“Sit Down Karen!” Woman On Delta Flight Filmed Punching Elderly Man For Briefly Removing Mask

Patricia Cornwall could be facing major criminal charges for her in-flight act of Karening against a fellow passenger.

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge

Just as Anthony Fauci has indicated that there won’t really ever be an end to wearing masks on US domestic flights, a viral video has emerged of a deranged woman going ballistic on an elderly man, whose “crime” consisted in briefly taking down his mask to eat an in-flight meal aboard a Delta trip from Tampa to Atlanta.

“TMZ obtained video that was purportedly from the incident that showed a woman confronting a man for not wearing a mask,” Fox reports Monday of the incident which happened just before Christmas. “The man told the woman, who was also not wearing a mask, that he was eating. The woman in the video could be seen striking the man at least once, the report said.”

While unfortunately throughout the pandemic such instances of crazed individuals taking it upon themselves to be the “mask police” or perhaps Fauci’s “mandate enforcers” have now become commonplace, this video is especially disturbing and brutal.

By the end of the ordeal a streak of blood could be seen coming down the man’s cheek, as he was injured after being punched by the woman. At one point the attacker, later identified by police and the airline as Patricia Cornwall, is seen scratching the man’s face.

The elderly victim kept on shouting “Sit down, Karen!” throughout the vicious assault while it took no less than three flight attendants to begin to restrain her. One attendant then uses the food cart as a barrier as the out of control woman is ushered to the back. The flight crew’s response seemed overly slow and belated given the woman takes full swings with a closed fist before anyone actually tries to restrain her.

“Tell him to put his fucking mask on!” she kept screaming at the flight crew. “Tell him to put his mask on!”

“Put yours on bitch!” the man quickly yelled back during the chaotic scene.

In the video that went viral over the weekend the footage briefly showed FBI vehicles meeting the airplane on the tarmac after it touched down at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. She was arrested on the spot and taken into FBI custody. No doubt her defence was likely some variety of “but I was merely enforcing the mask mandate!”

"Sit Down Karen!" Woman On Delta Flight Filmed Punching Elderly Man For Briefly Removing Mask

The timing is interesting, given it was only within the past days that Dr. Fauci said in a TV interview, “We want to make sure people keep their masks on. I think the idea of taking masks off, in my mind, is really not something we should even be considering.”

As TMZ pointed out of the insane video, ironically it remains that “the woman was unmasked during this whole ordeal — leaving it under her chin.”

At one point the woman actually spits on the man… all in the name of “safety”…


Later it was revealed by the airline that multiple people suffered injuries during the woman’s pro-masking rampage, including at least one among the flight attendants that tried to restrain her.

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