Ontario, Canada To Lift ALL COVID Restrictions By End of March 2022

What are your thoughts. Do you think this is even a possibility?

By Arjun Walia | The Pulse

Ontario plans to lift all remaining public health measures, including proof of vaccination and mask requirements indoors, by March 2022.

Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Keiran Moore, alongside Minister of Health Christine Elliott and Premier Doug Ford, announced that the measures will be removed “slowly and incrementally” over the next six months. Of course, public health indicators like hospital capacity, ICU numbers, and case counts will be closely monitored, and health measures will only be removed if government health authorities deem it safe and appropriate.

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“Those indicators include: whether any new COVID-19 variants arise, how many people are in hospital and ICU with the illness, and if the province once again sees a rapid increase in transmission of the disease.” – CBC

The 28th of March is the end goal. By then, mask-wearing requirements in indoor public spaces, as well as removal of proof-of-vaccine requirements for all remaining settings (like gyms, bars and restaurants) may be a reality. We may continue to see capacity limits and other public health measures introduced on and off, given the fact that COVID will always be here, and the possibility of new variants arising is strong.

Proof of vaccination, it seems, will remain a requirement in some cases for travelling domestically and abroad. Things aren’t one hundred percent clear at the moment, and freedoms that we previously enjoyed and the new requirements to access these freedoms seem to be constantly changing.

Ontario, Canada is not the only region that has announced plans to lift all restrictions. Several regions and countries have already done so. For example, Denmark has lifted all restrictions, including vaccine passports. They were one of the first countries in Europe to implement the vaccine pass, but citizens always had a choice to submit a negative COVID test if they did not want to take the vaccine.

Then you have the complete opposite in places like Australia and New Zealand, where measures have been quite severe and long-lasting.

There are other factors at play here that haven’t been mentioned. Since the announcement and implementation of vaccine passports, businesses have seen a decline in customers. Businesses have been hit hard during this pandemic with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people across Canada alone losing their livelihood and ability to earn a living. Mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and lockdown measures have destroyed the lives of many people.

Furthermore, vaccine requirements for employment is creating a lot of trouble for governments across the globe, especially in North America, with a plethora of lawsuits and challenges against government is growing at a fast pace. Perhaps the Ontario government is recognizing that there are just too many people who are willing to, and will continue to push back hard against, the government measures.

Even healthcare facilities are suffering, with many healthcare workers opposing vaccine mandates despite being in the minority. For example, the nurses union in British Columbia opposes vaccine mandates and is concerned about the shortage of workers it will create.

This begs the question, are the emergency measures put in place by governments around the world even effective to combat COVID? Some experts in the field have claimed and provided data and evidence showing that lockdowns, for example, have killed more people than COVID, and have had negative implications that will last years to come.

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In just the first year of the pandemic, Karolinska Institute professors Anna-Mia Ekström and professor Stefan Swartling Peterson went through UNICEF and UNAIDS and came to the conclusion that least as many people have died as a result of the restrictions to fight COVID as have died of COVID directly.

Furthermore, it’s quite questionable whether or not lockdowns and mask mandates had any impact on the spread of COVID and the reduction of strain put on hospitals. You have to remember, hospitals were well over capacity prior to the pandemic and were not even equipped to deal with a harsh flu season, let alone a new pandemic like COVID. If one really looks closely, COVID isn’t the problem, it’s our inability to deal with health crises’ and the lack of resources to do so.

The point is, a balanced and appropriate discussion of all the science available has not happened. Instead, the emphasis of data that confirms the narrative given to us by governments has been spread like wildfire, while the censorship of science and data calling into question these narratives has been buried.

To assume that lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates have prevented a worldwide death wave, and are critical measures that need to be taken to combat COVID in my opinion is very irresponsible. This is exactly what’s happening in Ontario with these new announcements to lift all measures. They are conditional, based on the monitoring of case counts and hospital capacity when it reality, mandatory measures that we have seen may not even play a significant role in these numbers compared to the amount of suffering and death they have caused elsewhere.

Based on my research, the measures taken by government health authorities have only made things worse, and we would have been in a better position sticking to the recommendations of the Great Barrington Declaration. Keeping away lockdowns, mask mandates, and focusing on protection of most vulnerable.

Should governments have the power to impose such strong restrictions on the citizenry, especially when these measures destroy the lives of so many people? Why was so much evidence calling into question these measures been completely ignored by mainstream media? Why do we fail to understand the perspective of others who oppose our opinion? If we belittle and shame others who do not share our perspective, have we not become a weaponized tool of governments and mainstream media.

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