It Will Be At The End of April: “Dutch Nostradamus” Predicted Devastating Cataclysms For Humanity

Frank Hoogerbeets from the Netherlands – the Dutch Nostradamus, as he is called, who became famous all over the world on February 6, 2023 after the devastating earthquake in Turkey, predicting the cataclysm three days before, unveiled a new “prophecy”.

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According to Hoogerbeets, an earthquake of magnitude almost 9 is coming, his current model gives it a probability as high as 60%. The chances of a magnitude strike above 6 are as much as 80%. The exact place is not known for sure, although it is pinpointed somewhere in the Far East.

Hoogerbeets represents the “SSGEOS Institute” – the Solar System Geometry Survey which predicts certain seismic events by analysing the location of the planets and our Moon. They form certain configurations that allow us to draw conclusions for the near future. A special computer program searches for “dangerous geometry” similar to the one that would correspond to previous cataclysms and produces results.

The research institute assures that it owns many accurate forecasts – they are mentioned on the site and astrology, has nothing to do with it. Even the gravity of neighbouring planets does not affect the behaviour of the earth’s interior. The electromagnetic charge influences, which, with a special “critical geometry of the planets”, contributes to the release of stress accumulated at the boundaries of tectonic plates. It sounds almost scientific, but, in fact, it is still mystical.

The forecasting technique is a kind of symbiosis of astrologers and seismologists. Official science, of course, does not recognize it and ridicules it.

In fact, the explanations of the “Dutch Nostradamus” look far from science:

Specific alignments of the Sun, Venus and Uranus, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, the Sun, Venus and Mars, form the right angles with each other now and then, resulting in cataclysmic events. So, starting from April 21, you can expect trouble – up to April 25.

As Hoogerbits warns, changes are possible while he refines his forecasts every day.

Can You Trust An “Asteroseismologist”?

It cannot harm and it’s worth listening just in case. He promised an earthquake of magnitude under 7 towards the end of March and they happened – just north of New Zealand, near Ecuador, in Afghanistan and in Russian Kamchatka.

By the way, quite often warnings of traditional seismology representatives do not differ much from the forecasts of the “asteroseismologist” as they also expect that a devastating earthquake in Japan, as high as up to 9-9.5 points is very likely, thus a cataclysm could be possible until May 2023.

We seem to be in a predicament if such seismic activity occurs in the south of Japan. The tsunami wave in this case will go towards the hyper densely populated Tokyo.

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