Defying Gravity: Astrology Forecast May 2nd – 8th, 2022

What to expect this week?

By Nikki Harper | Guest Writer

This week is packed with extraordinarily empowering astrological aspects. Regardless of the recent tumult and eclipse fall-out, this is most definitely a period for standing up, dusting yourself off, and moving forward with confidence.

Whatever you believe in most gets a cosmic push this week, so put your dreams and ideals front and centre as you work out how to best harness this positive, productive astral energy.

Venus, the planet of both love and money, moves into go-getting, ambitious Aries on Monday, so this vibe is excellent for attracting love and abundance of all kinds. It can be quite an aggressive influence, though, so be careful not to over-step the mark in your interpersonal relationships. Me-too isn’t a fad or a trend; it’s a real, lived issue for millions of women (and some men) every day, so handle this Venus transit with respect for both yourself and those around you.

On Tuesday, Jupiter sextiles Pluto in a show of originality, flair and sheer strength of will. This is fantastic energy for getting other people on board with your plans, because you can sell your ideas with enthusiasm and integrity. This is big picture energy, with an eye on the long-term, so bear in mind your future objectives as you start to set things in motion.

The cosmos continues to empower and uplift on Wednesday, when Mars sextiles Uranus. There’s a frisson of excitement here and it’s all very spontaneous, daring and innovative. Possibly also slightly insane, depending on exactly how bonkers your plans are – but in a good way.

Some common sense joins the party on Thursday when the Sun conjuncts Uranus. This boosts the likelihood of success in any endeavours, but the Taurus Sun also reigns in some of the more fantastical, zany impulsiveness from Wednesday’s Mars sextile. This is where bonkers meets sensible and the result can be very impressive indeed.


Listen for your calling this week. Your unconscious mind and your higher self are both trying to get your attention, and it’s to do with how you make a living. If that’s not currently aligned with your spiritual motivations, something will need to change – but this is the ideal week to make that change. Look for signs, synchronicities and strange coincidences at work or when managing your money. You have all the information you need if only you choose to listen to those little voices.


It’s time to spread your wings. You need a broader, bolder vision for where you’re heading, as you’re holding yourself back with artificially constructed excuses and constraints. Keep freedom in mind as an overarching theme this week, but we willing to educate yourself about the choices you want to make. There’s a lot of potential here for a shift in your long-term goals, but some of that is likely to need new qualifications or more time spent on self-development.


Issues of power and control swirl around you this week. Who’s really in charge? Is it you? If it is, are you wielding that power kindly and responsibly? If it isn’t you, are you being too subservient, or hiding your voice? Do you have something to lose by making yourself more visible? This is a good time to dig deep into your inner motives and to understand why you’re making your current choices. There’s nothing wrong with your path per se, but you’re kidding yourself about what’s really going on, and that needs to stop.


This week’s about how you relate to other people, and specifically to their beliefs and opinions versus your own. You may feel challenged or triggered by those around you if they don’t agree with something you hold dear – but you do need to learn that what other people think is irrelevant to your own truth. Stand firm with what you sense to be true and authentic. It might help if you shift some of your current social activities – re-orient yourself with new friendships or people who are more in tune with who you are.


Your debt is paid. You don’t need to keep servicing it. This week’s astral energy urges you to unstick yourself from outdated beliefs and what you owe, to whom, and why. It’s as if you’re working so hard but not for yourself, merely to please someone else. Shake up your thoughts about money, karma and what constitutes ‘real work’. There are a lot of creative opportunities around you right now but you’re holding yourself back from taking them because you think you ‘must’ keep doing what you’re currently doing. Not so.


Love is on your mind this week, with Venus providing extra passion and Jupiter and Pluto helping you to re-find the magic you once felt. This is a great time for healing a relationship which has gone stale or for putting the fun back into your love life. A trip away with your partner is well-starred, but you’d also enjoy just learning more about what makes each other tick. Be careful, however, because love can turn to anger very quickly when the wrong buttons are pushed.


Venus moves into the love zone of your chart, but much of your focus is on health and emotional wellbeing this week rather than your love life. There are good opportunities to reinvent your work-life balance, giving yourself more time for family and for your own hobbies and leisure. Watch out for a temptation to over-spend on the latest fads or gadgets though. They aren’t going to save you time or money. What will save you time is getting better organized.


This could be a sizzling week for love – plan a spontaneous surprise for your lover or make the first move on asking someone out if you’re single. Communication is key, so keep talking, even if you’re going through a rough patch. You may jointly be able to come up with ideas that take your relationship to the next level, so don’t rule anything out. The more laughter and surprise you can incorporate into life this week, the better you’ll feel. Get away from routine, structure and restrictions.


The comforts of home are important to you this week and you’ll feel ill at ease if your routines are disrupted or if you’re forced to face challenges beyond your comfort zone. This is unusual for you, as you’re usually such an adventurer. However, you can make the most of this stable period to shore up your finances and to put down some roots in your love life. There’s plenty of passion still in your life, courtesy of Venus, so life can be what you make it. Don’t yearn for what you don’t have.


This looks like an exceptionally busy week for you, with lots of projects on the go and many loose ends to tie up before you can move on to the next big thing. Keep talking, because teamwork is likely to be essential, especially at work. You may find it beneficial to mix things up and to get out of old habits and ways of working – new apps or new technologies are likely to have an impact on your productivity. Make time for family too, because life’s not all about work, no matter how much you’re enjoying it.


Money issues are important this week and you may receive a boost from an unexpected source, or from a family member who wants to help. Swallow your pride and accept what you’re offered, because it will help you go from strength to strength. In love, be sure to talk over your ideas with your lover. Nobody likes being left in the dark, so get your plans out into the open even if you feel that your partner might not like them. That’s what discussion is for.


With lots of activity in your sign this week, you have a lot of options. your best bet is to focus on business and work related plans – you need to get your income up, or at least stabilized, so that you can feel emotionally secure. Friendships are likely to play a key role in this too – don’t rule out going into business with someone you know well. You have a lot to learn still, but this week’s astrological activity is paving the way for some exciting times ahead.

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Nikki Harper is a spiritualist writer, astrologer, and Wake Up World’s editor.

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