Ontario, Canada To Enter Third COVID Lockdown Issuing A Stay At Home Order

Today, Ontario’s premiere Doug Ford will announce that the province will issue a stay at home order and lockdown of non-essential businesses. This comes after the province eased lockdown measures allowing retail stores, restaurants and more to operate at a limited capacity.

By Arjun Walia | Collective Evolution

All this comes after months of data has been published in various peer-reviewed journals from multiple countries suggesting that lockdowns are not effective at stopping the spread of COVID. Furthermore, many outline how lockdowns have already, and will kill many more people than COVID due to starvation, lack of access to health care, and other reasons.

Based on my research, it seems a large number of experts in the field have been creating awareness and expressing these catastrophic effects, yet they never get any mainstream media air time and are largely ignored, unacknowledged and in many cases ridiculed for their perspectives. Meanwhile, political doctors, or scientists who agree with the narrative we are getting from government health authorities receive all the air time and attention.

One narrative is being completely shut out while the other spreads like wildfire, and this is further reinforced by the fact that many peoples only source of information is mainstream media.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, mainstream media can make the majority feel like the minority and the minority feel like the majority.

If you’d like to read some of the science I refer to regarding the harms of lockdowns, you can refer to this article, this article as well as this article that go into more detail.

Another important question is, do we even have to comply? Many Instagram influencers, like this Chris Sky, seem to be leading the way showing how non-compliance seems to be the way to go.

The Other Side

Let’s look at the other angle, the science and data showing that lockdowns are effective in stopping the spread. What’s one hundred percent certain is that things aren’t black and white, and that one perspective, which is the perspective that’s not presented by mainstream media, is being deemed a “conspiracy.” This is leading to a society that is failing to have appropriate conversations about controversial topics because one scientifically validated side is being treated as heresy.

Furthermore, as tensions rise due to such a deep level of division and confusion, many notice the mental health effects of this reality. Since it’s not customary in our mainstream culture to have tools of physiological regulation, we tend to lack the capacity to do much more than simply survive day to day. We might avoid looking at information that might challenge narratives that are effortless to receive – like that of mainstream media.

The COVID pandemic is bringing a stark reality into question that suggests governments may be withholding clinically proven effective treatments for COVID, contributing to the needless death, all while favouring the rollout of a highly profitable vaccine. Many people can see this and begin asking questions about intentions of leaders. While at the same time, many could not fathom the possibility that governments would do such a thing, and so it’s labelled a conspiracy and the topic is avoided entirely – regardless of looking at the evidence. Can you see the division this could create?

The Takeaway

This is one key challenge facing the collective today. We’re in a time where simply relying on mainstream media and big pharma companies to tell us what isn’t and what is, is not leading us to an accurate understanding of what’s happening in our world. Mainstream culture is responding to differing ideas by shutting down and censoring information.

At the same time, think of how tough it would be for a collective that doesn’t have many tools to navigate stress and trauma to begin looking at narratives that might push us to question our tightly guarded worldviews. If someone is being asked to open up to government conspiracy, they are being asked to put everything they trust and know on the line – do we have the capacity and resilience to do that?

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