Is Mount Sadahurip In Indonesia Oldest Pyramid On Earth Left By Lemurian Civilization?

The oldest pyramid in the world is found in Java, Indonesia!?

Indonesia is most known for its ancient temples, as well as its coastline, beaches, volcanoes, and lakes. One of the least discussed attractions of Indonesia is Mount Sadahurip, which is located in Garut, a town in West Java. It has high exoticism due to its shape like Egyptian pyramids and is allegedly considered to be the oldest pyramid in the world.

Indonesia, the world’s largest island country had a great link with Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Historians believe that Indonesia was linked with the Asian mainland during the Pleistocene period (four million BC). This period was also related to the first appearance of the Hominids; what is today called “Java Man” inhabited Indonesia as early as two million to 500,000 years ago. “Java Man” is a short name for Pithecanthropus Erectus, a human-like species whose fossilized remains were discovered by the scientist Eugene Dubois on the island of Java.

According to the Indonesian Geologists Association (IAGI) advisory board head Andang Bachtiar, there were at least half a dozen recent geoarchaeological discoveries that, if properly explored and studied, might well rewrite Indonesian history. He pointed out several ancient sites such as Mount Padang, Pasemah megalith complex, Bada Valley megalithic, temple complex atop Mt. Penanggungan, and Mt. Sadahurip in Garut, West Java.

Mount Sadahurip. Image Public Domain
Mount Sadahurip. Image Public Domain

Until now, researchers have not been able to determine the exact shape of Mt. Sadahurip. This mountain has recently become known to the general public around the world when the Indonesian authorities decided to develop tourism and advertise local attractions. It is reported that the inhabitants of local villages believe that the earthen embankment of the mountain hides within itself a stone pyramid left over from very old times, inside which treasures are kept. They use the slopes of the mountain for vegetable gardens, growing vegetables here.

Prior to testing, a series of excavations had been carried out which revealed a number of secret stone inscriptions beneath, and it was estimated that the pyramid buried under this mountain would be larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza

The structure is about 10,000 years old, with its height estimated at 200 meters.

Atlantis In Indonesia

The first suggested linkage between Atlantis and Indonesia came from the leading theosophist, CW Leadbeater, in a booklet, The Occult History of Java, published in 1851. An American polymath William Lauritzen and at the same time a Brazilian nuclear Professor Arysio Nunes dos Santos also made the Sundaland internationally known hypothesis. Zia Abbas, a computer scientist, claims to prove that Plato’s Atlantis is to be found in the South China Sea. Another high-profile representative of this Atlantis-localization is an Indian molecular biologist Sunil Prasannan who worked in London. In 2013, Indonesian geologist Danny Hilman Natawidjaja also joined them after the discovery that the Mount Padang in the province of Cianjur, West Java, was apparently brought by people in pyramid form about 13,000 years ago, the adoption of Atlantis was in the greater of the present-day Indonesia located.

In the book ‘ATLANTIS IS INDONESIA FIRST FORWARD‘ by Santo Saba Piliang, ” Ancient writings mention that the pyramid is symbolized as a time capsule containing the history and technology of the kingdom of the Sun and the technology of Atlantis.

More than 30 different ruins have been found on the Atlantic seabed since 1956, and in ancient libraries, several old maps showing Atlantis and its connecting sea have been found. The island is known as the capital of a country on the continent that spreads from North Africa and Europe to Florida with a tropical climate on the west and south coasts, and a cold climate in the north and east.

Apart from Mount Padang, Mount Sadahurip in Garut, West Java cannot be separated from the attention of observers of the history of civilization. Its shape is almost precise like a pyramid or pyramid building in Egypt is one reason some observers suspect this mountain is not a mountain as usual. Allegedly, behind the heap of earth Sadahurip is a heritage building of past civilizations. Among the artefacts that have been found around Mount Sadahurip are stone inscriptions carved to resemble an inscription. According to Plato and other historians, Atlantis had the most advanced and peaceful government in the world at its peak.”

Garut Deputy Regent Helmi Budiman on Mount Sadahurip. Image Credit:
Garut Deputy Regent Helmi Budiman on Mount Sadahurip. Image Credit:

At the same time, Indonesian volcanologists expressed confidence that the mountain has a naturally conical shape, not because it is a man-made pyramid, but because of volcanic activity and consists of solidified lava. Geological researcher Sujatmiko affirmed that there cannot be a pyramid inside a mountain. However, even Sujatmiko admits that from a geological point of view, Mount Sadahurip is a whole “set of contradictions.”

There is information that 120 families, who live in the area of this mountain, loudly protested against the work of the research groups, because it harmed their gardens, so since 2012 no one has studied the mountain.

Is there any connection between the Garut pyramids and the civilizations that once inhabited this region? It is assumed that the people of that land disappeared due to natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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