive thinking and then put it to one side.


This is the most empowering time of year for you, always – but this Scorpio New Moon has a sting in its tail much like your own. If you’re not careful, that barb will be directed at you, rather than at your enemies. Obsessive thinking could be your undoing, especially in your love life. It’s important that you allow your loved ones freedom and independence this week, and that you take time out to do your own thing too, away from them. As much as you love one another, you are separate beings. Don’t allow your interdependence to become toxic or harmful to either of you.


Unexpected mystical, psychic or paranormal events may occur around the time of this New Moon. While you’ll find this fascinating, you may also, if you’re honest, be somewhat spooked. However, the more you shy away from this area of your life, the more you’ll experience “stuff” – until you settle down and take a good, honest look at your own psychic skills,  your spiritual development and your spiritual wellbeing. Use this week’s New Moon to properly investigate what’s going on, and what the collective consciousness is trying to tell you.


It’s all about community this week, whether that’s your circle of friends, your immediate lived-in vicinity or indeed your sense of community with wider humankind. You can expect the New Moon to bring you surprising news about something related to this, and your immediate instinct will be to try to fix it. Understand that you can only be responsible for your own life and your own actions. You can’t fix everyone else, and it would be foolish to try. Play your part in your community however you best see fit, but don’t expect to be able to change the path someone else is on.


Work looks… “interesting”. It’s likely to be a hectic week, and there could well be some drama around the New Moon period.  You are well placed to cope with any such demands, and you’re certainly capable of steering the ship through troubled waters. However, your home and family life may suffer while you work this through. It’s only a short-lived influence, but it speaks to a wider problem, namely the fact that your work-life balance is pretty non-existent. You have to make a choice, sooner or later, between these two competing priorities, and you may as well start making it now.


You have something of an idealism problem this week. You are a highly intuitive and spiritual soul, and you have much to teach the world – but at the moment, your evangelism isn’t working. Whether you’re trying to shift humankind’s consciousness levels or campaigning on an issue which is important to you, you’re not getting the message across. Take a step back, especially during the New Moon, and recognize that perhaps you need to go back to basics. Do you really know enough about this subject? Are you really walking the walk, not just talking the talk? Live your ideals first, preach them later.

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