Riddles of The Ancients: 15 Archaeological Mysteries That Puzzle Us (Video)

Some of these will make you question your whole existence!

By: Robbie M. Historic Mysteries

Throughout human history, people have continuously discovered ancient artefacts and structures that provide insight into what life was once like, from lines carved in the ground to strange caves, devices, and writings. Some of these archaeological discoveries, however, remain shrouded in mystery, leaving researchers and historians with more questions than answers.

For instance, the Nazca Lines in Peru, which were created by the Nazca culture between 500 BC and 500 AD, consist of vast geoglyphs carved into the desert sands that can only be fully appreciated from the air. Similarly, the Longyou Caves in China, which were accidentally discovered in 1992 by farmers draining water from ponds, contain a series of man-made caverns with no known record of any society living in the region at that time. Even some of the most famous archaeological discoveries, like the Egyptian Pyramids, are full of mysteries.

These are just a few examples of the 15 most mysterious archaeological discoveries, each with its own unique story and unanswered questions.

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