Meet The 9 Year Old Autistic Girl With Higher IQ Than Stephen Hawking & Albert Einstein

She has already graduated from high school and is currently in the process of earning two degrees.

By: Tesla Telegraph | Guest Post

Mexican Adhara Pérez is only 9 years old now. But she has one of the highest IQ scores in the world – a whopping 162. To put that in perspective, Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein’s estimated IQ is 160. The little genius is from Mexico City, and her achievements so far are right up there with her IQ!

The Young Genius That Is Aadhara Pérez

Adhara has been sitting for tests measuring IQ since the age of four. Currently aged 9, she is studying 2 degrees at the same time. It’s a dream for a lot of us to even complete one. One of the degrees is in industrial engineering in mathematics at UNITEC. The other is in systems engineering at Universidad CNCI. Both Universities are in Mexico.

The youngster dreams of getting into the University of Arizona. But it is hardly a dream since the University has already offered her a seat to study astronomy. Currently, she is learning English to ensure her path is smoother. In an interview with NBC San Diego, she said that she will be staying in Arizona for 3 months, just to get better at speaking and hearing English.

Her IQ is not the only inspirational part of Adhara Pérez’s story. When she was 3 years old, she had been diagnosed as autistic – specifically, Asperger’s syndrome. But now, she is dead set on realizing her dream: becoming one of NASA’s astronauts and visiting Mars. It is well on the way to becoming realized as well, as she is already a part of NASA’s Johnson Space Centre, located in Texas.

Little Adhara’s Life Has Been Tough So Far

Before her autism diagnosis, little Adhara Pérez was a victim of cruel bullying. Her “fault” was that she was “different”. Nallely Sanchez, Adhara’s mother, recounted one particularly traumatic experience in an interview with the Yucatan Times. She had seen Adhara playing inside a tiny house. Then the bullies had locked her inside, began chanting “Oddball, weirdo!”, and began to hit the Adhara’s playhouse.

The tragic incident left a lasting impression on both the mother and the daughter. Nallely vowed to never let her daughter suffer like that. Adhara said that she wanted to stop going to school and started falling into a deep depression. Teachers said that Adhara would usually sleep during class and be evidently disinterested in the proceedings.

But, as luck would have it, this interaction led to the genius of Adhara Pérez being spotted.

Nallely put her daughter in therapy after letting her quit school. Here, the psychiatrists advised Adhara to visit the Talent Care Centre. Various kinds of IQ tests are carried out there. To Nallely’s joyful surprise, Adhara scored a stunning 162.

Adhara’s immense intelligence let her graduate from elementary school when she was 5, middle school when she was 6, and high school by the time she was 8. Now, she is working on her 2 degrees over the internet.

And to add to all that, Adhara is also the author of a book! The book talks about her experiences. The rough translation of the Spanish title is “Do Not Give Up”. Forbes Mexico’s list of 100 Most Powerful Mexican Women has also featured little Adhara Pérez.

In the middle of all this, Adhara Pérez is currently developing a smart bracelet for helping autistic kids. It will be monitoring the children’s emotions and help in preventing outbursts like seizures.

In her interview with NBC San Diego, Adhara had a golden piece of advice to all the people who needed it. She reminded them to never give up, and if they hated their present circumstances then they should be planning to get to the situation they want. A brilliant piece of advice from a brilliant mind.

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