Justin Trudeau Has Been Moved To A Secret Location As Freedom Convoy Settles In

Legacy media continues to focus on the "extremist angle". Trudeau now in 'a secret location."

By Joe Martino | The Pulse

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family have been moved to a secret location in Ottawa amid security concerns related to the Freedom Convoy. Demonstrators have arrived and settled in Ottawa, with more people and families expected to arrive throughout the weekend. All are gathered to demand the removal of all vaccine mandates in Canada.

As with Trudeau’s alleged COVID isolation on January 27th, his administration has not provided any further details in this instance for security reasons.

Legacy media in Canada kept assuring its viewers that these protests were small, fringe, and almost non-existent. This was not true, which is partly why Trudeau and his family have now left. Mainstream media in Canada has also been focusing on the ‘extremist’ angle they are alleging exists within this protest. Thus far there is very little evidence, if any, of any form of violence or extremism associated with this event.

Their strong focus on the reality that extremists will act out in this protest has many wondering whether the Canadian government or police have provocateurs ready to incite violence in an attempt to discredit this movement.

Justin Trudeau Has Been Moved to A Secret Location As Freedom Convoy Settles In

As a journalist, I watched this happen first hand in multiple large protests I’ve covered around the world, including here in Ontario during the G20 summit. There, plain clothed police officers were smashing cars, windows and businesses to push peaceful protesters into violence.

The Canadian Parliament’s Sergeant-at-Arms put out a statement warning that demonstrators could show up at the homes of officials, something Mr. Trudeau knows well.

Trudeau has condemned the growing Freedom Movement that’s asking for vaccine mandates to be removed. He feels the COVID vaccine mandates align with science. Multiple countries around the world have taken a very different approach, not mandating COVID vaccines as they are not only not necessary for all in the population, but may actually expose them to more risk than COVID.

This science has not stopped many politicians around the world from falsely claiming that COVID vaccines are the only way to end this pandemic.

There are now many thousands, perhaps over 10,000, demonstrators in Ottawa in support of dropping vaccine mandates.

The Pulse is on the ground in Ottawa and will continue to bring updates via our YouTube channelInstagramTelegram channel, and right here on our website.

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