Mpuluzi Batholith: A 200-Million-Year-Old ‘Giant’ Footprint Discovered In South Africa

Did a giant alien race come down to live on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago? The evidence around the world says yes, giants existed. This footprint is massive in scale, about a meter and a half. And according to many, that’s not human, that could be an extraterrestrial species.

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South African author, scientist, researcher, and explorer Michael Tellinger (nicknamed “The South African Indiana Jones”) displays what might be one of the most compelling pieces of evidence that giants previously roamed the Earth.

According to Prof. Pieter Wagener from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth SA, and a PhD in applied maths, “there is a larger possibility of small green guys arriving from space and sucking it out with their tongues than it being generated by natural erosion.” It is situated in South Africa, close to the Swaziland border, in the town of Mpaluzi.

Because of our present understanding of granite formation throughout Earth’s history, it is believed to be between 200 million to 3 billion years old.

This dating instantly sparks heated disagreement, so it will be better for us to have an open mind and focus on the data.

Ancient Text: The Earth Was Ruled For 241,000 Years By 8 Kings Who Came From Heaven

This incredible granite footprint was discovered in 1912 by a hunter named Stoffel Coetzee while hunting in a distant location.

At the time, this was a desolate region of South Africa known as the Eastern Transvaal, which was filled with animals such as antelope and lions.

It is still in the same state as when it was discovered, and the likelihood of it being a tormented hoax is exceedingly minimal due to its isolated location. Even now, it is rare to come across.

The true mystery is how this incredible phenomenon occurred ― no, we have any idea ― but it is here and we cannot wish it away.

Yes, it is granite; it is a well-known geological feature of South Africa, and it is depicted on all geological charts; which is why the footprint is such a mystery.

Overview image of Robert Schoch standing near the strange granite impression that has been controversially interpreted as a giant footprint.
Robert Schoch standing near the strange granite impression that has been controversially interpreted as a giant footprint.

It may be described as a “phenocrystic” granite OR coarse porphyritic granite that went through numerous cooling phases. The end product is an intriguing blend of large and tiny grains.

This is why granite merchandizers want to mine in this location since the granite will seem very “beautiful” when polished.

This outcrop is known as Mpuluzi Batholith (Granite) in South African Geology, and the official dating of this rock revealed dates of roughly 3.1 billion years.

“This is a true riddle that requires precise scientific investigation.”

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Magellan’s Strange Encounter With The 10-Foot Giants of Patagonia

IN 1520, FERDINAND Magellan took time out of his busy schedule of sailing around the world to stop in what is now Patagonia, where he found a naked giant dancing and singing on the shore. Magellan ordered one of his men to make contact (the unwitting emissary’s no doubt hilarious reaction to this sadly has been lost to history), and to be sure to reciprocate the dancing and singing to demonstrate friendship.

It worked. The man was able to lead the giant to a small island offshore, where the great captain waited. Describing the scene was a scholar along for the journey, Antonio Pigafetta, who kept a diary of the journey that was later turned into the book Magellan’s Voyage: A Narrative Account of the First Circumnavigation: “When he was before us, he began to marvel and to be afraid, and he raised one finger upward, believing that we came from heaven. And he was so tall that the tallest of us only came up to his waist,” and had a big, booming voice. The illustration above proves it—Patagonia was once inhabited by giants that positively dwarfed the heavenly Europeans that would come to conquer them.

Alright, maybe that isn’t airtight evidence. But it could well be that the people Magellan encountered  the Tehuelche, were indeed enormous, and that therefore this myth has some grounding in reality. And our trusty explorer would be damned if he wasn’t going to try to bring back evidence in pretty much the most obnoxious way you could imagine.

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