Are You Getting The Call?

Are you wondering what your life purpose is? Or do you think you know but aren’t sure?

By Catherine Cates | Guest Writer

If either of those apply to you, you’re getting the call. It’s the call from the universe to “pick up the phone” and have the conversation about what your path is.

To live our life purpose is living the life of our dreams. When we’re living our life purpose, we’re on our path which means we’re in our passion or zone of genius. When this happens, life flows smoothly. To get to our life purpose, we generally go through three phases.

The Three Phases

The first phase is getting the call, or identifying what your purpose is. The second phase is getting on the path to your purpose. The last phase is executing it, living it, doing it, being it. In this last phase our life works beautifully because we are “in the zone.” We are doing what we love. When we do what we love, money follows and flows. Life is good.

That’s not to say our life wasn’t good before we got on the path. It could very well have been. Now it gets better. It’s more fulfilling. If our life wasn’t what we wanted before getting on the path, then now it will be.

We have to start somewhere – the beginning – which is the calling.

The universal plan is for all of us to get the call to wake up and find our purpose, but some do not. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say their ringer is turned off. They don’t know they’re getting the call. If they don’t know they’re getting a call, then a call doesn’t exist to them. If they don’t get the call or choose to ignore it, that’s their path. No right or wrong, just a choice.

You May Be Asking These Questions

If you are reading this more than likely you are getting the call. You feel the urge. “I want to lead a more fulfilling life.”It’s time to wake up.”I want to know what my purpose is.

As a psychic, I can’t tell you how many people I have read for that ask that question. More and more people are getting the call and want answers. Perhaps you are getting psychic readings or meditating for that reason. Maybe you’re searching by reading, learning or listening to podcasts and videos. Maybe you’re doing all of the above. That’s great. Keep doing them if they’re working.

How Can You Find Out What Your Life Purpose Is?

From yourself or with the help of someone else. Some of us know our purpose because we are plugged into our intuition which told us. Others of us can access the Akashic Records which supplies that information. Others need a little help to find out what it is. Help can be in the form of learning to strengthen your intuition to find out for yourself. Or working with someone who has access to that information such as psychics, intuitives, Akashic record readers, numerologists etc.

This first phase can take a while because we can’t hear the phone ringing. Or we hear it ringing and hesitate to answer. Or we answer, but the conversation is garbled. If you find you’ve been in this phase for years don’t despair. This can be a long phase. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or you’re weird. It just means you need some validation that yes, you are hearing the phone ringing, and confirmation that what you think the Universe is saying is accurate.

Once you’ve found your calling, your life purpose, accept it. Integrate it into your consciousness. If you are ready to hear your calling, more than likely it will not come as a surprise to you. Most people who are in this stage are seeking answers. They probably already have an idea what their calling is so the professional or their own intuition is just validating it for them.

People who try to find out their life purpose for entertainment aren’t generally ready to hear the answer. These are the people who usually are surprised and walk away with a sense of wonder. Sometimes, though, it’s what they need to hear to get them ready, to start them on their path of inquiry.

Surprises Await with the Call

A few years ago, I did a reading for a gentleman that blew him away as I revealed his life purpose. Recently he surfaced again to tell me that he took my information very seriously and is now traveling around the country doing his “work” spreading messages from the divine. It all started with our reading, he revealed. He wasn’t expecting to get the call that fateful day, but he did and he took it to heart. Now he is loving his life and is fulfilled as he is doing what he came here to do.

Everyone is on a different part of their journey to find their life purpose. If you think you know or aren’t quite sure of your life purpose, a professional can validate it for you or go within for answers. Either way, the answer must resonate with you. It must feel right. The more aware you are of your intuitive abilities, the more you can see the truth in the answer. And then it is no surprise.

Some people have absolutely no idea. They don’t know their abilities and might not be ready to embrace them. Others know immediately the minute they hear it.

Part of the calling phase is identifying gifts you may have and recognizing, acknowledging and using your  intuition.

Once you take the call and know what you’re hearing is accurate, you can move to the next phase of getting on the path.

Are you answering the call?

About the Author

Catherine Cates has helped thousands go from doubt to making their dreams come true. With her unique blend of intuition and twenty-five+ years in the business world she helps people find direction, focus and, success.

As an Intuitive Visionary, Catherine gives easy strategies for getting results faster, building confidence, and inspiring others to achieve even bigger successes.

Are you looking to create the life you desire? Catherine’s unique style as an intuitive Life Coach will get you there by raising your awareness, highlighting possibilities and identifying the best choices for your success.

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