Frances Egyptologist Discovered An “Alien Mummy” In A Secret Chamber of The Great Pyramid

Would you believe a story about an alien mummy being found in the Great Pyramid of Giza?

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In 1988, the French Egyptologist stumbled upon a secret chamber deep in the bowels of the Great Pyramid of Giza if. He assumed that the space had been completely sealed shortly after the pyramid was built and that no one had entered anything inside since.

The room had some unusual objects such as papyrus with hieroglyphic inscriptions referring to the arrival of a messenger from the stars that had come during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu. This mysterious piece of writing, he claimed that the messenger had come down from the heavens to announce the imminent arrival of his “brother of his.”

Frances Egyptologist Discovered An “Alien Mummy” In A Secret Chamber of The Great Pyramid

But the papyrus was not the most unusual object discovered in the room. She also found a small, transparent crystalline coffin containing the body of a small humanoid alien. It seemed as if the creature was dead. Naturally, Caparat was surprised by his discovery and immediately called his friend, the biologist F. De Braga.

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Braga travelled on the next possible flight to Cairo with the intention of taking blood, tissue and DNA samples from the sample, which Caparat had assured him was a foreign body.

However, Braga never reached the site of the Great Pyramid. As soon as he landed in the country, the Egyptian authorities arrested him and immediately sent him back to his hometown of Madrid. Following this, the alien creature along with its unusual coffin was captured by Egypt’s intelligence agency, the SSI, and taken to an unknown location.

Frances Egyptologist Discovered An “Alien Mummy” In A Secret Chamber of The Great Pyramid

Since 1988, the Egyptian authorities have not spoken publicly about this incident. This is not the first time that ᴇԍʏᴘтoʟoԍιsтs combing the mysterious pyramids have found bodies that do not appear to belong to humans.

There is a very old story in Egypt of Caliph Abdullah al-Ma’mun who found the remains of a humanoid alien in the year 813.

According to Peter Tompkins, the legend says that al-Ma’mun found a stone statue of a man who It contains a foreign body with a gold breastplate, a priceless sword, and an “egg-sized” ruby ​​implanted in its forehead.

Frances Egyptologist Discovered An “Alien Mummy” In A Secret Chamber of The Great Pyramid

Government officials had removed that alien, along with all the items in this cave and all trace was lost. Scientists organized to retrieve blood and DNA samples, along with photos of this discovery to present the case for this finding. But this did not happen because of government intervention.

Is there a cover-up in the world about aliens?

If they are flying all over the world and the universe in general, why shouldn’t they be discovered? One might think that in the year 2017, with all the facts regarding these beings, maybe they are indeed hiding from the world

Frances Egyptologist Discovered An “Alien Mummy” In A Secret Chamber of The Great Pyramid

It seems that they were coming and going in Egypt in those days, everyone knew about them. So why did they change plans? The Great Pyramid is a mystery. It is basically the only “man-made” structure of that size that exists on the planet.


Who were these people who were able to create such a huge structure? In turn, this could have been the greatest discovery of all time, who could build a skyscraper with their hands? Wasn’t there anything written somewhere about how they did this?

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