Alien Message To Human Race – “Do You Wish That We Show Up?”

The missing plan for alien first contact!

Based on hundreds of articles dealing with extraterrestrial encounters, we may distinguish five main signals they want to send.

The first has to do with the environment. Space aliens claim that humanity is destroying everything, even our own planet. If the problem is not resolved promptly, the consequences will be devastating.

The second is concerned with scientific knowledge. A huge quantity of scientific knowledge has been made available to humans. This information is kept secret by governments, notably in North America and Russia. They used to send illiterate people to experts to transmit scientific facts.

Another is the need for numerous objects whose purpose we do not yet comprehend.

Another communication seeks to explain or reveal the Universe’s beginnings as well as the existence of God, whom the aliens refer to as The Supreme Intelligence.

The fifth and final lesson is morally significant. That is, they aim to create a set of regulations that will reinforce our society’s moral and religious beliefs.

For further information, watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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