Is There Truth To The Legend of The Sword In The Stone? (Video)

The first ever mention of the sword dates back to 1136 CE in Geoffrey of Monmouth's work the History of the Kings of Britain, however, in this book the sword is referred to as Caliburnus (or Caliburn). The Sword in the Stone, however, was first mentioned in Robert de Boron's poem Merlin.

By: Robbie M. Historic Mysteries

The legend of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone has captured the imaginations of people for centuries.

The story of a young boy who proves his rightful claim to the throne of Britain by pulling a sword out of a stone has become a beloved tale.

But was this story simply a myth, or did it have a basis in reality?

In this exploration, we delve into the possibility that the legend of the Sword in the Stone was not just a tale, but had a foundation in medieval metalworking.

Archaeologists Discover 3,000-Year-Old Sword In Germany So Well Preserved ‘It Almost Still Shines’

By following a skilled metalworker using ancient techniques to create a sword similar to Arthur’s famous blade, Excalibur, we gain insight into the magic of transforming raw materials into a glittering weapon fit for a warrior king.

Through this process, we may uncover the origins of the story of the Sword in the Stone and whether it was a true account of medieval craftsmanship, or just a clever myth.

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5,000 Year Old Crystal Dagger Found In A Secret Iberian Prehistoric Tomb

Archaeologists have discovered numerous tools from prehistoric civilizations throughout history. The majority of them are constructed of stone, but a group of researchers in Spain discovered amazing rock crystal weaponry.

One of the most impressive crystal daggers, which dates to at least 3,000 BC, shows the extraordinary skill of whoever carved it.

The amazing discovery was made in the Montelirio tholos, a megalithic tomb in southern Spain. This massive site is made up of enormous slate slabs and is around 50 metres in length.

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